Content Marketing For Technology Companies: 6 Tips To Run a Solid Strategy

Content Marketing for technology companies is a must to thrive in the digital world. Tech companies can benefit from content to explain better about their products and services. Here are the 6 main strategies to build a content marketing strategy for tech!

Content Marketing For Technology Companies: 6 Tips To Run a Solid Strategy

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No other area in the market is as prepared as tech businesses to embrace and own their online presence and their content marketing strategies.

It is an advantage, yes, but it also means you have to compete for space against a lot of players with consistent and consolidated Digital Marketing strategies.

In this scenario, Content Marketing for technology companies can be the real standout point. 

Great, well-distributed content can improve your position on search engines, develop an aura of authority for your brand, and attract more leads for the sales pipeline.

So how about turning this opportunity into reality and making an impact? 

Let’s take a look at 6 tips you can put to practice and see how they will leverage your Content Marketing strategy!

    1. Create an innovative brand voice

    Our first tip is more like a concept than a strategy. It is a decision you have to make now if you want to properly guide all of your execution.

    The same way companies use buyer personas to better understand their audience for marketing and sales efforts; they can use brand personas to customize their voice.

    A brand persona is, as the name says, the personification of what a company offers and believes.

    It is a fictional character with its own language, tastes, and interests.

    When we talk about creating a voice for technology businesses, innovation must be the starting point. Thus, all your content should have that forward-thinking, hunger for the future.

    It also needs to be excited about scientific breakthroughs and innovations in the market. More than in any other area, your team has to look constantly for the next big thing.

    This will not only result in more compelling content for your buyer persona but also position you as an always ready-to-change company. 

    That edge is what really resonates with early adopters and tech enthusiasts.

    2. Close the gap between technology and people

    There is a really thin line you have to understand when deciding what your brand persona will be. 

    Many CMOs in this area go a little too far on the technological side and forget a little about who these innovations are for.

    Technology is nothing if this progress is not for people. Yes, your content still needs to focus on specifications and technical achievements. 

    But, most of all, it needs to discuss the impact those innovations will have on our everyday lives.

    A great tip to start on the right path is to invest in storytelling. The ability to tell relatable stories in marketing pieces can put the reader and the subject closer and give some humanity to a plain text.

    You can just think about how many stories and personalities we have ingrained in technology history. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Alan Turing: they are all lives behind the machines.

    So how about trying a little of it in your next content? 

    Find some angle or story behind the headlines so you can enrich the material and stand your brand out.

    3. Be sociable

    An interesting thing to have in mind when planning Content Marketing is that it isn’t only about the material you produce. 

    It is also about how you present and guide the discussion around it.

    State of Marketing Report 2024

    It is a continuity coming from the last topic: if people are the center of the strategy, you can’t put barriers between the brand and the audience.

    So be sure to consolidate your online presence also on social media. Participate in discussions with the community and answer questions about subjects the company dominates. Ask questions too. 

    Invite the target audience to be part of the brand’s life.

    This everyday interaction will not only give visibility to the business and its products/services but also fixate your name in their minds.

    Even the ones that aren’t leads right now will remember you when the time comes.

    So be there and be available. Be on social media, as expected from a truly innovative company. 

    4. Invest in multimedia content

    Being everywhere online also means adapting your content to each platform. 

    An editorial calendar should anticipate different kinds of information (based on funnel stages) and different kinds of formats (based on where they will be displayed).

    Think about the most used social media right now: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and TikTok. 

    Each one of them asks for very distinct types of content if you are prioritizing engagement.

    So don’t go light on diversity. Create blog posts, ebooks, videos, images, and interactive content

    A great tip is to repurpose themes and info into different pieces to reach more people.

    Another good practice is to identify the marketing channels your buyer persona uses the most and make them the main target for the way your content is presented.

    5. Elaborate a mix of topical and evergreen content

    Technology is always changing, and this can be a problem for a marketing team when they are not planning their content right.

    The thing is: tech news age fast. 

    With no interest, all material about an obsolete gadget or service doesn’t get many more views after some time.

    So the best approach for a technology company is to mix what is new and what is evergreen. 

    You can invest more in ample discussions about concepts and theories and offer more content about the social and cultural impact of new things.

    That way, you get the peak of views from innovations, but also prepare your blog and social profiles for a long tail strategy.

    6. Go deeper into the subjects that matter

    There is one last point that sets apart a marketing strategy in technology from other areas: tech enthusiasts know their stuff.

    It is always important to create pieces that attract and engage a greater audience, but you need special attention to your content.

    Any mistakes in concepts and specs will be pointed out and will be used against you. So it is better to take more time on this kind of media.

    Use interviews with specialists and ask someone within the company with a more technical background to revise it. Maybe there is someone dedicated to it in the team, with more knowledge in the area.

    More than the consumer of other products and services, this one looks for brands that are as passionate and well-informed about innovation as them.

    So this principle must be the main focus in Content Marketing for technology companies. Innovation, transformation, and curiosity are all qualities necessary for success — starting from you.

    And if you’re looking for ways to solidify your strategy, you need to count on data. In our free ebook, we explained how your business could stand out with Market Intelligence and data monitoring. Download now!

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