Interactive vs Static: How to Choose the Best Type of Landing Page?

When growing your business online, it can be hard to know which type of landing page will best serve you. However, by considering your audience and goals, you can choose between interactive or static landing pages. Find out how!

Interactive vs Static: How to Choose the Best Type of Landing Page?

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Here’s a question for the digital marketing warriors out there. How much of your time is spent trying to convert prospects into legitimate, paying clients?

A lot, we imagine. After all, capturing your audience’s attention is one thing, but giving them that final push in the right direction is a whole different ball game. 

That’s why landing pages are invaluable assets.

Not only do they provide visitors with important information about your business, but they also engage prospects and guide them further down what is called the funnel.

Depending on your business’s specific needs and goals, you can utilize static or interactive landing pages, both of which come with their own set of advantages.

Want to know which type of landing page works better for your business? Keep reading!

    First of All, What’s a Landing Page?

    In today’s ever-changing and competitive marketplace, your business needs to go above and beyond to guide prospects to the “finish line” — where they become paying customers.

    That’s where landing pages come in.

    They are standalone web pages that serve one purpose: customer conversion.

    Landing pages are meant to convince the visitor to take the next step with a defined call to action. 

    Examples include persuading visitors to purchase a product, sign up for a free trial, subscribe to an email list or provide an email address for a weekly newsletter.

    Landing pages are typically separate from a business’s main website, but they can be integrated into the website as well. 

    What is a Static Landing Page?

    Businesses around the world utilize static landing pages to turn prospects into real, paying customers.

    Static landing pages are web pages that are designed, stored and delivered to the visitor in a fixed, unchanging state.

    Unlike interactive landing pages — which we’ll discuss in-depth later — static landing pages do not change based on the visitor. 

    They offer the same experience, messaging and graphics to every landing page visitor, regardless of their search history or other data.

    Static landing pages can contain a number of persuasive elements that are strategically positioned to boost conversions among visitors.

    These elements might include:

    • Customer testimonials.
    • Statistics.
    • Images and videos explaining the product or service. 

    Ultimately, these features are meant to persuade the visitor to take the next step, whether it’s redeeming a special offer, subscribing to an email list or purchasing products.

    The benefits of static landing pages

    Some of the most notable advantages of static landing pages are:

    Reasonable costs

    Static landing pages are generally inexpensive or even free to host. They can be moved across directories or servers with just a few clicks.

    Low-maintenance management

    Overall, static landing pages are a low-maintenance, efficient option for businesses that aren’t interested in providing an interactive experience.

    Quick loading speed

    Because static landing pages remain the same for each visitor, they generally have a quick loading speed, which is crucial when interacting with prospects.

    In fact, Google statistics show that more than half of mobile users abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load.

    In this fast-paced digital environment, your business needs to prioritize short loading times, which static landing pages can deliver.

    What is an Interactive Landing Page?

    Interactive landing pages offer visitors a more dynamic experience.

    As their name suggests, they allow users to interact directly with the web page, which they tend to find more engaging than static pages.

    Visitors have the chance to be active participants. This means that users can:

    • Answer prompted questions.
    • Choose between different products and services.
    • And even play games, to name a few examples.

    In today’s day and age, interactive landing pages are generally more successful than static landing pages because they create a dialogue between the company and the visitor.

    Now more than ever, prospects want to feel like they are connecting with businesses, not just receiving products or services from a distant, unknown source.

    Interactive landing pages offer this more personalized experience while incorporating an element of fun and excitement that static landing pages may not deliver.

    The benefits of interactive landing pages

    Interactive landing pages offer a wide variety of advantages for businesses of all kinds. 

    State of Marketing Report 2024

    Boost on conversion rates

    Not only will interactive landing pages help boost conversions across the board, but they also enhance the business’s reputation, giving it more credibility and authority.

    Longer average time on page

    If visitors feel that they are being engaged on a personal level, they are more likely to stick around, answer a few questions and read the landing page content.

    CTA that gets clicks

    The longer prospects stay on a landing page, the more likely they are to respond to the page’s call-to-action. 

    This could be by purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter or signing up for a free trial, among other things.

    Which Type of Landing Page Is Best For You?

    After taking a closer look at the benefits of static and interactive landing pages, you may be wondering which type of landing page will work best for your business.

    By considering your business’s budget, goals and audience, you can easily determine the landing page that will yield the results you are seeking.

    For example, if you require a landing page that can be quickly designed and easily transported across servers, then a static landing page might be your best choice.

    However, if you would like to design a landing page that prolongs visitors’ average time on page, an interactive landing page is your best bet.

    Here are some additional thoughts to help your decision:

    Which landing page is best for conversion?

    It’s no surprise that most business owners would like to boost their conversion rates. 

    It turns out that interactive landing pages are fantastic tools to achieve increased conversions. Here’s how they work.

    When visitors come to your website or landing page, they are most likely seeking information about your company, your products or a deal you’re currently offering.

    Interactive landing pages provide the opportunity to share information with visitors in layers, delivering a multifaceted, memorable experience that stands out from competitors.

    Interactive landing pages also allow businesses to make personalized suggestions to users based on their responses to quizzes, surveys and even games. 

    You can use customer testimonials to build prospects’ confidence in your products and services.

    When you choose interactive landing pages, you are stacking the cards in your favor for more conversions as your business continues to grow and thrive.

    Which landing page boosts engagement?

    In the same way that most business owners strive to improve their conversion rates, the majority also want to boost their audience engagement

    After all, it is a key indicator of how well a business has tapped into its audience’s interests, needs and desires.

    Because interactive landing pages are designed to encourage user participation, they naturally contribute to higher levels of audience engagement. 

    Not only does this provide visitors with a more enjoyable user experience, but it also gives businesses access to a larger supply of user data.

    With more engagement, it’s easier for businesses to hone in on their target audience’s primary concerns, goals and areas of interest. 

    All of this information is highly valuable for businesses as they expand and reach larger audiences.

    Want an example of a successful interactive landing page before moving on? 

    Check the DHL Express case to prove what we’re talking about.

    DHL Express' landing page.

    Which Is the Best Type of Landing Page For My Business?

    After considering the various benefits of static and interactive landing pages, you might be struggling to determine which one is the best.

    Start by taking stock of your business and asking yourself a few fundamental questions. 

    • What growth goals would you like to achieve? 
    • Are you currently engaging a large or relatively narrow audience? 
    • What’s your current budget?

    Each of these questions can help point you in the right direction when it’s time to choose a type of landing page.

    If you’re interested in using an unchanging and low-maintenance landing page, then a static landing page is the right place to start.

    However, if you would like to take steps to improve your conversion rate and audience engagement, an interactive landing page is your best bet.

    Wrap Up: Yes, We are Fans of Interactive Content

    We’ve never said we were impartial in this discussion! 

    But seriously: interactive landing pages are truly the option that provides the best results.

    And the good news, if your site is filled with static pages, is that it’s totally possible to take your existing content and turn it into interactive

    To keep learning more about this subject, make sure to check our special ebook on how to add interactive experiences to your content marketing strategy.


    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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