The 6 best webinar platforms to use in 2022

6 best webinar platforms to use in 2020

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How can a brand engage and educate their audience while generating value and bringing their Digital Marketing strategy to the max? 

Webinars are a popular solution to this dilemma.

This kind of video lecture is built around knowledge and presents an opportunity to share ideas, updates, and content with your community.

A company can use webinars to talk to fellow marketers, clients, users, and anyone else they are interested in building a relationship with, and the results obtained are often outstanding.

Webinars are an opportunity to position your brand as an expert on a subject and to generate new leads.

Are you interested in using this tool in your marketing strategy? Take a look at 6 of the most relevant webinar platforms online and learn a little bit more about each of them.

Ready to learn more about the platforms? Let’s get started!

1. Demio

demio webinar platform

Demio is a great webinar platform built around video conferencing tools. 

It makes it easier to record a webinar an upload it automatically to the cloud, with tools that will help you build presentations that look professional and are delivered in real-time.

Some of its key features are:

  • extensive customization options for the user;
  • built-in analytical tools that will help you keep up with your audience;
  • easy integration to most marketing tools available in the market.

With prices starting at $34 a month, your company can build its first webinar using the 14-day free trial that makes all custom features available.

2. WebinarJam

webinarjam webinar platform

WebinarJam is a favorite among those who are getting started with webinar platforms as it allows for powerful automation with little to no technical skills required. 

The tools are easy to use and will help you host big audiences with just a few clicks.

It can be used to stream directly to YouTube pages or for safe and password-protected meetings

Among its key features you will find:

  • pop-ups to target your audience during webinar sessions that are helpful in generating more leads;
  • chat options to interact and engage with your platform 1:1 during webinars;
  • automatic recording to keep the files of your previous webinars in the cloud so they can also be used as business resources in the future.

The pricing packages offered by WebinarJam start at $41,58 a month, and you can host up to 500 participants at a time with this monthly plan.

3. Live

engage webinar platform

Among the tools mentioned here, Live is the most complete one.

Suited for all your webinar platform needs, the tool allows live publishing and blogginglive Q&A sessions, ad monetization, and even coverage of larger events such as sports competitions.

Live features all the tools your brand needs to interact with customers and partners live, along with Storytelling and Social Curation, to guarantee your content will be delivered the most effective way possible.

With just a few clicks, you can create a live event and publish it on your website. The tool features integrations with many popular blogging platforms like WordPress.

Among its key benefits are:

  • plenty of tools for interacting with your audiences such as Q&As, polls, quizzes, likes, and sharing;
  • packaged workflows that allow for easy set-up, even if you don’t have many technical skills;
  • publishing templates for a quick start such as live and manual scoreboards for sports competitions;
  • Ability to easily embed third-party content, whether in the form of video players, quizzes, or graphics.

For pricing information, please schedule your tour.

live banner

4. Livestorm

livestrom webinar platform

Need to do a quick product presentation for your clients or your team? Livestorm is the go-to tool for that. 

The video platform can be used from any device (web or mobile) and allows for the creation of live, on-demand, and automated webinars with a few clicks.

The tool is great for online courses and integrates plenty of logistics resources to help you sell live. Among its key features you will find:

  • great customer engagement tools such as polls and Q&A sessions;
  • multi-language customer support ready to help with your needs;
  • unlimited storage for all the webinars your company has published online.

Livestorm offers a free plan with limited and basic functions, and pricing starts at $99 a month for the webinar platform.

5. EasyWebinar

easywebinar webinar platform

EasyWebinar is another webinar tool available to marketers. 

Its main goal is to integrate well the presentations of your company and other marketing tools you use daily in your marketing strategy.

Among its key features you will find:

  • screen-sharing options with HD video and interactive live chat to help you engage with customers;
  • a complete analytics tool to monitor the performance of your webinar;
  • click-through integrations with MailChimp, GetResponse, and other popular marketing tools.

The pricing starts at $59 a month for the standard plan, billed annually. This version of the software comes with both live and automated webinar options.

6. Adobe Connect

adobe conect webinar platform

Agencies that often rely on Adobe tools to make their business function will be glad to know that the suite also offers a webinar platform to its customers.

Adobe Connect allows live video hosting, document sharing, and meetings with a complete portfolio of services to connect your brand and customers.

Among its key features, you will be able to enjoy:

  • lots of templates that can be customized for your company’s presentation;
  • unique registration pages that will help you learn more about your customers;
  • integration with popular CRM software like Salesforce.

Adobe Connect must be acquired separately from the Creative Suite, and its prices start at $130 a month.

Webinar platforms are a strategic tool to have on your marketing Rolodex, allowing for great results for your brand.

According do GoToWebinarbrands get at least 33% more registrations on their webpages the week previous to a webinar, and the benefits do not stop there.

The same research indicates webinars are a great tool for engagement, with an average viewing time of 61 minutes per person and are the most successful when used for demand generation and customer training.

Ready to get started enjoying the benefits of using webinars in your content strategy? Make sure you don’t forget anything while developing the content of your webinar. Download our free webinar checklist!


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