Content Mastery: Elevating Your Digital Marketing Strategy with 13 Traffic-Generating Web Content Types

Traffic-generating web content is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy today. Creating content to attract your target audience, however, takes effort, including precise planning, keyword research, and exceptional writing skills.

Updated: July 3, 2023
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Content creation done right can help you build better customer relationships, increase brand loyalty, and position yourself as an authority.

Whether you’re looking to add content to your business site or share it on other content websites, you will also want to vary the type to attract and keep a larger audience.

In this blog, you’ll learn about 13 traffic-generating web content types and five great content websites to get inspiration.

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    13 Types of Web Content

    Web content includes all textual and visual content you share and publish online. It plays a significant role in engaging users and expanding brand awareness.

    Users will stay longer on your site, comment on blog posts or other content types, share your offerings with others, and even promote you on social media. In turn, you gain higher-quality leads and can see an increase in sales.

    If you’re wondering what kind of web content will be most beneficial, consider the following 13 most popular types:

    1. Blog Posts

    Blogs continue to dominate when consumers are searching for information. Your blog posts can focus on various topics of interest to your particular target audience. These topics can involve trends, industry news, product reviews, how-tos, company events, and more.

    Rock Content Blog

    2. Infographics

    To attract a wider audience, consider creating infographics to share on your website. As visual representations, these can deliver a lot of information easily and quickly, saving the reader time.

    Example of Infographics by Rock Content

    3. Videos

    Videos continue to be popular with all ages online today, so as long as you create high-quality ones to share, you can succeed at reaching a broader audience. Share them on YouTube and embed them in your own website content.

    4. Podcasts

    Podcasts are a popular addition to digital marketing strategies today as more and more consumers tune in as they commute, work out, walk, or participate in other activities. Set a schedule for topics, which could include industry news, customer interviews, instructional guides, and more.

    HubSpot podcast network

    5. Case Studies

    A case study is a great way to tell stories, and stories speak directly to potential customers. Consider your most satisfied customers and put together a narrative about the problem they faced, what you were able to do for them, and the outcomes.

    Rock Content’s Case Studies

    6. eBooks

    Creating an eBook that your website visitors can access directly or download to read at their convenience is a valuable marketing tool and helps build authority. For ideas, determine what content of yours is already receiving the most attention and engagement, and build out that topic.

    Rock Content’s ebooks, guides, and other resources

    7. White papers

    White papers are concise reports that seek to provide insights for the reader that usually focus on a complex issue. This type of content can help establish you as an authority and gain the trust of consumers.

    Example of interactive white paper created with Ion

    8. Social Media Posts

    Social media is here to stay, so finding ways to use it to your marketing advantage is advisable. Determine which platforms your target audiences use most and create a variety of posts to share. You can also include your social media feed on your website, so visitors can see what you share without having to leave.

    9. User-Generated Content

    Today’s satisfied customers often create their own content praising your brand, product, or service. This content may be in the form of articles, blog posts, videos, images, or social media posts.

    This user-generated content can be a boon to your business, so find a way to share it. Incorporate it into your blog posts and share it as a social media post.

    Example of UGC for the mattress brand Casper

    10. FAQs and Knowledge Base

    Consider adding a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to your website to answer those questions your target audience may have along their buyer’s journey. You can also add a few to the bottom of blog posts.

    Another option is to add a knowledge base, which is a dedicated help center for customers. Much like a directory, the consumer enters a query and is provided with a list of articles to choose from regarding your product or service.

    Example of FAQ from Neil Patel’s blog

    11. Product Reviews

    Creating product reviews will show that you are willing to provide information to your audience, so they can make better decisions. Many times, other companies will send you a product to try, or you can purchase one on your own and create a review.

    12. Newsletters

    Online and email newsletters continue to be valuable content types for reaching both consumers and high-quality leads. In addition to the latest company news, your newsletter content may include product promos, discounts, contests, surveys, or exclusive offers. You can also link to related blog posts and web pages.

    Rock Content’s newsletter

    13. Interactive Content

    To increase engagement with your website visitors, add interactive content. This type of content will make you memorable and keep them returning to your website.

    Interactive content may include quizzes, surveys, polls, calculators, and more. To easily create these, you can use Ion, a platform that is user-friendly and fast.

    Five Great Content Websites for Inspiration

    When trying to come up with better content ideasseek inspiration from successful websites already online. Explore beyond their landing pages and really dig in. These websites can spark ideas and help you improve the quality of your own content.

    Here are five great websites for inspiration.

    1. Charity: Water

    Charity: Water masters the art of case studies, or customer stories, with their Stories From the Field content offerings. However, you don’t have to be a nonprofit to have compelling and captivating customer stories to share. Discover who your most satisfied customers are and build a story around the challenge they faced and how your product or service helped.

    2. Urban Decay

    While there are numerous cosmetic brands out there today, Urban Decay found a way to differentiate itself as a content hub. In addition to tips, techniques, and advice, customers are given a look behind the scenes, making them feel a part of something bigger. Its social media accounts are also linked to the hub for quick access and sharing.

    3. thredUp

    The secondhand clothing brand thredUP takes a big-picture approach to the content they offer in their blog posts. From fashion trends to sustainability and the environment, it has steadily become an authority and go-to for news on these subjects.

    4. Casper Mattress

    Online-only brand Casper Mattress found a way to keep customers and visitors lingering longer on its website – by varying its content. From blog posts on how to get a better night’s sleep to requests for input from current customers to a robust and creative social media strategy, the brand stands out. It also offers interactive content (a mattress quiz) and a mattress-buying guide free to website visitors.

    5. Rock Content

    Rock Content offers a variety of content types for visitors to its website, including blog posts, eBooks, guides, white papers, interactive newsletters, infographics, customer stories, videos, and more. Wander over to their Resources or Customer Stories page, enter your preferences in the filter, and see a number of options to choose from. There is something for everyone here.

    Rock Your Content-Based Website With WriterAccess

    When it comes to your brand’s digital marketing strategy, content remains an essential part of everything you do. Take the time to explore the many types of web content you can offer, and try going beyond your comfort zone. To help fuel your creativity, seek inspiration from successful websites and capture ideas to get you going.

    Whichever type you choose, however, always keep in mind that creating high-quality and engaging content is essential both to consumers and to search engines.

    If you’re feeling challenged or short on time, experienced content professionals with WriterAccess can help. Find out how by signing up for the introductory 14-day free trial today.


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    Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

    Human Crafted Content

    Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

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