What are the main premium WordPress themes worth investing in?

Check out the 9 most popular premium WordPress themes to enhance your performance online!

the main premium WordPress themes

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For sure, you know that having a corporate website or blog is crucial to improve your business’ digital results. And, for that to happen, it’s important to give a perfect first impression with a positive visual perception from your audience, right? That’s why choosing right from the main premium WordPress themes is essential.

To help you make that choice, we listed in this post the 9 premium themes you need to know, why you need to invest in paid templates, and where to find them so you can download and install. You’ll see the following:

When picking a WordPress theme, why opt for premium ones?

The main benefit of WordPress themes is exactly the possibility of having a template that fits your business’s visual identity and your digital conversions goal, with no need to build one from scratch with a developer.

But going premium when choosing a theme has benefits that go way beyond that. They bring a lot more features and tools to boost your website’s performance, such as:

  • Support — when you buy a premium WordPress theme, you have complete technical support from the team that developed it.
  • Updates — paid themes are updated more often and with new robust features, making your pages perform even better each day.
  • More customization — premium templates have more options and a variety of settings that allow you to customize your page further and truly imprint the company’s visual identity.

This last point is extremely important because it makes your website stand out compared to the majority of repetitive free themes. In the end, you aren’t going through all this work to have pages that are identical to half of the competition, are you?

That is way less prone to happen when using premium WordPress themes, especially because of the range of options you have when customizing. It’s even common to find websites that use the same template as a base, but look entirely different one from another.

We can also talk about user experience and the audience’s perception. A paid theme builds trust and shows how serious you are about your brand’s image.

Think about you, as a customer, seeing a service provider or a store with a generic, repetitive template with no connection with the visual identity or the language used by the company.

Would you feel comfortable browsing through those pages? In the digital world, looks matter. Beauty is subjective, but a clear, unique visual is universal for better conversions.

Download the free infographic to understand how speed impacts your site

Which are the 9 main premium WordPress themes?

Now that you understand better why going premium is so important, let’s see the 9 main premium WordPress themes you need to know.

1. Avada

avada premium wordpress theme

Avada is one of the most known and used WordPress templates, all because it gives you full control to create sites with no need to write a single line of code.

Besides that, it’s varied. It has a lot of style options that fit into different segments — like hotels, sports, restaurants, marketing agencies, photography, and others.

All of those, though very distinct in the way they look and work, have in common a clean and responsive design, with the Fusion Builder tool that allows you to build pages easily and fast.

Click here to buy Avada.

2. Divi

divi premium wordpress theme

Though programmers are more comfortable writing their own codes when creating a website, it’s common for business owners to invest more in “drag and drop” solutions as they are quick and practical. Elegant Themes’ Divi is just like that.

With Divi, you can customize everything in the layout with easy and intuitive controls, never losing its pristine looks. If you are not yet ready to fully customize the pages, you can use premade layouts to start from there.

Choosing one of those options, you can try colors, typography, and elements to make it reflect your visual identity in no time!

Click here to buy Divi.

3. Total

total premium wordpress theme

Total instantly grabs the viewer’s attention with its beautiful layout and amazing color combinations. But it is easy to use too, which makes it even more popular. Total was made for both WordPress devs starting their careers and business owners investing in professional, business-compatible websites.

Its Visual Composer offers a good amount of solutions that help you customize a page with no coding experience — like Revolution Slider and Mega Menus.

If you don’t know exactly what kind of looks you are going for, it also has demos to start with just a few clicks.

Click here to buy Total.

4. Uncode

uncode premium wordpress theme

Creating websites without coding was a dream for business owners in the past for so long, and now it is an accessible reality.

Uncode’s name shows exactly that. Based on great integration with CSS3, HTML5, and Bootstrap, its main benefits are in a fully-featured customization tool that makes developing professional web pages easier than ever.

As a result, you can build not only a beautiful website but an innovative one that grabs your visitor’s attention for longer periods.

Click here to buy Uncode.

