Blogging: Discover What It Is and How to Get Started

Blogging is an excellent content marketing strategy, and we discover the best ways to create high-value content for monetization and passive revenue.


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These days, it seems like everyone has a blog.

Both businesses and individuals are taking advantage of this content creation medium, and it’s easy to see why. As of 2023, there are over 600 million blogs, illustrating both how valuable and popular the medium is.

If you’ve been interested in blogging, this article will break down how it works and how you can turn your passion into a successful brand.

Businesses can also take advantage of blogs to drive more traffic to their websites and increase their bottom line. Let’s get started!

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    What Blogging Is and How It Works

    A blog is basically a website that offers content in the form of posts. Usually, these posts are text-based, but blogs can incorporate other types of media, including videos, images, infographics, and more.

    A blog can be an entire site, or it can just be a page on an existing website. For example, many companies will have a blog page where users can read information about the brand’s industry.

    Blogging Vs. Traditional Website

    There are some hallmarks of a blog that separate it from a traditional website, such as:

    • Content-First Structure – Instead of having a variety of pages that could relate to various topics, a blog focuses on content first. Typically, the home page consists only of blog posts, with maybe a few buttons for other products or services. This content is often updated regularly, such as every day or several times per week.
    • Reverse Chronological Order – The most recent posts are on top of the page, while older posts are situated further down. Blogs may also have an archive section for posts that are past a certain date (i.e., a year or more).
    • User Engagement – Many blogs will feature a comment section where readers can leave their thoughts on a specific piece. Blog posts are also often shareable on different social media platforms.

    Overall, a traditional website is there to share information about a brand or individual, while a blog exists to promote content around a specific topic or niche.

    Check Out the Benefits of Starting a Blog

    Whether you’re starting a blog as an individual or a business, there are some tangible benefits of pulling the trigger, including:

    Set Your Own Schedule

    You can post to your blog once a week, every day, twice a month, etc. You get to control what content you produce and when you publish it.

    That said, if you’re trying to build a stable audience, you want to maintain consistency. If you post too infrequently, your audience may go elsewhere for content.

    Monetize Your Efforts

    One of the primary purposes of starting a blog is to monetize it.

    Once you reach a sizable audience, you can start building a revenue stream by selling products, promoting third-party products, or offering your services. We’ll discuss potential revenue sources later on.

    Build Brand Awareness

    Companies that start a blog tend to see substantial returns in the form of increased site traffic and brand recognition.

    The more valuable the content, the more authoritative the business becomes within its industry. Over time, the brand can become a respected resource.

    Source: Nicepage

    4 Easy Steps to Start a Successful Blog

    Fortunately, building a successful blog from scratch is easier than ever, thanks to a wealth of tools and programs available. Here is a handy four-step guide to turning a blog idea into a reality.

    Choose a CMS and get hosting for your blog

    First, you need to figure out how you’re going to host your blog online. While all websites need a hosting service, some of these providers are designed for blogging, making them better than those that just host a domain.

    Best of all, some of these companies offer free blog hosting, meaning you don’t have to invest a ton of money to get up and running. Then, as you build your audience and increase your site traffic, you can upgrade to a paid plan and get more service features.

    When choosing a content management system (CMS), you need to consider the types of posts you’ll be creating, how often you’ll be posting, and whether you need other features like an e-commerce store, commenting, and more.

    Find your blog name

    Coming up with a blog name is crucial because it will help set your blog apart from the rest. You want to create something catchy and memorable without it being too vague or complex. We also recommend using a free logo maker tool to see how your blog name will look in different fonts. This way, you can get started on your branding and marketing strategy immediately.

    Personalize your blog with a simple theme

    If you’re using a blog-friendly web host (like Stage), you’ll have access to tons of themes and templates to make your site look as professional and eye-catching as possible. When coming up with your blog, you should focus on a specific niche, such as:

    • Health and Fitness
    • Food
    • Parenting
    • Travel
    • Finance

    There are tons of niches, and you can get creative with your unique value proposition. Basically, what makes your blog better than others? Do you have unique experience or insight into a specific niche?

    State of Marketing Report 2024

    Or is your blog more entertaining than others within the same space? Make sure your theme reflects your niche so it’s more appealing to new visitors.

    Attract your audience with great content

    No matter how pretty your blog looks, it won’t take off unless you provide excellent content. No matter what, you want to focus on value over everything else.

    As a rule, it’s better to post one great article per week than seven mediocre articles in the same period.

    You can also use online tools to give you ideas for valuable blog posts. For example, HubSpot has a blog idea generator, or you can use programs like BuzzSumo and AnswerThePublic to see what people are searching for online.

    Be sure to get into the mindset of your reader and try to understand what they want to get out of your blog. This way, you can tailor the content to meet their needs and get more traction out of each piece.

    Discover 5 Tips to Help Bloggers Get Paid

    As we mentioned, monetizing your blog is one of the best reasons to get started. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to incorporate revenue streams onto your site, and you can use multiple options simultaneously, including:

    Digital products

    The best thing about selling digital products is that they don’t require much investment to create. Examples of digital products include tutorials, webinars, e-books, and even graphics like stickers.

    You can sell these directly, or you can use them to entice new visitors to sign up for your subscriber list or get new updates about your page.

    Affiliate marketing

    If you’re unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, it works like this – you partner as an affiliate to promote products from a separate brand or company. You get a specific link for these promotions, and every time someone purchases a product using that link, you get a commission.

    The size of the commission varies based on the product and the contract you set up with other companies. This option works best when you already have a decent audience you can promote to.

    Physical products

    As your blog’s branding gets more recognizable, you can start selling branded products like clothing, swag items, and even products related to your niche.

    Best of all, if you work with a dropshipping company, you don’t even have to maintain inventory or worry about shipping costs for each customer. Instead, the drop shipper handles all the logistics, and you just make a small profit.

    Alternatively, you can make or buy products in bulk and add your branding to them for a wider profit margin.


    Sponsorships can work in a couple of different ways. First, sponsors can pay for a single post or a series of posts on your blog. In this case, you can get multiple sponsorships at once, allowing you to increase your revenue stream.

    The other way a sponsorship can work is that your entire blog is sponsored by a larger brand within your niche or industry.

    In this case, your blog is essentially a marketing tool for that business, so you lose creative control over what you can post and how often. However, since the brand is basically buying your blog, you can often receive a higher payout.


    With this revenue stream, you’re selling ad space on your site for other people to promote their products and services. The best way to do this is via Google Ads, and if you have a large enough audience, you can make a lot of money each month.

    Even better, the ads are curated by Google based on the user’s search history, so you don’t have to worry about approving advertisers or worrying about whether they fit within your niche.

    Increase Your Blog Audience Using Content Marketing

    Content marketing is the process of creating high-value content to promote your brand. Since your blog is all about content, you can use that to your advantage and promote your posts across various channels (i.e., social media).

    You can also use content marketing to build a subscriber base and leverage the power of emails and SMS messages to further your monetization goals. For example, as you segment your subscriber list, you can partner with different affiliate marketing companies to generate multiple revenue streams.

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