Top 5 AI Tools for Marketing in 2024

Updated: December 18, 2023

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As we step into the year 2024, it’s undeniable that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now and forever a part of our daily routines for crafting compelling marketing strategies. 

Well, I bet you have tested a lot of AI features this year. But it’s always good to have new powerful tools at your disposal to enhance creativity, efficiency, and boundless possibilities, right? Enter our Top 5 AI Tools for Marketing in 2024. 

We selected the best AI tools for Marketing this year that will help you communicate, create, and connect with audiences. Shall we?

1. Canva (for image editing)

💰 Pricing: starts free

With AI image generation becoming mainstream, the notion of an ideal visual representation has transcended to new levels. 

For Canva, the year 2022 marked a significant milestone as they introduced their very own AI-powered image-generating application within the Canva platform: Magic Media. Through Magic Media, the fusion of imagination and technology became tangible, enabling the metamorphosis of words into captivating, unparalleled visuals. 

Building upon this success, their latest breakthrough now extends to the realm of dynamic visual storytelling, where Magic Media AI transforms not only images but also breathes life into captivating videos, shaping a new paradigm for creative expression.

2. AI Content Idea Generator (for content writing)

💰Pricing: free trial, plus you can easily order the AI-generated content 

Top-of-mind marketplace for content creators, WriterAccess is the brand behind the AI Content Idea Generator. Envision a reliable assistant that effortlessly generates a wealth of customized, audience-centric topic suggestions, allowing you to dedicate more time to your creative endeavors.

Bid farewell to creative obstacles and welcome a continuous flow of inspiration that directly resonates with your intended audience. With the support of this advanced AI tool, content creation transforms into a seamless process, offering a stimulating journey teeming with boundless opportunities and innovative solutions. 

Another cool thing about the Content Idea Generator is that if you want to transform your content suggestion into an actual content piece, you can order it within a couple of clicks. Fair pricing, excellent copywriters, writers, editors, translators, designers and more. Try the whole marketplace with a 14-day trial.

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3. Chatfuel (for chatbots)

💰 Pricing: starts free to create the first chatbot

This global bot platform company has an impressive track record of handling 46% of all Facebook bots in 2017. Chatfuel boasts the capacity to process a staggering 50 million messages per month!

Tailored for e-commerce marketers and business owners, Chatfuel’s bot serves a wide range of business functions, addressing diverse needs spanning multiple industries. They aim to increase lead generation and qualification, upsell, cross-sell, and more. 

From delivering essential information to customers, like FAQs, sales queries, and customer support, to providing valuable insights into the company and its services, encompassing menus and lead generation, Chatfuel’s bot operates as a versatile instrument for elevating business functionalities.

4. Browse.AI (for scraping web data)

💰 Pricing: starts free with 50 free credits

How about training a bot to scrape data from any website? That’s what Browse.Ai brings to the table. It streamlines the data sourcing process, enabling users to train a bot to automatically gather essential information, seamlessly populating a spreadsheet with vital insights.

If you are not familiar with the Data Scraping concept, here’s the definition from Browse.Ai’s blog: “Web scrapers allow users to access and use all kinds of online data, ranging from stock prices and product details to sports statistics and company contacts.”

Browse AI creators boast about its ability to replicate human behavior, evading pesky Captcha and other bot-spotting security measures, ensuring a seamless and efficient data-gathering process. Sounds bold to me!

5. Reply.Io (for CRM)

💰 Pricing: starts free

I mean, it’s unfair with Reply.Io to call it a CRM. It’s so much more than that: it’s an AI Sales Email Assistant. How about that?

They position themselves as a “sales engagement platform,” and it boasts a diverse range of applications, offering a comprehensive solution to streamline and optimize email-related marketing tasks.

With the capability to construct cold email drip campaigns across various communication channels, automates the entire process, employing AI-driven response scoring to pinpoint leads with the highest potential. 

Utilize smart AI suggestions to compose and enhance your emails, while also categorizing and handling basic customer responses to kickstart meaningful conversations automatically.

So, which of these AI tools for Marketing have you tested, or are willing to test in 2024? 


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