Top 12 Amazon PPC Tools

Amazon PPC ads perform better than most other search engine options today, and designated tools can help you make the most of each one.

Amazon PPC Tools

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Becoming an Amazon seller is easier than ever today.

Yet, you’ll still need to find ways to stand out and capture the attention of a wider audience on the platform itself.

This means you need to consider adding Amazon PPC tools and ads if you aren’t already using them.

Why do you need these ads?

Amazon PPC ads perform better than most other search engine options because they reach more of an audience full of potential customers.

For that reason, you want to ensure your ads are the best they can be.

To help with that, several Amazon PPC tools are now available.

These tools are meant to help with creating, managing, modifying, promoting, and tracking your campaigns efficiently and increasing the success of your digital advertising strategy.

You can use them to build campaigns, including budgets and bidding amounts, and position PPC links on other channels, such as Google Ads or Facebook.

    Check out these top 12 Amazon PPC tools.

    1. Helium

    If you’re searching for an all-in-one platform for managing your Amazon PPC ads, Helium 10 is a top option. Within the platform, you’ll find several tools created to help Amazon sellers just like you. These include:

    • Product research tools
    • Keyword research tools
    • Listing optimization tools
    • Operations tools
    • Analytics tools
    • Marketing Tools

    You can find features to address each step of the buyer’s journey – from showcasing your products to making sales.

    One Helium tool, in particular, is Adtomic, which is AI-powered and designed to help you manage your time better and maximize your ROI.

    The tool accomplishes this by providing access to critical PPC data, which can benefit your strategy.

    For Helium, prices vary between $29/mo. and $399/mo., and you can also opt for a customized plan to better suit your business objectives.

    2. BidX

    Place your ads on autopilot with the BidX tool, which simplifies the overall workflow.

    BidX is a web application that utilizes machine learning algorithms in the process of analyzing ad performance, then making adjustments to bids and keywords.

    More specifically, this Amazon PPC tool can help you with:

    • Keyword research
    • Campaign creation
    • Campaign optimization
    • Performance evaluation

    With a few easy clicks, you can lay the foundation for your ad and then manage it from there.

    BidX provides a dashboard along with access to downloadable individualized reports.

    3. Amazooka

    Amazooka provides you with a program in which you can manage all aspects of your Amazon PPC ad campaigns.

    Utilize what you need, from market research to product launch to product and review tracking.

    It also offers an all-in-one dashboard where you can link all your Amazon seller accounts.

    Additional features include:

    • Autoresponder
    • Keyword research
    • Keyword monitor
    • Product tracker
    • PPC ad tracker
    • Customer exporter

    One particularly revealing feature of Amazooka is the Ad Tracker, which can show the real-time results of a competitor’s ads. This will help you learn from your competitor and find what is and isn’t working in your own ads.

    Pricing plans depend on how many products you sell and/or your average sales per day. Free trials are available as well.

    4. Zon Tools

    Zon Tools is a prime solution for enterprise management and one of the most advanced Amazon PPC software on the market today.

    The software incorporates the best practices for promoting products 24/7 and provides effortless creation of successful campaigns.

    All of this is accomplished through its proprietary AI technology, which continuously optimizes your PPC ad campaigns, creating more opportunities for conversions and sales.

    You can choose what rules or thresholds to assign at the campaign or ad group level, and you can customize those threshold settings for specific keywords if you so wish.

    As for pricing, you can pay as you go, with no contracts or strings attached.

    They offer a 30-day trial for just $1, with access to all features so you can test them out and determine what you need.

    5. Viral Launch

    Viral Launch is an integrated platform providing a variety of Amazon seller tools.

    With it, you can:

    • View product performance (comparing PPC and organic data)
    • Manage campaigns, from creation to fine-tuning (with keyword suggestions) to compiling metrics
    • Monitor keywords (performance across all your campaigns)
    • Find Search Terms (to determine which ones to prioritize and which ones to avoid)
    • Create Automations (set up automated rules to control results 24/7)
    • Track Changes (to help you make informed decisions)

    You can choose from an array of plans ranging from $69/mo., to $199.

