Beer Infographics: Round Two

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St. Patrick’s day is upon us and if you’re planning to observe that holiday, chances are you’ll be doing so over a pint (or… three?) of your favorite brew at your favorite Irish pub. Last year, we honored the holiday by compiling our favorite beer infographics. But let’s face it: who would complain about a second round? Here are 16 beer infographics to get you in the mood for March 17, 2013!

  1. In Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day isn’t about drinking like it is in America (That isn’t going to stop Americans from celebrating with beer, though).

  3. St. Patrick’s Day may be an Irish holiday, but when it comes to beer… the varieties are as wide as our big wide world. Here is the Wide World of Beer, by Humboldtarian.

  5. With so many beers, it could be useful to be able to identify them visually. Das Bier by lemonwood_design can help with that.

  7. All of those beers come from different places around the world. DAtaVINCI shows us the world of Slovak Beer.

  9. And Mexican Beer covers craft beer from Mexico.

  11. In America, breweries are located across the country, but there are concentrations where the craft brewing movement is picking up.

  13. With beer being so prevalent around the planet, it’s no wonder that Beer Saved the World.

  15. And the Price of Beer Around the World varies widely.

  17. The taste for beer isn’t universal, though. Here’s the beer that women prefer.

  19. While men want others.

  21. But everyone who wants beer usually wants it because it can get you drunk. So what exactly happens when you get drunk?

  23. The reduced perceptual abilities we have certainly contribute to Beer Goggles, as NowSourcing shows us.

  25. Craft beers have seen a lot of pickup recently, one big reason for that might be Millennials’ drinking preferences.

  27. This behavior has led to a Craft Beer Craze.

  29. Which has caused Private Labels and Craft Beers to See Sales Growth.

  31. And what’s a better way to consume that beer than with a friendly game of Beer Pong?

  Drew Skau is Visualization Architect at and a PhD Computer Science Visualization student at UNCC with an undergraduate degree in Architecture. You can follow him on twitter @SeeingStructure


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