7 types of live video to try in your marketing strategy

7 types of live video to try in your marketing strategy

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Being able to stand out in digital channels is not such an easy task. With so much competition, it is necessary to create different formats that attract the attention of users. 

One of these alternatives is to bet on the live experience, creating a feeling of exclusivity. And this strategy can be even more efficient when one of the live video types is used.

Live broadcasts in audio and images can capture the attention of your audience with greater accuracy. The best? Several content formats can be presented in Digital Marketing channels. 

How about finding out more about these options and the benefits of this strategy for your planning?

The following topics will be covered below:

Want to know how to use live videos to generate even more engagement? Keep reading!


What is live video?

The live video is a live broadcast to increase engagement with the audience and create a feeling of exclusivity and urgency. 

Instead of recording a video and going through an editing process to just present it to the public, the idea is to make the content in real-time.

With increasingly easy access to the resources and advantages of technology, it has become easier to produce audiovisual content. The goal is to create material that is more authentic and allows real-time interactions with the audience, getting even closer to your consumers.

No wonder a study by Limelight shows that Internet users spend, on average, more than six hours watching videos online. As much as a blog or email marketing is still relevant, interest in video content is growing.

But a live video can’t be made just anyhow. You have to set a goal for the content to be transmitted, for example. The positive side is that there are different types of live video to adopt in your strategy to enjoy all the benefits.


What are the benefits of this strategy?

But what are the benefits of investing time and resources in live videos? 

Take a look at the main reasons to adopt this strategy to your Digital Marketing plan!

Attends to the behavior of the audience

Understanding what the consumer is looking for and wants is the first step towards optimizing a strategy. 

HubSpot data show that 55% of consumers want to follow more content in video format from the brands they are customers of. Your company needs to follow this trend.

Sense of urgency

The sense of urgency is also another differential since it stimulates your audience not to lose what is happening at that very moment. When a platform signals that your video is live, it’s one more way to get the user’s attention, prioritizing their content.


One of the main benefits, no doubt, is interactivity. By allowing users to interact with you during the video, the consumer’s interest becomes much higher in what you have to say. 

As a consequence, engagement becomes more natural, strengthening your brand.

Closer relationship

Getting closer to your audience is critical, and all of the reasons above indicate this path when using the different types of live video.

The consumer becomes more confident in your message, and the relationship becomes closer, increasing the chances of loyalty.


What are the 7 types of live video to be used in your marketing plan?

The benefits are excellent, but you need to find a formula that is ideal for your company’s goals. How about getting to know the 7 best types of live video to get even closer to your audience? 

Check out our list!

1. Tutorials

Consumers are increasingly looking for experiences that are close to reality. If a recorded video already offers some of this experience, the live video guarantees even more authenticity for its content.

That’s why real-time tutorials on how to use a particular product or service are very attractive. The user can have a better understanding of how that item will fit into his routine. 

It also enhances the quality of what your brand is offering, ensuring that everything presented is real.

2. Q&As

Interactivity is already a differential of the different types of live video, but it becomes even more relevant when live Q&As are used.

There is no better way to involve different users at the same time and promote engagement with your brand than by answering questions and doubts in real-time.

Without time to prepare for a question, the content becomes even more trustworthy. They start to understand your brand’s knowledge about the segment in which it operates, for example. All this contributes to greater brand awareness, even in very crowded sectors.

Besides the benefit of more significant interaction with the audience, it is another way for users to get to know your company.

For example, the content can become even richer and more attractive with the participation of experts on the subject.

3. Educational

One of the goals of Content Marketing is to educate your audience, right? 

As much as texts are the most used content, educational live videos can also be very useful for your strategy. 

It is a way to naturally approach the audience, helping with some problem, or teaching about a relevant subject.

The audience will now see your brand as a partnership. The company is not only concerned about selling its product but also in helping the user with some relevant subject, for example, to improve their performance in the work environment.

4. Behind the Scenes

In an attempt to further humanize your brand, presenting what happens behind the scenes can also be a differential. 

According to Livestream research, almost 90% of users would watch a live video if it included behind-the-scenes content.

How to ignore this demand? The consumer also gets to know a little more about your company’s processes and routines. Who are the people who make that brand so good? 

In many cases, the user can end up relating to what is presented behind the scenes and feel even more comfortable in trusting their resources to your company.

By understanding how your company’s culture works, the user can find the content even more authentic. This kind of video puts an end to your brand’s artificiality and brings it even closer to the consumer.

5. Interview

Another way to attract consumers to follow a live video of your company is by conducting interviews. 

The formats can be the most varied, with an interviewee who is known to your audience or even someone who offers relevant content that makes sense for your brand.

As it will not be something routine, it creates a differential for your content. Also, new users can get to know your brand on behalf of the interviewee, for example. 

Imagine talking to someone who uses your products and has high relevance to the public? New business opportunities can arise from this dynamic.

6. Product Review

Part of the buyer’s journey is online, allowing greater access to a particular product or service. 

Vaguely similar to the tutorial format, the goal is to make a more in-depth analysis of the item, allowing the user to have more details about what they want to buy and thus make a final decision.

Since it is difficult not to seem partial with a live video about your product, another alternative is to invite someone to do this review. 

A relevant digital influencer within your segment, for example. This is a way to gain authenticity and convince the consumer that the review was honest.

7. Announcement video

Another way to arouse the interest and curiosity of your audience with the different live videos is by making an announcement.

Take action to instigate your audience and invite them to watch the video in which something relevant to them will be revealed.

It can be the launch of a new product, the opening of a new point of sale, a change in the brand’s design, among a host of varied options.

The most important thing is to make the consumer feel part of your company. They will know about certain news items from the announcement in which they were invited.

Using the different types of live video can increase the efficiency of your marketing strategies. From the engagement provided, your audience will see your brand as a reference in its segment. And the options are the most varied to suit your objectives, budget, and even the preferences of your buyer persona.

When producing content, however, it is crucial to ensure its quality. It’s not only the format that will attract the most interest, but also how the live video will be executed. 

Download our checklist for webinars, and find out how to use videos in your Marketing Strategy!


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