Learn About 10 Different TikTok Content Ideas that Work

Finding the best video formats and TikTok content ideas isn’t always easy, as the platform functions differently from most social media platforms. Here are 10 ideas to jump-start your TikTok marketing approach.

Updated: July 25, 2022
Learn About 10 Different TikTok Content Ideas that Work

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The fastest growth of any social media platform. 

That’s the record of TikTok, which currently boasts 1 billion monthly active users, an incredible feat by any social media marketing measure. 

If your business isn’t using the TikTok platform, you could be losing out on many opportunities to grow and connect with potential leads. 

But let’s face it: while TikTok has many users, it’s not always easy to get in front of them. 

The unique algorithm and famous “For You” page style of scrolling means that creating viral content is more random than other social media platforms.

In order to succeed, you need to have strong TikTok content ideas that stand out and bring users back for more. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at 11 different TikTok content ideas that always work, and give you advice on how you can apply these to your own TikTok social media strategy.

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    #1: Create a Brand Hashtag

    Just like other social media platforms, TikTok uses hashtags to help users find relevant content and organize different posts by subject matter or related information. 

    Creating a branded hashtag for your organization can help you keep your video content branded and will help you find any other brand mentions on the platform easily. 

    Branded hashtags also help you increase your engagement rates and can bring users to your content by following or clicking on your hashtag when it appears on other pages through duets or mentions. 

    It also allows you to track viral campaigns and keep things consistent in your regular, sponsored, and ad posts.

    #2: Work with an Influencer

    Influencer marketing is another area of social media marketing that has been becoming more and more prevalent throughout the years.

    Influencers are able to connect with audiences on a more authentic level than most big brands, and users tend to trust their opinions and their points of view when it comes to products and services to trust. 

    Influencers on TikTok have huge audiences that you can take advantage of by partnering with one for a brand deal, challenge, or as a spokesperson for your brand. 

    Influencers can take some of the heavy lifting off of your plate by handling the creation of their own videos and production, and then share the outcomes with their audiences.

    #3: Start a Challenge

    Challenges on TikTok are a form of a call to action that asks viewers to do something and record and share their reactions. 

    Challenges can include asking viewers to use your product and react, capturing a moment with friends and families, doing a special dance or move your brand has created, or creating something original based on your brand’s example. 

    Challenges work because they inspire creativity in viewers and help spread brand awareness and create a strong image around your brand’s social presence

    You can tie in your branded hashtag or create a special challenge hashtag that has the potential to go viral. 

    Challenges are also creative ways to take your brand in a new direction than what you might have been known for in the past.

    #4: Showcase Work Culture

    Creating engaging content on TikTok doesn’t just have to be about the product itself — you can also showcase different parts of your brand and work culture. 

    Getting people familiar with your office environment and showcasing healthy work cultures can also bring in audiences, especially if you want TikTok to be a recruitment tool. 

    Even outside of traditional work recruitment, showing the work culture helps your brand create a sense of realness with audiences and works to promote the idea of a strong brand with a great team behind it. 

    Modern audiences like to know that brands are more than a logo, and TikTok provides a great platform for you to explore new ideas.

    #5: Teach with Tutorials

    In general, across all industries, viewers like engaging and watching videos over reading guides and scrolling through product pages. 

    TikTok can work well to help you communicate your product and services through quick teaching tutorials that get the message across in a timely manner. 

    The video format allows you to clearly explain some of the more difficult settings of a product or the complicated parts of your service in a clear way to consumers. 

    You can even break things down into multiple videos to encourage more views and followers on your page. 

    The editing tools inside of TikTok also help you cut back on production expenses for traditional video creation.

    #6: Take Advantage of Live Videos

    Live videos and streaming on TikTok helps you to create real-time connections with your audience. 

    Live videos are great for things like Q and As, events, new product releases, and company news and updates.

    Followers can get notified and find your live videos quickly, allowing you to spread news quickly and efficiently. 

    Live videos do require some more time in planning to make sure that the lighting is right, someone is there to moderate and answer questions that are asked, and that the phone is being held in the right way to capture what you are looking for. 

    However, once these details are settled, you can find great success in live engagement.

    #7: Celebrate Special Occasions

    TikTok videos are expected to be posted on a very frequent basis, anywhere from once a day up to ten times a day. 

    That means that there is plenty of opportunities for you to find special occasions to celebrate that might otherwise be dropped from a traditional marketing plan

    While the major holidays definitely need to have their moments in your TikTok social media plan, you can have fun with minor holidays and anniversaries, like the anniversary of your last big campaign or the daily national holidays that fill the calendar. 

    Pick ones relevant to your brand and expand the traditional holiday calendar.

    #8: Join in on Trends

    Trends on TikTok are some of the most popular videos. 

    Trends can include things like a certain audio clip being replayed in different contexts, a type of video filter, a recreation of another popular video, or even dance and music trends. 

    Joining in a trend can make your brand feel relevant to audiences and can help you create special, unique marketing moments that can’t be planned in a regular media schedule. 

    Just make sure your team understands the origin of the trend — you don’t want to misrepresent your brand by accident.

    #9: Connect with Audiences

    Engaging with audiences on TikTok is key to success. 

    You can duet or react to other videos that mention your brand, reply to comments in your videos and in others, and send messages and surprise rewards to accounts that have used your products or services in videos without any type of deal or sponsorship. 

    Connecting with audiences is another way that your brand can represent itself as more than just a name and a TikTok logo.

    It helps you become real to audiences and create authentic experiences that bring them to your business.

    #10: Have Fun

    TikTok is a platform that encourages engagement and entertainment. Having a stuffy, boring video won’t help you succeed.

    Your content needs to be worth a view and a follow, which means that it needs to be fast, fun, and amusing. 

    Your audiences will appreciate a break from bland brand material, and you can create videos that bring out a different part of your brand. 

    Having fun is key to success on TikTok, so don’t be afraid to try new TikTok content ideas that push the boundaries of your current brand image. 

    Once you have fun with creating TikTok videos, your audiences will have a good time with you.

    Wrap Up: Boosting your Brand with These TikTok Content Ideas

    Trending and going viral on TikTok isn’t as easy or as predictable as it is on other social media platforms. 

    In order to succeed, your strategy and TikTok content ideas need to be strong and provide valuable, engaging, and entertaining information to your audience and potential leads in a video format.

    Creating great videos is a cornerstone in digital marketing, but it’s easier said than done. 

    If you want to know more details about how you and your brand can improve your video marketing strategy and create better quality, higher performing, and more engaging videos, then check out our Video Marketing Guide

    There you’ll learn about the benefits of video marketing and how to go about creating an impactful video marketing strategy.


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