Your Guide To The Brooklyn Writing Scene

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Brooklyn Writing Scene

Content writers are in high demand in Brooklyn!

Increasingly becoming the place to live, work and thrive in New York City, Brooklyn has it all. Pulsing with creative energy, this borough attracts talented writers from around the world. This borough’s diverse spirit and avenues of opportunities lends itself to the wide swath of creative writers looking to take their craft to the next level.

Making a Living as a Brooklyn Writer

According to Glassdoor, Brooklyn writers with a general background can earn an average of $59K annually. Brooklyn copywriters can expect to earn around $67K on average. Content marketing managers and niche writers like medical writers can earn anywhere from $85-96K annually.

Brooklyn businesses are booming and have grown by 32 percent since the end of the recession in 2009. This is almost double the city’s overall growth rate!

As small businesses and startups find their roots in Brooklyn, they’re in need of great writers who can market their business to the masses. Content writing and copywriting skills are in demand and expected to grow 8-9% over the next five to ten years. This trajectory is on top of the 33% increase of content marketing jobs created between 2017 and 2018.

Writers who have a way with words and are hungry to share them can not only find a living in Brooklyn, but enjoy an inspiring literary life.

Educational Opportunities for Writers to Advance in Brooklyn

When it comes to writing, the best strategy is to stay ahead and constantly improve your craft. Brooklyn’s inherent artsy vibe will serve as inspiration and is a perfect breeding ground for engaged thinkers and creators.

State of Marketing Report 2024

Below, you’ll find writing opportunities in the form of workshops, coworking spaces and meetups that’ll help to strengthen your skills, improve your network and most importantly, keep you on your writing toes.

Writing Meetup Groups in Brooklyn

  • If you have trouble getting words down on paper, Shut Up and Write can be the answer to your problem. Creating a safe and quiet environment where writers can focus on their work for one focused hour, this weekly meetup welcomes anyone and everyone that needs it.
  • A bit of alcohol can really get the creative juices flowing. Grab a drink and a pen (or laptop) at the meetup, Writing Under the Influence. Held weekly at The Keep, the group also provides writing prompts to get you in your writing groove.
  • Cultivating a quiet place for writing concentration, the Brooklyn Women’s Writing Group brings women from all over the city together to work on their personal writing projects while also sharing ideas and feedback with other scholastic females.

Brooklyn Conferences for Writers to Consider in 2019

  • Slice Literary Writers’ Conference, September 7 – 8, 2019, at St Francis College. Now in its 9th consecutive year, this popular writing conference brings together renowned authors, editors and publishing pros with expansive knowledge in their field. Leading insightful talks around getting over rejection, landing a book deal, and more, Slice will host 32 panels to cover the business and craft of writing.
  • National Black Writers Conference, March 23, 2019, at Medgar Evers College, CUNY. Exploring the themes expressed in the writings of black writers, playwrights and filmmakers, this conference draws the general public into an intimate dialogue with the creators behind their favorite media. Special guests will also be paid tribute for their literary contributions.
  • Writer’s Digest Annual Conference, August 23-25th, 2019, TBD. Take a quick trip into Manhattan to attend a conference brought to you by the writing experts of the past 100 years. Advance your writing career and gain insightful tips from successful authors and attending guests.

Workshops, Classes and More for Writers in Brooklyn

Mark your calendars. These upcoming events are great networking and continuing education opportunities for both independent writers and companies looking to hire Brooklyn writers.

  • Lost Lit,  check website for updates. As their motto goes, “No matter how lost you are, you can always find yourself through writing’.” With seasonal workshops year round, you’re sure to find other creatives bursting with stories that can serve as inspiration.
  • NY Writers Coalition, check website for updates.  A community based creative writing group with a massive following, this coalition partners with various agencies and organizations to provide a writing outlet for the underserved community.
  • Fledgling Workshopscheck website for updates. Perfect for the writer who’s unsure where to start, these workshops are geared toward providing a safe space for anyone to give their best try at getting words down on paper.
  • Writopia Labcheck website for updates. Offering a creative haven for children and teens, this writing lab allows young adults to unleash their creativity in any way they wish to express it. Writopia offers programs ranging from word building and language play to more practical applications like test prep and essay writing.
  • Brooklyn Book Festival, September 22, at the Brooklyn Borough Hall and Vicinity. One of the largest free literary festivals in New York City, this events brings together book lovers from all backgrounds and ages. Events will surround the main literary marketplace and feature up-and-coming authors to world renowned figures.

The Best Places for Writers to Write in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is teeming with places to flex your creative muscles. For an informal and inspiring writing session in the middle of nature and elbow-to-elbow with other creators, visit any of these popular and peaceful spots around town:

For those days when you want to write indoors, try out Vineapple Cafe or Postmark. These shops offer up creamy coffees in a cozy atmosphere that will bring you closer to other hip individuals. Support your borough by giving BKG Coffee Roasters or Cafe Grumpy  a try, knowing that their small batches of coffee are brewed right in Brooklyn.

Community Groups for Writers in Brooklyn

Check out these formal community groups which offer writing space, events and classes throughout the year:

  • Brooklyn Writers Space: Friendly, respectable and most importantly quiet, this writer’s space offers ample desk space and a festive lounge where you can chat with other writers from the Brooklyn area.
  • Greenpoint Writers Group: From intensive manuscript critiques to bi-weekly creative meetings, this community group offers writing workshops and feedback for any level of writer.
  • Gotham Writers: One of the core foundations of the New York City writing scene, Gotham Writers offers free events around the city for writers to improve their skills and chat with scholarly professionals.
  • Brooklyn Poets Yawp: Lauded for its innovative approach, this monthly poet and open mic event continues to attract and engage the brightest minds in the literary space.

Local Companies Hiring Brooklyn Writers

Writers are in high demand in Brooklyn—perhaps now more than ever. If you’re a Brooklyn-area freelance writer, journalist, editor or copywriter looking to monetize your skills, review those agencies businesses and platforms looking to hire both full time and freelance creatives.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Agencies are helping to keep content flowing to readers and fans. Take a look at these agencies who frequently hire hire content creators.

Content Platforms

  • WriterAccess is a leading provider of writing services for 25,000+ customers powered by 15,000+ freelance writers, editors, content strategists and translators. And we’re always looking to hire freelancer professionals with the skills and expertise that can help businesses grow organically—the content marketing way. Expansion to 5 countries in the next few months should open up all kinds of opportunity, so APPLY NOW!
  • Skyword, a collaborative content marketing platform creating content for major brands including Anthem, Tom’s of Maine, and IBM.
  • Scripted, a digital content platform helping freelance writers connect with businesses and agencies on the hunt for talent—marketing, content creation, and more.

Join the Ranks of Some of the Best Writers in the World!

When it comes to famous writers, Brooklyn enjoys a long and storied history with some of the best literary minds on the planet. Acclaimed writers like Larry David, Truman Capote and Woody Allen have all gotten their roots in Brooklyn, their art shaped by their cultural experience in this borough. This city was also home to the likes of Betty Smith, Henry Miller, and Margaret Wise Brown.

Best of all, you can hire all the best Brooklyn writers here at WriterAccess!


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