How to engage your audience with Q&A videos

How to engage your audience with video Q&A sessions

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Live streaming is one of the most important current trends in Digital Marketing

This format has overcome most others in the preference of web users, and among its possibilities, the Q&A Video is one of the most interesting.

Currently, 80% of web users are more likely to watch live streaming than read a blog post. Amidst this movement, expectations are that this market will earn about US$70 billion by 2021.

With such expressive numbers, it’s necessary to go deeper into the subject. 

Companies, digital influencers, and any content producer can use Video Q&A as a strategy

With a good proposal behind it, there are positive results that you can achieve.

However, it’s necessary to follow some essential parameters to reach the company’s expectations and the public that will watch the content. 

Therefore, this article will approach the subject in detail, addressing topics such as:

Read on and check it out!

What is Video Q&A?

Video Q&A example

Video Q&A is a media format in which companies or content creators interact with viewers by answering their questions

Thus, it’s possible to talk about a specific subject or general questions about the company, the business area, a product, among others.

In this format, the differential factor is the possibility of being live. To the greater appeal that live streaming enables, there’s still real-time interaction with the content. 

As a result, engagement can be one of the most important aspects of a Q&A Video.

It’s possible to host this content on various platforms or even on the company’s website. 

It’s important to have a digital space where viewers can send their questions and check the answers in real-time.

The most significant dynamic that the Q&A Video provides is its central differential for an FAQ page. 

Thus, interaction generates greater engagement, increases traffic to a particular channel, among other advantages.

What are the benefits of that strategy?

Are you looking to understand the benefits of performing a live Q&A? Find out what are the main advantages of this format and why it provides such attractive opportunities!

Boost audience

Increase your audience by performing a live Q&A. 

That achievement is possible because your audience certainly has doubts and many questions to ask.

With this opportunity, there’s a great chance that people will connect to watch the questions being answered and also to interact.

Generate more engagement

When the audience accesses a live stream, comments with their questions, and shares the broadcast with friends, there’s a natural acceptance of the content.

All this awakened activity creates a natural situation of engagement. The live Q&A can engage your audience around content relevant to them.

Attract more qualified traffic

Do you know who is interested in making questions about your company or subjects related to your business area? Customers or prospects!

That means live Q&As are great opportunities to get qualified traffic. People who are already among your target audience are more likely to watch, interact, and even convert.

Generate more conversions

Conversions depend on what the live Q&A proposes. 

If you want to launch a new product or service, streaming helps to solve doubts, removing sales objections that could stop purchases.

It is also possible to increase traffic on a particular channel, such as the company blog.

Streaming can be a powerful event to generate simultaneous access and explore SEO mechanisms.

Rank higher on Google

Feature on the first position is an important achievement that companies seek for their content and pages. 

A live Q&A with lots of access that explores strategic keywords has a great chance to be on the first page of Google results. That brings more visibility to the company.

Conquer featured snippets

Featured snippets are the zero position in Google’s ranking. To get it is important to answer questions on topics of wide interest. Usually, these subjects relate to popular keywords.

To get the featured snippets, you need to answer these questions during live Q&A. 

With the streaming finished and permanently online, Google’s algorithms can index the content as the best definition for a given topic, generating visibility.

How to run a successful Video Q&A session?

You’ll only get the results you expect if you run the Q&A Video session properly. 

For that, check out some essential tips below!

Define the Q&A session video topic

The primary topic is an important definition to ensure engagement and discussions that make business sense. 

Besides answering questions, you can use these sessions to promote your business, products, and services.

Pick hosts that can control the session

Professionals hosting the session need to know how to control and conduct the questions. 

It’s essential to have the organization to ensure that the central subject is not distracted

Thus, it’s possible to hold a session that is enjoyable for everyone and achieve the objectives.

Promote the session in advance

Promote the event widely on all your channels. It’s important to talk about the objective of the live Q&A and, mainly, that it will aim to solve general doubts about the central theme. 

This disclosure can be done by:

What proper platforms can host a Q&A session?

A good streaming platform is essential to welcome participants and provide a functional and optimal digital environment for the session. There they’ll view the broadcast, interact with your questions, and check general information.

There are proper tools that can host the live Q&A session. Check it out!

  • YouTube: widely known, it’s great to generate interactions and boost the company’s channel on the platform.
  • Facebook Live: another basic and widely used tool, that allows interaction through reactions, sharing, and comments.
  • Live: the perfect tool for live Q&A host. There you can interact, publish quizzes and polls, replicate images on the screen, and a series of other features that improve the session.

The audience is increasingly receptive to live streaming as a content format. 

That’s why companies can explore Video Q&A as the new but more interesting, complete, and engaging FAQs. You can attract traffic and talk about any subject!

As you could see, Video Q&A is a good way to improve your Digital Marketing results. And if you’re looking at other ways to boost your strategy, check out our content with the main Digital Marketing trends for this year!


2024 State of Marketing Report

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2024 State of Marketing Report

Your golden ticket to crush your goals with data-driven insights!

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