20 Types of Marketing: A Guide To Marketing Your Business

From email marketing to user-generated marketing, and everything in-between this comprehensive list of marketing types will help take your business to the next level.

Updated: March 22, 2024
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When it comes to marketing, there are many different subcategories that you can try. In fact, it can often feel overwhelming with so many different tactics and strategies that you can implement. 

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of different types of marketing. You can use in your strategies to reach more customers, connect with broader audiences, and get better results.

    #1: Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing takes place entirely online. It uses technology and digital tools to connect with audiences where they spend their time: online

    It leverages digital channels like social media, websites, and search engines. This way you get new customers and spread the brand message. 

    It’s a contemporary approach to marketing that gathers clear analytics and data. Consequently, this information can be used to further marketing initiatives. 

    #2: Traditional Marketing

    Traditional marketing is often thought of as the opposite of digital marketing, as it uses tactics for brand promotion that have been around for many years. 

    It takes place offline with tactics that have been used for decades, including things like billboards, television and radio ads, print advertising, and cold calling. 

    Traditional marketing still has a place in modern marketing and can be used successfully if approached with the right mindset.

    #3: Outbound Marketing

    Outbound marketing often goes hand-in-hand with traditional marketing, as it focuses on intrusive actions and tactics in order to get in front of audiences. That would include some things like print ads delivered to mailboxes and cold-calling prospects. 

    However, there are also digital strategies that fall under outbound marketing. For example, these include email blasts and using purchased lists. 

    #4: Inbound Marketing

    Inbound marketing is a more popular and effective way of attracting new customers. It draws them to your brand using less obtrusive methods. 

    It’s built around pillars of providing value to your customers and making sure that your brand resonates with audiences without needing to rely on disruptive tactics. 

    Inbound marketing focuses on working with audiences after a purchase. Its aim is to retain business and provide continued value to customers.

    #5: Social Media Marketing

    Most people spend a portion of their time on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or TikTok. That makes social media a powerful tool that allows you to connect directly to your audiences. 

    Social media marketing might include paid social media ads or organic marketing using your brand’s social accounts to reach more people and engage with customers.

    #6: Content Marketing

    Content is often referred to as the “king” of digital marketing. It’s the cornerstone of all digital marketing and inbound marketing strategies and is foundational for brands. 

    A content marketing strategy will include the planning, creation, and distribution of content among different channels

    It includes things like blogs, articles, videos, eBooks, webinars, infographics, and social media posts. 

    #7: Email Marketing

    Email is a great way to connect one-on-one with your customers and audiences. You can get directly into their inboxes and explain your offer.

    It’s also one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing and helps raise awareness of your brand, promote services and products, and nurture leads. 

    However, it’s important to remember privacy laws as you develop your email marketing strategies. Moreover, always include an opt-out option.

    #8: Video Marketing

    People want to absorb information in the simplest way possible. For many, that means video. 

    Video marketing is a marketing strategy that uses the power of video in order to engage audiences and explain a message. 

    Video marketing can be used for various marketing goals. It helps create a seamless approach to information. Additionally, it collects important data and metrics for future use. 

    #9: Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing creates a partnership between a brand and an online influencer. 

    Influencers have a following and a community of engaged individuals. These individuals trust their recommendations and actively support them on social media. 

    They are often considered experts by their followers, and there is a large amount of existing trust between an influencer and their followers that brands can tap into using a brand deal. This helps you target niche groups and expand your reputation. 

    #10: Brand Marketing

    Your brand is an important part of your company. The brand often has its own voice that can be playful, creative, fun, informative, or formal. 

    Your brand’s reputation plays a large role in your public perception and the way that customers engage with your company.

    Brand marketing focuses on spreading the word about your brand and creating connections with your audiences by using storytelling elements. 

    #11: Search Engine Marketing

    Search engine marketing, otherwise known as SEM, is a strategy that focuses on improving your visibility on search engines. It uses tactics of search engine optimization, (or SEO), pay-per-click advertising, or PPC. 

    Both of these tactics work together to help you market your services and products. Additionally, they contribute to improving your search engine results page rankings and gaining more visibility.

    #12: Word of Mouth Marketing

    One of the best ways to market is through word of mouth. 

    People tend to trust the recommendations that come from people they trust, and when you can capitalize on this type of marketing, you use that trust for your brand. 

    This marketing strategy often involves creating loyalty programs, requesting reviews, and making sure your brand name is recognizable to people who hear about it from friends and trusted sources. 

    #13: Referral Marketing

    Referral marketing is a type of word-of-mouth marketing that focuses on reviews and recommendations. 

    Oftentimes, referral marketing initiatives will create incentives that can be shared with customers if they complete tasks like leaving a review or offering a case study. 

    This helps to benefit both the customer and the brand. 

    #14: Emotional Marketing

    Emotional marketing is a type of marketing that uses deep connections with audiences and emotional engagement in order to appeal to customers. It tends to be used for products that can evoke feelings of positivity, acceptance, and community. 

    Make sure that if you use emotional marketing you are sincere in your approach, or it can backfire.

    #15: User-Generated Marketing

    Not all marketing material comes from the brand itself. 

    User-generated marketing is a style that leverages content produced by users. This approach effectively pushes forward with marketing goals. 

    This often involves social media challenges like hashtags, polls, or images. You can use the content created by users participating in these challenges and share it across your social media platforms to showcase how users engage with your brand in a positive way.

    #16: Voice Marketing

    With the rise of smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo, there is a new wave of marketing called voice marketing on the rise. 

    This style of marketing focuses on answering the questions that are asked through a hands-free speaker device. 

    It utilizes different keywords and phrases to show up first in voice results and requires a different strategy than typical SEO marketing.

    #17: Seasonal Marketing

    Seasonal marketing, or holiday marketing, is a type of marketing that centers around different holidays and seasonal events, like Black Friday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Back to School. 

    These seasonal events can benefit different businesses, and often require a thoughtful strategy that begins months before the holiday arrives. 

    #18: Account-Based Marketing

    Account-based marketing is a focused approach to marketing that requires the combined efforts of sales and marketing teams. 

    Small teams will work together to create a strategy that targets specific accounts and individuals within those accounts. 

    This marketing tactic enables an extremely specific, personalized campaign. Its end goal is to sign a major account rather than appealing to general audiences. 

    #19: Event Marketing

    Event marketing focuses on getting people to attend an event. This can be in-person, online, or a hybrid event.

    Event marketing often involves a number of tactics, including promotional materials, channel marketing, and the development of specific assets to help encourage people to join the event and engage with your brand. 

    20: Product Marketing

    Product marketing is a staple in marketing tactics. 

    This type of marketing focuses on the product as the centerpiece and foundation of the strategy. 

    Typically, there is a campaign created that centers around the product, including content, video, images, and promotions designed to sell the product and bring it to the attention of different customers. 

    This type of marketing also goes hand-in-hand with sales teams.

    Wrap Up

    With the plethora of marketing types available, it can be challenging to know where to begin. The good news is that many of these types of marketing work together in a cohesive strategy that gives you the benefits of multiple strategies in one approach. 

    If you want to learn more about how you can create marketing strategies that work, check out our global marketing playbook. There you’ll learn the best advice on creating a global marketing strategy and how to implement it. Click on the link to get started today.


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