Top 6 Types of Content Writers You Need To Grow Your Business

The world of digital marketing is exciting, but it’s also extremely competitive. Incredible content that serves your target audience is the key to staying ahead of the game, and a team of great content writers can help you reach your goals.

types of content writers

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Outstanding products and excellent customer service are no longer enough to help a business succeed.

Top SERP rankings and websites packed with helpful authority content are digital-age necessities, so a reliable way to generate all that content is a must.

Partnering with a team of experienced freelancers, including freelance content writers, can help you reach your goals. But what does a content writer actually do, and which of the many types of content writers out there are right for your business?

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    What Does a Content Writer Do?

    When most marketers and business owners think about outsourcing writing tasks, they immediately think of all the blog posts they need to keep their websites perpetually updated.

    However, while most content writers do handle blog posts, they can also help you with many other types of writing. Here are some popular examples:

    • Press releases
    • Technical content
    • How-to guides and long-form articles
    • Whitepapers
    • SEO content
    • Content for newsletters and email outreach
    • Social media blurbs to introduce posts

    Most content writers also proofread, edit, and revise their content as needed.

    The 6 Most Popular Types of Content Writers

    So, what types of content writers are the most helpful for digital-age businesses like yours? That depends on your content needs and current goals for your digital marketing strategy.

    The following are six key examples to consider.

    1. SEO Writers

    SEO writers are as in-demand as they are for a reason. Yes, effective content engages an audience and adequately addresses any concerns they might have. However, it also helps boost search engine visibility and raise SERP rankings.

    SEO writers have a solid understanding of keywords and their relationship to SERP rankings. They also have the writing chops to create fluid, scannable content that looks just as good to Google as it does to a client’s visitors.

    2. Copywriters

    Copywriters have been around since long before digital marketing was a thing, and they remain indispensable to businesses of all types. Their primary job is crafting compelling written content designed to market a product or otherwise interest an audience in a brand.

    A copywriter may also compose web content or SEO material. However, most specialize in options like press releases, landing page copy, sales material, home page content, and other written materials for targeted marketing purposes.

    3. Ghostwriters

    Occasionally, a business or marketing team will need a way to fill in knowledge gaps within the company or streamline the process of creating authority content for various purposes. That’s when it’s handy to have a professional ghostwriter on your writing team.

    Ghostwriters produce content that will ultimately be credited to a third-party organization or other entity.

    Some wear many hats and cover multiple topics, while others specialize in just one or two areas of expertise – like law or branding, to name just a couple of examples.

    4. Social Media Writers

    A solid social media presence is crucial for digital-age businesses, and that requires a very particular type of writing. 

    Social media writing must be compelling enough to stop people in their tracks and convince them to stop scrolling long enough to check it out.

    Social media writers are types of content writers who are adept at producing this type of material. They’re also great at using social media feeds to tell compelling ongoing brand stories that keep an audience coming back for more.

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    5. Technical Writers

    Technical writers specialize in making complex technical topics like engineering, finance, programming, software, robotics, and more accessible to a target audience.

    They may write web content that addresses these topics, but many technical writers produce guides, instructions, and manuals instead.

    A good technical writer will be capable of both speaking to industry experts on their own level and introducing new audiences to complicated topics in approachable ways.

    6. Long-Form Content Writers

    Long-form content that digs deeply into a topic is in high demand these days, as it’s attractive to both audiences and search engines. However, it calls for highly skilled content writers who understand what makes a great piece of long-form writing effective.

    Professional long-form writers are outstanding researchers who are good at organizing information and formatting it in a way that’s accessible to online readers.

    They may specialize in ebooks, case studies, whitepapers, how-to guides, deep-dive blog articles, or all of these.

    Niche-Specialized Content Writers

    Many marketers and businesses may want to look into hiring content writers who are also niche specialists, especially if they’re in industries that call for a specific type of expertise.

    A knowledgeable niche content writer knows your industry as well as you do and can easily help you with everything from authority guest blogs that turn heads to B2B content that truly speaks your clientele’s language.

    The following are a few key examples of writers who specialize in these types of content writing services.

    B2B Writers

    Marketing to industry peers is simply different from marketing to everyday consumers. It requires a specific approach and deep working knowledge of the industry at hand, and professional B2B writers have mastered it.

    Medical Writers

    A writer must be extremely familiar with the industry to write well on healthcare, medicine, and similar topics.

    That’s why many medical niche writers are also current or former healthcare professionals who can speak from a foundation of hands-on experience and formal training.

    Finance Writers

    Like medicine, law, and similar professional topics, the world of finance has its own lingo and approach to various issues, and finance writers are well-versed in everything required.

    Financial writers may be experts on money, investing, cryptocurrency, personal finance, and many other subtopics.

    There are also writers out there with expertise in law, SaaS, marketing, the automotive industry, education, and many more industries.


    In today’s digital age, outstanding products and excellent customer service alone are not enough for business success. Top search engine rankings and high-quality content on websites are essential.

    Partnering with experienced freelancers, including content writers, can help businesses achieve their goals. Content writers can assist with a variety of writing tasks, including blog posts, press releases, technical content, how-to guides, whitepapers, SEO content, and social media blurbs.

    Different types of content writers, such as SEO writers, copywriters, ghostwriters, social media writers, niche experts, and industry specialists, can offer valuable expertise and skills depending on a business’s content needs and marketing goals.

    By leveraging the talents of professional content writers, businesses can enhance their digital marketing strategies and effectively engage with their target audience, ultimately driving success in today’s competitive online landscape.

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    Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

    Human Crafted Content

    Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

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