    6. Sellicis

    Sellicis is a powerful tool for managing all your online campaigns.

    Here’s how it works.

    Through the use of AI, the tool allows you to set your own pricing or you can schedule bids. This patented AI can evaluate your sales and compare campaign performance with competitors.

    You can also select campaign management automation or focus on comprehensive keyword research capabilities.

    7. Teikametrics

    If you’re looking for new ways to scale your Amazon business, Teikametrics can help.

    With its AI-powered platform (Flywheel), it offers an ad campaign management solution and can create campaigns based on your business goals.

    This Amazon PPC Tool specializes in marketing and can provide various services. These services include:

    • Keyword balancing
    • Campaign creation
    • Bid management automation
    • Optimization through AI
    Source: Teikametrics

    8. SellerLabs

    SellerLabs helps you manage your Amazon PPC ads through its tool called Ignite. It offers you access to keyword recommendations and other valuable help when it comes to creating, promoting, and tracking your PPC ads.

    Also, its AI capabilities can create tailored campaigns, with only a few parameters, while utilizing its machine learning technology.

    To help you discern what you want or need, you can use the intelligent suggestion tool to reach a decision faster.

    SellerLabs also provides:

    • Comprehensive, customizable reports
    • Real-time notifications
    • Advanced optimization and automation tools

    Pricing is based on your annual 3P Sales on Amazon and can range from $49 per month all the way up to $999 per month.

    9. Pacvue

    As an enterprise software platform, Pacvue offers a variety of features that may benefit your business growth on Amazon.

    Features that are deemed particularly beneficial, include optimization and management of campaigns, rule-based automation, and logical workflows (if/then), allowing you to adjust your campaigns at different levels.

    To get off to a quick start, Pacvue also offers:

    • Pre-built rule templates
    • Super Wizard (for guided setup)
    • AI campaigns to help optimize
    • Customized reporting

    You also have the capability to pause and resume PPC ads as needed.

    10. SellerApp

    SellerApp makes it easy to combine your Amazon business operations, marketing, and sales all in one place in a user-friendly dashboard.

    In addition to the all-in-one platform, you have access to:

    • SellerApp PPC Analyzer,
    • SEO keyword research, and
    • Competitor analysis.

    Another feature, called the Amazon PPC Optimization tool, helps to simplify the process and boost optimization with its machine learning capabilities.

    You maintain control, however, over all aspects of your campaigns, including ad automation, one-click keyword harvesting, negative keyword optimization, and advanced analytics.

    If you’re new to Amazon, you can start using SellerApp for free.

    For those sellers with multiple products and rising revenue, there is the Pro-Lite Plan.

    Sellers determined to scale their business can go with the Professional Plan.

    11. Ad Badger

    Ad Badger offers powerful features to manage, monitor, and automate Amazon campaigns 24/7.

    You can use it to find and maintain the right bid at all times and also manage keywords and campaigns.

    No PPC experience or knowledge is necessary to benefit from the Ad Badger tool.

    It is easy to learn and includes:

    • Account navigator tool
    • Negative keyword finder
    • Negative keyword automation
    • Positive keyword finder

    The company also offers full-service PPC management as an option.

    12. Perpetua

    Perpetua is a robust tool to help you scale your business on Amazon.

    You can utilize it for automated campaign creation, optimization, and execution.

    All your advertising or marketing team needs to do is add your objectives and then let the ad engine get to work.

    To maximize your ad spend, Perpetua also offers customizable smart recommendations (AI-powered) and conversion bidding algorithms to help you avoid the guesswork.

    Pricing plans start from $250/mo. and they offer custom pricing for unlimited platforms.

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    Wrap Up: Find the Right Amazon PPC Tool to Boost Your Ad Success

    The success of your PPC campaign relies on your willingness to make it the best it can be, along with reaching an audience full of potential customers.

    To help with this, you have access to several top Amazon PPC tools to not only make the process easier but also to make it more strategic and beneficial to your bottom line.

    Take the time to find the right Amazon PPC tool for your business needs and watch how successful your ads can be.

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