Big changes are coming to the way Rock Content uses Twitter

    Twitter has recently updated their display guidelines, so Rock Content built some new features to make it easier for your readers to interact with tweets on your liveblog. We’ve also made it easier to send your liveblog content out to Twitter.
    The company’s new rules require any outside company wanting to publish tweets on their site to ensure that:

    • the Twitter bird is always visible
    • a user’s avatar is always on
    • the username and @ handle is always located on the top left-hand side
    • the timestamp is always at the top right-hand side
    • the reply, retweet, and favourite links show up upon hovering
    • all usernames and avatars link to the corresponding Twitter profile page
    • and all hashtags link to Twitter searches.

    Additionally, we have to disable permalinks and discussions (our new threaded comments feature) on tweets.

    While tweets in our liveblogs will lose permalinks and discussions, some of Twitter’s changes will increase Twitter functionality. For example, users will now be able to retweet, reply, and favourite tweets straight from the liveblog.

    In addition, we’re beefing up our Tweet and Post feature that lets users publish a post to both the liveblog and to Twitter simultaneously. We’re adding a character count so users know when they hit the 140-character limit, and a URL shortener so users don’t have to leave the liveblog to shorten a URL.

    Toggle the Tweet and Post feature on to publish shorter updates to both platforms, toggle it off to publish longer, contextual posts and multimedia solely liveblog. Tweet out the permalink to those longer posts to encourage your Twitter followers to come to your site, where your advertising lives.

    We hope that our changes still make it easy for our livebloggers to interact with Twitter.

    For more information on Twitter’s changes, check out the links below:

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