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Our commitment to the community

Our mission is to enable global aspiring talent for high-scale education and employability. We’re committed to making sure the educational pathways that will bridge skill gaps and fill marketing and sales roles are accessible to everyone.

Do you want to be part of the next generation of digital marketing professionals? We want to be with you on this journey.

Rock 'n' Grow Program

This is our online development program to provide 100% scholarship from Rock University courses, focused on developing relevant skills needed in the job market focused in three main areas:

With this program you will be able to:

Who can be part of this program?

There are no academic or professional requirements. Our commitment is to promote growth opportunities to underrepresented and economically vulnerable groups with a monthly family income of up to USD $48,000/year.

How does it work?

Fill the application and determine the subject area you would like to develop. This will ensure you will be awarded 100% scholarship from Rock University in your preferred area.

We will hear from us if you got the scholarship with the details about how to start.

Note - this program is only available for Portuguese speaking applicants at the moment. 

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