Next-Gen Strategies: Driving Content Marketing with Advanced Technology

Explore how 2024's cutting-edge content marketing technology, including AI and automation, transforms workflows and enhances engagement for unparalleled brand growth.

Updated: March 18, 2024
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2024 is a year of amazing content marketing technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation have taken the world by storm and changed the way people’s workflows look from start to finish.

AI and automation simplify data analysis, audience engagement, and content reach. Combined with human creativity and expertise, they unlock limitless potential for your brand.

Today, 66% of businesses are already using or plan to use AI for sustainability, and 42% agree they plan to use AI in the future.

And that’s not all. 32% of marketers around the world have already begun to use AI with marketing automation to make decisions about paid advertising and how to personalize content for their target audiences. On top of that? 26% of marketers within the United States agree that using AI and machine learning has helped them optimize their content for a better ROI.

With statistics like these, it’s obvious why you need to consider using AI in your own marketing efforts. But, what could that look like for your content creation process? In what ways can AI help drive your content marketing for better outcomes? Here are some of the things you should know.

Automating Content Creation: Streamlining Your Workflow with AI

Artificial intelligence needs to be part of your thought process as you focus on your content marketing strategy. Why? It can help you stay ahead of your competition.

The first thing AI does for you is help streamline your workflow. Ready to write an article? Ask the AI to consider different topics you want to discuss and produce an outline for your human writer to use when creating content. Do you have keywords you want to add to an article that was created before you knew about SEO? Ask the AI to pop them into headings and quickly update your article for the web.

Of course, AI isn’t just helpful for written content. It’s also effective for ideation during any part of the creative process.

Data-Driven Insights: Leveraging Analytics for Targeted Content Marketing

Analytics are a mainstay of your marketing plan. After all, what good is your marketing if it doesn’t have a desirable return on investment (ROI) or conversion rate?

With AI, all you need to do is feed in your data, and it will draw conclusions that boost your content marketing efforts. The technology can identify which pieces of content are effectively converting. Additionally, it provides insights into your funnel, highlighting areas where user drop-off is higher than expected. Moreover, it can analyze expenses to pinpoint which segments of your marketing strategy are least cost-effective. AI analytics are so important that you should not be making any decisions without them as a data-driven company.

Interactive Content Experiences: Engaging Audiences with Immersive Technology

Artificial intelligence is good for several purposes, and one of them is immersion. It can help supercharge augmented and virtual reality, enabling you to connect with audiences in a whole new way.

Amazon has already integrated AI into several of its products. Meta is doing the same, and Google plans to use Google AI in its Pixel products.

In the future, VR, AR, and AI will synergize to create immersive environments tailored to the user. For now, AI offers personalized content, while VR/AR showcases how furniture or clothes might look in a user’s home or on their body. This interactive content is key to satisfying users and achieving a greater number of sales.

Optimizing Distribution Channels: Amplifying Reach with Tech Integration

There’s no way to deny that AI can help boost community engagement, amplify your reach, and make your marketing efforts more effective.

Not only can artificial intelligence look at your data to figure out which of your distribution channels are most effective—it can also help you scale your content.

From automating when you post content to creating reports that let you know where to focus your efforts, artificial intelligence gives you insight into every aspect of your campaign.

And, when you want to get to work and produce more content, it helps you ideate, create outlines, review content for keywords, and more.

Personalization at Scale: Tailoring Content with Advanced Marketing Technology

For scalable personalization, embracing new tools and technology, like AI, is essential for business growth and marketing success. AI simplifies content tailoring by analyzing data to guide your strategic direction.

When you combine talented humans and technology in your workflow, you’re looking at the golden ticket. With AI, you have the power to come up with new ideas or quickly produce content briefs, but bringing your content to life is something best left in human hands. Why?

Industry professionals already understand the ins and outs of what you do. When you leverage data and technology to give human content creators a clear vision of what you need for your company to be successful, you’re building a strong foundation for a brand that will not only grow but rocket past the competition.

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Human Crafted Content

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