The best video marketing examples to use in your B2B strategy

Updated: May 20, 2022
The best video marketing examples to use in your B2B strategy

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For those who wish to invest in more efficient strategies to spread the word about their products, an increasingly popular trend is producing B2B marketing videos. 

As the name already suggests, it uses audiovisual content to promote a product or service. Within a competitive environment, it can be one more way to differentiate your business from those who compete for the consumer’s attention.

The most significant benefit of this strategy, however, is the versatility it offers companies. After all, countless examples are showing the application of this format in a B2B strategy. 

For this reason, we have prepared a detailed article with some relevant topics about the subject:

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What is the importance of investing in B2B marketing videos?

According to a survey made by HubSpot, more than 80% of companies already use video marketing in their communication strategies.

Despite being so popular in some segments, not everybody knows this concept in depth. It consists of the use of audiovisual content to draw consumer’s attention on digital channels.

Whether it’s to make your ads more attractive or strengthen your brand’s presence, the videos are used to captivate the user more quickly and efficiently. 

No wonder Google study reveals that 60% of users prefer online videos to television.

Also, almost 60% of the executives interviewed by Wordstream said they would rather watch a video than reading content. If you want to deliver a better experience to the consumer, you need to adapt your strategies and add video marketing to your communication planning.

Which are the best video marketing examples to use in your strategy?

The benefits and importance of B2B marketing videos are clear, right? How about, then, discovering what the format options that can be applied by your company are? 

Check our list with some of the best examples in the market!

1. Institutional video

Presenting your company is not always a simple task, but it can be essential to show more about the organizational culture, values, or even how your structure works. But presenting this via text content may not be so attractive to the consumer.

The best thing about this format is that you can add different approaches to impact your audience. According to your buyer persona profile, you can create a more motivational or even fun video. 

The goal is to present your company and show why it is different in an efficient way.

This is exactly what Zendesk has done to talk a little more about the market in which it operates.

2. Customer Testimonials

There is no better way to convince someone that your product or service is worth the investment than to present the testimony of those who already know your brand. 

When we talk about convincing other companies, it can be essential to have complete feedback from those who have already invested in your solution.

The idea is to present a little of the work done by your company with your client and how your solutions have helped you overcome challenges, for example. In this way, the interested party understands more about the work that is offered by your brand.

An example of fair use of this format was FreshBooks, a SaaS focused on small and medium business management. 

From the testimony of one of its clients, the company was able to show how its solution can be useful for consumers who go through the same problems.

3. Tutorials

Another interesting use case for B2B marketing videos is the presentation of tutorials about your product or solution. 

Your product’s feature or functionality might not be as well known or used by customers, and audiovisual content can be useful to present it.

In a step-by-step format, for example, your company can show the interested party on how to enhance the use of your solution, product, or service.

In other cases, consumers may not even know what your company has to offer. A text can be excellent, but there is nothing like a video to present your business model, benefits, and other resources.

Exactly what HubSpot did in 2014, a time when CRMs tools were not so well known.

4. Educational content for customers

One of the stages of Content Marketing is educating consumers, right? 

For this to be put into practice, you don’t need to limit your actions to texts on the blog, for example. It is possible to bet on video marketing with materials that educate your audience about a topic of interest.

To optimize the production in the sales funnel or to help the consumer question a relevant subject: educating the customer is fundamental to create a relationship with them that instills greater confidence, thus strengthening the contact between the two parties.

For example, Vende Marketing, specialized in the B2B market, used this platform to explain its products and services

5. Encouraging Call To Action

Another example of B2B marketing videos that you can use in your strategy is encouraging the user to make some decisions. Nanos bet on this option to show its consumers its service.

The company offers an initial consultancy free of charge and without any catches. Directly, the content had a very clear proposal: to make consumers sign up for the company’s services.

Investing in B2B marketing videos is an excellent alternative for those who want to differentiate themselves. Understand more about your persona’s behavior to decide which video format can generate the best results for your strategy.

But for those companies that are always looking for innovation and new alternatives to engage their audience, interactivity can be very useful. Find out what it is interactive video marketing and the best examples of it!


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