Powerful and scalable platform

Launch code-free quizzes, ROI calculators, assessments, interactive infographics, and other interactive formats in just a few hours.

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Deliver Content Experiences your prospects will love while capturing the data you need

Design fast while keeping consistency with your branding

Quick Start Templates

Forget complex development cycles and start seeing results faster with a library of pre-fab and fully customizable interactive experiences. Brand, customize and launch in anywhere from fifteen minutes to a few hours.

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Global Style Theme

Keep your branding guidelines consistent with a custom theme of your brand that you can use with point-and-click ease. The theme is centralized, making universal improvements, adjustments and even re-brands as straightforward as updating the theme.

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Create logic-driven content in a drag and drop platform

Creative Studio
Enjoy our powerful and flexible creative studio to create responsive interactive experiences without code or developers:

  • 20 Animations; 5 Triggers
  • App-Like Transitions
  • Scroll Triggers & Effects
  • Flows, Rotators, Reveals
  • Responsive Design Controls
  • Interactive Video & Video Backgrounds
  • Over 1,200 combinations of sophisticated code-free logic

Data-Driven Content Targeting and Personalization

Marketing relevance equals results. Dynamically change where people go and what they see based on who they are, what they’ve done, and how they’ve expressed interest. Ion puts targeting, personalization, and conditional logic at your fingertips — without development.

Get specific and relevant with virtually limitless targeting conditions using Ion’s user profile. Segment by region or interest. Customize content based on a visitor’s past behavior. Get granular with conditional targeting based on device, time of day, referring URL, and much more.

Complement Ion’s user profile with data from advertising, email, CRM, and marketing automation systems to make your targeting even sharper. Transform campaigns into relevant, lead, and demand generation powerhouses.

Build interactive content experiences so relevant your audience can’t help but engage. Heck, you can even dynamically alter forms—giving returning, non-converting visitors a shorter form than first-timers or presenting sequential progressive profiling forms on repeat visits and so on.

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Integrated A/B/n Testing in Three Clicks

Control and Flexibility
You can choose how traffic is distributed, or automate optimization at your confidence interval for lightning-fast management that capitalizes on opportunities as they emerge.

Conversion Improvement
Because it’s so fast and easy, our customers achieve unparalleled testing success, with more than 75% reporting 100% or higher conversion improvement.

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Full measurement of the Interactive Journey

Smart Reporting
Actionable analytics on consumption, conversion, and engagement. Know with certainty who’s consuming your interactive content marketing, how they’re engaging, and which tests, variants, and campaigns are driving conversion results so that you can make smart decisions—fast.

Export Formats & Integrations
With clear reporting and database-level accuracy, all the engagement, consumption, and conversion metrics you need to back up business-critical choices are available to you. Schedule reports in .xls and .pdf formats to get all of your stakeholders on board or integrate our platform seamlessly with your analytics platform for enterprise-wide visibility.

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Empower the sales team with Ion's Sell-Side

Capture actionable data that will Drive Revenue. Make the transition from the digital journey to personal selling smooth and seamless. The personal dialogue can pick up right where the digital one left off. No more inferred guesswork.

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Integrate with your sales CRM or MAP. Have a full understanding of the digital dialogue of your lead’s interactive journeyWith Sell-Side, marketing’s highest-value data is made actionable for sales.

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Surface high-value, explicit buyer insights from interactive content to the sales team. Reveal declared data from your prospects about solutions, calculations, configurations, and other explicit responses and preferences.

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Take full advantage of our platform and experience with professional services

Rock Content provides a full range of services to expand your bandwidth and get you the results you need without blowing up your budget, calendar, or time.

Whether you just need some training & guidance, or a fully managed program, we’ll be the team that gets it done for you. Ion interactive account managers, designers, writers, marketing technologists, and web producers are an extension of your organization—helping you launch modern interactive content marketing programs that generate engagement, leads, and sales.

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