Your Guide To The Austin Writing Scene

Updated: February 25, 2024

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Austin Writing Scene

Austin might be the city with the slogan “keeping it weird,” but it is no stranger to accelerated growth. From mom-and-pop thrift shops to Google, Apple, and of course the flagship Whole Foods, Austin has attracted companies of all sizes. The good news is that this once small university town is now a bustling haven with a coffee shop on almost every corner and hidden hotspots for writers to create to their heart’s content.

Making a Living as an Austin Writer

Austin-area writers can expect to earn an average of approximately $50,000 according to Glassdoor. Content marketing managers can anticipate earning an average of $81,000, while copywriters can enjoy earning anywhere from $52,000 – $82,000 depending on their level of experience. Another factor that Austin writers must consider is the size of company and the type of content that they will be writing. In this vein, since Austin is having a bit of a tech boom, many writers with technical backgrounds can find work as either salaried or freelance writers focusing on RFPs, RFIs, and translating SME-lingo into thought leadership blog posts that anyone can enjoy reading.

Educational Opportunities for Writers to Advance in Austin

Did you know that there are 10 colleges within a 40-mile radius of Austin? The two big hitters that are located within the city are the University of Texas at Austin (Go Longhorns!) and St. Edwards. These two colleges bring an influx of thinkers of all ages, while also offering the opportunity for writers to fine tune their skills by auditing courses, attending seminars, or joining writing groups.

Writing Meet Up Groups in Austin

Whether you head to the East Side, prefer the bustle of Downtown, want to enjoy North Austin by traveling to the Domain, or prefer the tranquility of the hidden oasis in South Austin, one thing is certain, no matter were you go, you’ll find writing groups. The most popular writing groups include:

  • Austin Meetup Writing Groups – features a number of Austin writing groups of all sizes and natures. These groups are not only a great chance to practice your writing, but they are also a fantastic source for meeting like-minded folks and learning about new work opportunities. 
  • Austin Public Library – Austin has several libraries spread throughout the city’s most popular quadrants. The new downtown public library is a great source for finding new writing groups. Be sure to check it out to find the latest creative writing groups.

Austin Conferences for Writers to Consider in 2019 

Austin is a great city to learn, connect, and make a living as a writer and editor. Fortunately, for anyone who needs a bit of an educational boost, the following two Austin conferences are sure to both educational and informative.

  • Writers’ League of Texas Agents & Editors Conference – This conference offers a chance for writers and editors to connect with various industry professionals, including agents. Attend seminars, learn new pitch tactics, and discover if your literary creations have what it takes to become published works of art from June 28th – 30th.
  • South by Southwest – Joins thousands of creative folks as they flood the streets of Austin every March. SXSW is the perfect opportunity to learn, connect, and share as you develop your career as a professional writer.

Workshops, Classes, and More for Writers in Austin

Brand new to Austin and hoping to connect with fellow writers? Interested in finding a little slice of Texas hill country to call your own as you write to your heart’s content? No matter whether you are already published or just starting the writing game, these upcoming events offer the continuing education opportunities that you need to succeed.

  • The Writing Barn – Be sure to check their website for upcoming events and workshops. This writer and book lover haven is the perfect venue for fine-tuning your skills, meeting industry professionals, or relaxing as you write and edit to your heart’s content.
  • Free Flow to Writers Workshop – Do you suffer from writer’s block? Do you struggle to make a schedule and stick to it? No matter what challenges you are facing in your writing and editing career, the Free Flow to Writers Workshop is here to help and support you on your literary journey.
  • Creative Writing Workshop – Put your keys to the keyboard or your pen to the paper and get ready to develop your creative writing skills. The Creative Writing Workshop promises to have the group and individual attention that you need to reach new creative heights. An added bonus of this workshop is that it takes place at Opa, which is a brilliant coffee shop meets Greek wine bar with a stunning outdoor patio that is home to some of Austin’s oldest Cedars.

The Best Places for Writers to Write in Austin

Austin is home to hundreds (if not thousands) of places to write. If you prefer the great outdoors, then look no further than Zilker Park, the Texas Capitol, the Botanical Gardens, and the Greenbelt. For a bit of structure (and of course WiFi), you can try any of the city’s top coffee shops. Houndstooth and Caffe Medici have several great locations, while Opa and Radio feature coffee, after hour cocktails, and delicious food. The Austin Public Library has amazing locations throughout the city; however, the new downtown location is the top choice for many writers. Finally, if you prefer to eat and drink while writing, then nothing beats the hipster inspired East Side haunts or the classic patios found on South Congress.

Community Groups for Writers in Austin

As a creative hub, Austin has several formal community groups that offer events, workshops, and classes for writers of all ages and stages of their careers. A few of community groups include:

Local Companies Hiring Austin Writers

As the city of Austin has continued to grow, so too has the demand for the top content writers, copywriters, editors, and marketing professionals. If you are in Austin and a freelance writer, then the time is right for you to turn your passion for writing into a lucrative career. Visit your local coffee shop for “old school” job postings or turn to a quick Google search to discover the latest jobs for copywriters, editors, journalists, editors, and content creators.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing agencies are a great place for freelance writers to gain experience, find new work, and meet like-minded individuals who are interested in producing the best content. A few of the agencies in Austin, include:

Content Platforms

Content platforms and freelance writers go together like eggs and bacon (or perhaps tofu and eggs if you are a vegetarian). With this in mind, the following content platforms can help to jumpstart your writing career.

  • WriterAccess – This platform might be Boston-based, but it offers writing services to over 25,000 customers and is powered by more than 15,000 freelance writers, content strategists, translators, and editors. Apply now if you want to expand your freelance writing career and gain valuable experience along the way.
  • Scripted – This digital content platform is great for freelance writers looking to connect with businesses and agencies who are on the hunt for top literary talent.
  • Skyword – This collaborative content marketing platform offers freelance writers a change to work with some top brands across a wide variety of industries.

Join the Ranks of the Best Freelance Writers in the World!

Austin is no stranger to producing some of the top creative talents in the world. If you want to join the ranks of the best freelance writers in the world then there is no time like the present. Limber up your fingers, get your thesaurus out, and begin your journey towards a fun career that takes your love of words and turns them into paid works of art. Discover your writing home in Austin, Texas today!


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