Top Fashion Magazines for Freelance Fashion Writers

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Do you want a reason to subscribe to all of those thick and glossy fashion magazines you see on store shelves? Would you love to spend all of your free time reading about sweater weather trends, the next Rachel haircut, or what the Black Keys are wearing on stage? Live out your fashion fantasies as a freelance fashion writer. But before you write the next feature article pertaining to skinny jeans, booties and neon scarves, check out the best writers in the biz to learn the basics in formatting and style, of words.

Top Fashion Magazines:

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  • Harper’s Bazaar is the oldest fashion magazine in the U.S.. Illuminating the world of fashion since 1867, Harper’s Bazaar provides plenty of fashionable fodder for freelance writers in the form of high quality photo spreads. Upper echelon fashion fans add a little spice to their life with regularly written celebrity news articles.
  • Vogue has been educating readers in the U.S.. on fashion for more than 100 years after hitting the newsstands in 1892. For freelance fashion writers researching haute couture and high fashion, Vogue is the crème de la crème. Current editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and her signature bob keep readers abreast of up-and-coming designers, as well as trends set by design houses worldwide. Be sure to get the infamous September issue, which continues to break records as the heaviest monthly magazine that regularly weighs more than five pounds.
  • ELLE brings fashion readers back down to earth from the Vogue stratosphere. Originating in France, ELLE translates into “she” in French. As the world’s largest fashion magazine with 42 international editions, ELLE is a globalized fashion resource. Find wearable styles and perky pop culture side by side in this magazine as it spouts out sparkle.
  • Nylon attracts a hip and funky crowd that you’d likely see strolling Oxford Street in London or the Garment District in NYC. Focused on how the music scene influences fashion trends, Nylon provides a fresh take on mod styles. Fashion forward actors and music artists previously featured in Nylon include Liv Tyler, The White Stripes, Mary-Kate Olsen and The Horrors.

Why Consult a Fashion Magazine:

If you are writing about fashion for a website or blog, you should have the most up-to-date information pertaining to the gleaming fashion world. Flip through the top fashion magazines to find inspiration and ideas on current trends and styles. Cut and paste collages dedicated to fashions that tickle your fancy as you compose top notch fashion articles. Research niches, such as vintage clothing, budget fashion, accessories or hairstyles, by reading fashion magazines.

Before forging ahead with writing an article for a fashion magazine, or any magazine for that matter, read the magazine. Pick up a few back issues and do your research by identifying the style and format of the magazine. This is a must if you want to get published in such magazines. You will also find contact information and submission guidelines in the front section of fashion magazines.


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