Learn How to Create a Newsletter In WordPress to Engage With Your Audience

To make a newsletter on WordPress, one doesn’t need advanced programming skills. Good results can be achieved by using the right tools. Rock Stage, for instance, offers integration between WordPress and MailChimp. Other plugins that can be used are Jackmail Newsletters, MailPress, and MeeNews.

Learn how to create a newsletter in WordPress to engage with your audience

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Knowing how to create a newsletter in WordPress is one of those types of technical knowledge essential for those who work in Digital Marketing or have their own blog.

Usually, our focus when creating a digital strategy is on the quality of the content, SEO techniques, and social media management, which makes us forget technical points that matter when it comes to WordPress.

In this article, we will teach you everything you must know to get your email newsletter working and start reaping the best results. In this content, you will learn:

    What Is a Newsletter?

    A newsletter is an email subscription in which messages are triggered with a certain frequency, such as once a week, once every two days, or whenever a subscriber takes a specific action.

    Inside a newsletter, the content can be anything that makes sense to your Digital Marketing strategy. For example:

    • Ebooks
    • Recently published articles
    • Product offerings
    • Discount Coupons

    (Speaking of newsletters, are you subscribed to ours?)

    Why Are Newsletters Important In a Digital Marketing Strategy?

    To understand how to build newsletters using WordPress and why it’s a good idea to invest in this tool, first, we need to understand the role a blog plays in a Digital Marketing and sales strategy.

    The role of a blog is to make quality content available to visitors and to convert them into leads. That is why it’s so important to know how to make your WordPress blog appear among Google results.

    After a visitor has reached your content, your focus should be on converting them into a lead to, eventually, make them your customer. That is usually done by using newsletters in an email marketing strategy.

    If you think that using a newsletter in your Digital Marketing strategy is an outdated tool, you might be inclined to change your mind. Email marketing is very much alive and still brings plenty of results.

    Take a look at a few stats from the Email Marketing Trends 2018 research that show the importance of email newsletters:

    • 76,7% of companies adopt email marketing strategies
    • 94,3% of companies that do not have those currently have a plan to do so in the future
    • 96,1% of companies that use email marketing believe the strategy brings good results
    • 58,1% of companies that use email marketing build their audiences using sign-up forms in their blogs

    How To Create Newsletters on WordPress? 7 Facilitators

    One of the biggest challenges faced when building a Digital Marketing strategy on your own is to understand how to code a WordPress blog, even though you are an entrepreneur and have no experience coding.

    However, to know how to create a newsletter on WordPress, you don’t need to have advanced programming skills. You can have good results knowing just the right tools.

    Here are 11 excellent plugins and tools to have on your WordPress dashboard that will help you in your work building a newsletter!

    1. Rock Stage

    How to create newsletters in WordPress? Learn about Rock Stage!

    Rock Stage is the best WordPress solution for companies and professionals that want to create Digital Marketing strategies for a blog or WordPress website.

    In addition to all its excellent features, the tool also has a direct integration between WordPress and MailChimp, which is the best newsletter service.

    MailChimp is the most complete newsletter tool out there, allowing you to do A/B tests, segment mailing lists, create landing pages, posts on social media, and sign-up forms to generate leads. It automates the triggering of emails, and lists audiences that are similar to yours.

    2. Newsletter WordPress

    Newsletter WordPress is an application with paid and free versions, which allows you to create content and send unlimited newsletters to your contact list.

    Besides that, it has an interesting function to send emails with notifications of new content from your blog, which works in a slightly more intimate way than an RSS Feed.

    How to create newsletters in WordPress? Learn about Newsletter WordPress

    3. OptinMonster

    OptinMonster does not send emails, but it helps to build your newsletter by creating signup forms for user registration. It uses exit-intent technology that pops up whenever a visitor signals they will close the page.

    4. Thrive Leads

    Thrive Leads allows you to create contact capture forms for your email marketing list, in addition to having a built-in A/B testing tool. One of its highlights, however, is the SmartLinks tool, which allows you to understand whether a visitor is subscribed to your newsletter or not.

    5. Popup Builder

    PopupBuilder is another form-building plugin that uses exit-intent technology to capture more emails to your list. However, its highlight is the possibility of using video pop-ups, in addition to having an integrated email sending system.

    6. Icegram

    Icegram is another complementary plugin for your Email Marketing strategy, allowing you to create registration forms within your page. Because it has a very simple interface, you will not need any programming knowledge to use it.

    Icegram homepage

    7. WP Subscribe Pro

    WP Subscribe Pro is a form plugin that stands out from the competition for presenting good ranking results when used in conjunction with SEO plugins. This is possible because it was programmed to optimize the speed of the website in question.

    Create a Newsletter in WordPress FAQ

    Can I create a newsletter on WordPress?

    Yes, you can create a newsletter on WordPress by using various plugins like MailPoet, Newsletter, or Mailchimp. These tools help you design, send, and manage email newsletters directly from your WordPress dashboard.

    How to create an email subscription in WordPress?

    To create an email subscription in WordPress, install and activate a plugin such as Mailchimp or MailPoet. Configure the plugin settings, create a subscription form, and add it to your site using widgets or shortcodes to start collecting email addresses.

    How do I add a newsletter block in WordPress?

    To add a newsletter block in WordPress, you need to use a plugin like MailPoet. Once installed, go to the post or page editor, click the “+” button to add a new block, and select the newsletter block provided by the plugin. Customize the block as needed.

    How to create an email plugin in WordPress?

    Creating an email plugin in WordPress involves writing custom code using PHP and the WordPress API. You’ll need to develop functionality for sending emails, creating subscription forms, and managing subscribers. Alternatively, you can use existing plugins to achieve these functions without coding.

    Can I create an email on my WordPress website?

    Yes, you can create and send emails from your WordPress website using plugins like MailPoet or WP Mail SMTP. These plugins allow you to compose emails, manage mailing lists, and send newsletters directly from your WordPress site.

    Does WordPress have a subscribe button?

    WordPress itself does not have a built-in subscribe button, but you can easily add one using plugins such as Mailchimp or MailPoet. These plugins offer subscription form widgets and shortcodes that you can place on your site to capture email addresses.

    A Final Reminder

    Now that you know how to create a newsletter on WordPress, you can start using the power of email marketing to make your digital strategy more effective.

    But don’t forget: your email content must stand out before you take any other action.

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