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Learn how Purchasing Power drove 4x more conversions with Interactive Experiences

Purchasing Power Drives 4x Conversions with Interactive Experiences. The company wanted to repurpose static content pages for interactive educational ones to nurture late stage prospects on their purchase decision. They needed a code-free platform to avoid Web Dev hiring costs and a software that could easily integrate with their current CMS.


more leads

Interactive Experiences generated 4x more leads


over target

The three experiences together exceeded the conversion goal by 80%

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Purchasing Power


Purchasing Power is a voluntary benefit provider of employee purchase programs. Eligible employees can buy computers, electronics and home appliances from Purchasing Power through the ease of payroll deduction. The company maintains relationships with many major manufacturers, as well as several resellers, distributors, and other suppliers.





The Challenge

Purchasing Power’s B2C e-commerce programs provide a valuable benefit to employees by allowing them to make purchases and have funds deducted directly from their paychecks. However, the company wanted to increase their value proposition by delivering educational content to aid in the purchase decision.

Purchasing Power wanted to replace static pages of text with interactive experiences that would educate their audience and increase purchase conversion rates. The solution needed to provide a wide variety of creative options for publishing interactive elements, the ability to launch without developers in order to keep costs down and timelines fast, and integration with their existing CMS.

The Strategy

The B2C team decided to utilize the tool to create interactive content for consumers. They chose to use Ion Interactive’s professional services capabilities to help bring this vision to life and help translate their written content into visually engaging and participatory experiences.

Speed to market was facilitated using Ion’s growing library of Quick Start templates to rapidly deploy concepts. The Ion services team also created more custom B2C-focused experiences from scratch. These experiences were saved as Purchasing Power-specific Quick Starts that can be quickly cloned and versioned in the future. Together Ion interactive’s services team, Purchasing Power initially created a Laptop Buying Guide eBook, a Table Buying Guide eBook, and Laptop Buying Solution Finder.

The Results

After 90 days, the three experiences together exceeded the conversion goal by 80% yielding a conversion rate 4x higher than the average site conversion; there were also noticeable upticks in engagement with metrics like specific content interactions and time spent. Overall, the Ion interactive experiences proved to be stickier and have lower bounce rates than their predecessor pages.

As part of Purchasing Power’s services engagement, Ion provides insights and analysis that help inform data-driven decisions about user behavior and testing opportunities. With Ion’s help, these reports enable Purchasing Power to understand how to optimize their interactive content and to make valuable, previously unnoticed inferences from content performance.

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