4 Types of Blogs That Thrive Across Industries

Discover the four types of blogs that thrive across industries and learn how to build one today. From informative blogs that educate and inspire to visual blogs engaging through images and videos, find the perfect blog type for your business and reach your target audience effectively.

Updated: July 20, 2023
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These days, it’s virtually impossible to browse the internet without stumbling upon different types of blogs. As of 2023, there are over 600 million blogs online, with the majority producing content daily or weekly.

In fact, businesses have recognized the power of blogging and its potential for generating consistent revenue. However, blogging goes beyond merely writing a piece and adding a couple of photos to it.

With blogging now being more mainstream, it’s imperative for companies to invest in the right kind of blog to reach their target audience.

So, let’s break down the four types of blogs that thrive across different industries and discover how you can start building one today.

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    Exploring the Diversity of Blogging

    There was a time when blogs were solely the medium of individuals, but today, more businesses than ever have their own blogs. In fact, a majority (77 percent) of Fortune 500 businesses have a dedicated blog.

    Similarly, over half (55 percent) of B2B brands believe blogging is the best way to move a client through a sales funnel. Overall, blogging is a fantastic way for companies to reach their audiences and convert leads into sales.

    However, it’s crucial to find the right type of blog, as important as creating the content itself. Although there are no strict rules for blogging, there are clear benefits to this approach:

    • It is easier to come up with blog content.
    • You can build your audience faster and engage them more efficiently.
    • You’ll have better conversion rates by connecting with your reader.

    So, with that in mind, here are the five types of blogs and how they can work for your business.

    1. Informative Blogs: Educating and Inspiring

    More than anything else, the internet is a vast repository of information. Whether a customer wants to find out more about a product or a historical fact, the details are just a click away.

    Informative blogs exist to provide insight into specific topics related to your industry. The more informative and engaging, the faster the blog will grow its audience.

    For example, let’s say you sell kitchen appliances to average consumers. One of the best ways to provide valuable information related to those appliances is to share recipes with your audience. These recipes can be simple and easy to make, especially if the reader has a particular appliance or tool.

    Overall, the primary purpose of an informative blog is to add value to the reader. Then, once they have their information, you can sell them a product or service related to the post. The best way to leverage an informative blog is to position these products or services as essential components in solving a problem.

    Using our recipe example, if the product is a food chopper, the blog can remark on how fast and easy it is to use the chopper to dice vegetables and how much prep time can be saved. If readers are looking for time-saving products and tips, they’ll be more likely to buy the chopper.

    Best for: Retailers and e-commerce sites

    Example of an informative blog - Food 52
    Example of an informative blog – Food 52

    2. Personal Blogs: Sharing Experiences and Stories

    A personal blog, as the name implies, is usually not associated with a business, at least not directly. However, businesses can leverage personal blogs for influencer marketing purposes. Additionally, personal blogs provide an excellent opportunity to establish an affiliate marketing network within a specific niche, such as parenting or travel.

    Personal blogs are all about the individual running the account, even if they outsource the writing. The purpose of this blog is to share one’s experiences and insights, typically centered around a specific topic.

    One example of a personal blog could be someone who is living as a digital nomad. They could write about what it’s like to be a nomad, how they find work, how they manage different aspects of daily life, and more.

    In this case, the blog will be highly valuable to other nomads who want to learn how to get started (or just want to converse with other like-minded individuals).

    As far as the business side of things, companies that sell products or services that help nomads (i.e., RV equipment, travel accessories) can sponsor posts. Similarly, the company can write a guest post that leads readers to their website to purchase products.

    Best for: individuals who want to build an audience, businesses that want to tap into influencer marketing

    Example of a personal blog – Tech Savvy Mama

    3. Niche Expert Blogs: Establishing Authority

    An expert blog is kind of the reference section of a library ‒ the point is to become a trusted resource within your industry. In this case, instead of writing fun and casual blog posts, each post should be informative and professional enough to be a reference source for someone else.

    Building a niche expert blog can be hugely advantageous for businesses for a couple of reasons:

    • More Backlinks ‒ Google and other search engines rank sites partially based on how many people link to them. When you’re a trusted resource, smaller companies and blogs will link to your content.
    • More Traffic ‒ As you become established within the industry, fellow professionals and insiders will start to visit your blog more often. Also, when customers are looking for a high-quality business, they’re more likely to visit your posts as well.
    • Better Brand Recognition ‒ Growing your brand is much easier when people come to your blog to find out more information about a specific topic. Sites like HubSpot and Rock Content are good examples, as authorities within the digital marketing niche, they have excellent brand recognition within their industry.

    For niche expert blogs, it’s also imperative to develop both evergreen and topical content. For example, if a news segment relates to your industry, you can write a post from your brand’s perspective to provide added value to the reader.

    Best for: B2B Brands and authoritative businesses (i.e., lawyers and doctors)

    Niche expert blog example – Rock Content

    4. Visual Blogs: Engaging Through Images and Videos

    Although all blogs incorporate visual elements, a visual blog puts these pieces front and center, typically with text as a secondary option. A perfect example of this is a video blog, which uses video segments instead of written articles and posts.

    Since video marketing is such a valuable tool for businesses, it makes sense to host a vlog. However, video content is also a lot more expensive to produce, so it’s imperative to have a lean production and publication process that can turn ideas into full-fledged videos as efficiently as possible.

    In many cases, a business may develop a visual blog in tandem with a traditional blog. For example, a company that sells lawn care equipment could have a visual blog that shows how to use the machinery and make minor repairs as necessary. In this case, the vlog is a niche authority that can help drive more traffic to the website and individual product pages.

    Other types of visual blogs can include food and travel blogs, in which images of exotic locales and delicious dishes are just as vital as the information about them.

    Best for: Design-Heavy businesses, product tutorials, entertainment-based businesses

    Visual blog example – Richard Bernabe

    Bottom Line: Blogging is a Must for Your Business

    Discovering the value of a compelling blog is one thing, but building it from the ground up is an entirely different challenge. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a wordsmith pro to leverage this powerful marketing tool.

    Content creation platforms like WriterAccess can connect you with talented writers from all corners of the globe.

    With WriterAccess, you can effortlessly obtain top-notch blog content that’s tailor-made for your needs, ensuring you can meet the demands of your audience.

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