5. The7

the7 premium wordpress theme

The number 7 in its name isn’t the only number related to this premium WordPress theme. The most impressive of them is 60,000 — the number of licenses purchased around the world.

With frequent updates and patches, The7 allows you to build a unique and attractive website from premade layouts and skins that are easy to customize.

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As other options here, The7 also provides free access to premium plugins like Slider Revolution, Go Responsive Pricing & Compare Tables, and Layer Slider.

Because of that, you can not only give it a distinct look but also use those tools to improve user experience. Just download the .zip, install the theme, and you are ready to go.

Click here to buy The7.

6. Bridge

bridge premium wordpress theme

Bridge is a versatile theme, ideal for any kind of business — from a freelancer wanting to show their portfolio to a big company that wants to improve conversions online.

And the segment doesn’t matter either. Whether it is a real estate business, a travel agency, or even a pub, Bridge has styles and tools that fit your goals — especially if you are investing in e-commerce.

Yes, that is its most remarkable strength. Bridge has native integration with Woocomerce, the biggest WordPress platform in the world for virtual stores.

Click here to buy Bridge.

7. BeTheme

betheme premium wordpress theme

If you have more than one website and thought about buying a theme for each, the problem (and cost) is over with BeTheme.

The premium template offers more than 190 premade layouts focused on a great variety of segments and businesses. Some of them for sure will work for you, giving completely different looks with the same base.

Even if none of them fit your needs — which is unlikely — you still can customize the closest ones to get the perfect look to make your brand shine.

Click here to buy BeTheme.

8. Enfold

enfold premium wordpress theme

The Enfold theme is dedicated to corporate websites, professional-looking stores, or service providers, all starting from a clean, flexible, and responsive template.

As usual, you can customize most of its elements, from colors to fonts and widgets, after choosing one of 18 premade models.

If you are thinking about going global, Enfold offers a bonus — WPML Multi-Language plugin, which can help you to make the site available in different languages.

Click here to buy Enfold.

9. Massive Dynamic

massive dynamic premium wordpress theme

Massive Dynamic is hugely known for its varied options of models that suit corporate blogs and websites. It can help you all the way from creating a professional-looking page to optimizing it for attraction and engagement.

It also comes with Live Site Builder, a real-time customizing tool for creating, tweaking, and improving the looks of your company’s online home.

Click here to buy Massive Dynamic.

Where to find the best premium WordPress themes?

Now you know 9 of the main premium WordPress themes available, but you may be wondering where to buy them and others like that, right?

There are great sites that aggregate and sell premium templates, with advanced filters that help you find the perfect themes based on your business’ segment and digital strategy. Take a look at the 3 most known of them.


theme forest to buy premium wordpress theme

Theme Forest is one of the most respected go-to places when looking for WordPress themes. The site also has some free options, but its focus is on premium offers.

The prices there might scare some people because they are sometimes more expensive than average. But there is a reason for that — ThemeForest only sells top-quality themes and offers its own support service.

Elegant Themes

elegant themes to buy premium wordpress theme

As we noted before, Elegant Themes is Divi’s developer, but they offer a lot more if you want more variety to choose from. Besides that, as its name implies, it stands out by focusing on elegance.

The access to templates can be annual or lifetime. Though more expensive, the lifetime license gives access to all themes and plugins for as long as you need it.


colorlib to buy premium wordpress theme

Colorlib is an interesting case as it works more like a marketplace for themes. It aggregates and categorizes templates based on purpose, aesthetics, structure, and many more useful filters.

Like any marketplace, you need to pay attention to the quality of the options, but the site does a great job highlighting the best ones for you.

Going for the best looks that fit your brand persona always pays off. Using one of those main WordPress themes and giving them your special touch makes your company stand out on the internet, creating a great UX for your visitors.

That’s why you should invest in paid alternatives. A premium template will make your website unique and responsive, improving your perception and authority online.

And if you don’t know how to install premium WordPress themes yet, we show you how step-by-step in this special guide!


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