What Is The Role Of The Buyer Persona In Content Marketing?

The role of the buyer persona in Content Marketing is to drive content creation. It helps you understand your brand's average consumer's needs and wants and create the perfect content. It is essential to learn more about this concept.

the role of buyer persona in content marketing

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Each business has its distinct target audience. Knowing this is essential when it comes to defining attraction strategies. However, it is possible to go beyond having a more detailed profile of your customer. The buyer persona’s role in Content Marketing is crucial and can define the success of Inbound strategies.

Brands need to target content and campaigns accurately. Not doing this means a decrease in the chances of attracting qualified traffic. Therefore, in addition to identifying the ideal persona, it is important to know which content generates the most engagement with them.

An effective content strategy also considers the Digital Marketing Funnel stages. For each of them, it is necessary to have an adequate buyer persona. This work contributes to having the right approach and tone of voice, achieving each stage’s goals.

The decisive role of the buyer persona in Content Marketing is undeniable. That is why we will show in this post how to use this concept and create targeted content through the following topics:

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    How to use buyer personas to create targeted content?

    The buyer persona’s role in Content Marketing is simple: ensure the reader’s delivery of targeted content.

    It is necessary to segment Digital Marketing strategies to make them effective. This work ensures that the message will reach those who are interested in it at the right time. Thus, the chances of conversion increase considerably.

    Buyer personas are fictional representations of who generally buys from a particular business. Even if we are not talking about real people, the data used to create these characters are extracted from the brand’s consumers.

    Check out this animated infographic to understand better why Personas are way more detailed than target audience:

    persona vs target audience

    Thus, there is no doubt that the role of the buyer persona in Content Marketing is essential. Learn how this strategy can help when creating targeted content.

    Better knowledge of the pain points

    Paint points are of great importance for brands to know what their customers need. It is precisely this problem that a product or service must solve.

    More broadly, pain points are related to a more complex situation. Besides the consumer’s main problem, other good examples are finding a reliable company and having a low budget.

    To deal with these pain points, companies offer adequate services and products. Also, their content needs to address these issues. The right approach will generate a feeling of recognition in the audience.

    Therefore, having a buyer persona in Content Marketing helps create content that addresses these pain points in a targeted way, presenting a solution. This approach increases the chances of getting conversions with the content.

    Allow the understanding of consumers habits

    Brands that understand the consumption habits of their target audience can sell more and build customer loyalty

    Consumers today have their preferences shaped mainly by the internet and digital environments. 

    Still, knowing more specific details about the target audience depends on data analysis related to how consumers interact with:

    • E-commerces
    • Online advertising
    • Marketing campaigns
    • CTAs
    • Seasonal campaigns (such as holidays and Black Friday)

    All this information must be collected, analyzed, and used to build buyer personas aligned to the business’ average consumer. This way, it becomes easier to develop campaigns and sales planning that generate good results.

    Identifies the consumer’s expectations about your brand

    Every customer has specific expectations about brands. This behavior is directly related to their habits, pain points, and other details that compose each persona’s profile.

    Brands that define their buyer personas can perfectly understand the main expectations of their average consumer. That is related to past experiences with companies in the market, personal needs, and product expectations.

    Therefore, when creating content, it is possible to show that your company meets these expectations. It is not necessary to state this explicitly but to make it clear.

    What are the advantages of creating persona-based content?

    Persona-based content helps you achieve specific results in less time and greater volume. For example, it is possible to achieve more conversions or engagement in less time since the content addresses actual pain points.

    Next, learn more about the main advantages and their value for a successful content strategy.

    State of Marketing Report 2024

    Leads more traffic to content

    Good content starts with a great title. If it catches the consumer’s attention, consequently, it will attract more clicks. Marketing teams can easily achieve such traffic if the blog post, video, ebook, among other formats, addresses what the audience wants to know.

    More traffic means higher chances of engagement and conversion, which you can achieve when the content is excellent. So, persona-based content helps a lot, but you only can reach great results if you offer something valuable to the audience.

    Provides more leads

    Getting more leads is a goal that is in almost every Marketing strategy.

    Content is a simple and very effective way to get information about potential customers. Succeeding in this goal is possible using buyer personas. This tool allows you to adapt ebooks, videos, and other formats to what your target audience expects.

    High-quality content is essential to get leads. However, the audience can only measure this from the moment they start reading, watching, or listening.

    Before that, there are searches on Google, and if content related to the keyword is found, the chances of getting another lead are great.

    How can a persona help you create TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU content?

    The buyer persona in Content Marketing is also related to creating content for all three stages of the Marketing Funnel: Top of the Funnel (TOFU), Middle of the Funnel (MOFU), and Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU). Thus, it is possible to reach users with the right content at the right moment.

    A content strategy must have different buyer personas at various stages of the funnel. This way, content creation is more qualified and generates more chances to get the desired conversions.

    When creating personas, you need to think about the different stages in the Marketing Funnel. After all, content creation aim at all possible users. It is necessary to consider everything from those in the awareness phase to those about to make a decision.

    How can you diversify your content production to impact different kinds of persona?

    A buyer persona in Content Marketing must influence content production. Marketing teams have to choose different formats, approaches, and subjects according to the funnel stage and the brand’s average consumer.

    First of all, you must diversify your content production. This decision helps to cover the whole target audience, even with persona variations. Thus, it is possible to achieve all the objectives, such as:

    Next, learn more about the different types of content and how they relate to potential personas.


    It is possible to use blogposts for all stages of the Marketing Funnel. Consequently, this format of content also serves a wide variety of personas.

    A strategy can have a post covering a specific subject related to a market, attracting personas interested in the topic. Yet, it is possible to have blog posts that talk about a product in the same strategy, helping those already in the buying decision stage.


    Webinars are content designed for people who want to learn more about a certain topic. This format is a great content option for personas who already know they have a problem and want to identify solutions. These are usually users who are at the MOFU stage.

    Interactive content

    Interactive content is also very broad-ranging. This format can attract traffic since it offers something valuable in return due to the interactivity factor.

    This model works well for people who want to know about a subject and for those already looking for the right solution. Interactive content is a great option for attracting leads and generating engagement.

    Podcasts and videos

    If we consider the purpose of the content, podcasts and videos are quite similar. Therefore, both work well for personas that are in the learning phase.

    These formats usually present a topic, promote discussion, and are very educational. So, they work well with TOFU and MOFU personas.

    The choice of the right buyer persona in Content Marketing is essential. Content needs to fit the audience, and this is only possible if you understand the habits and needs of the brand’s average consumer. Thus, it becomes easier to achieve the strategy’s goals.

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    Final Thoughts

    The buyer persona plays a vital role in Content Marketing by driving targeted content creation that connects with your brand’s average consumer.

    Understanding their needs, pain points, and preferences allows you to deliver the right message at the right time, increasing the chances of conversions.

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    2024 State of Marketing Report

    Your golden ticket to crush your goals with data-driven insights!

    2024 State of Marketing Report

    Your golden ticket to crush your goals with data-driven insights!

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