What is a social wall and how to use it on your site

What is a social wall and how to use it on your site

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Within Digital Marketing, there are many options to promote your company and increase engagement with the audience.

According to your audience’s profile, it’s possible to adopt strategies that strengthen your relationship with users — and the social wall is one of them.

Given the popularity of social media, have you ever thought of gathering information on different channels about your company or event?

In a single display, all posts that use a specific hashtag are presented, strengthening brand awareness and generating engagement.

But do you know what the benefits of the social wall are, and how to apply this strategy in your Digital Marketing plan

To help you overcome this challenge, we’ve prepared this article to address the following topics:

Do you want to know more about it? Keep on reading!


What is the social wall?

social wall for johnnie walker

The social wall is a display that brings together everything discussed in different social media platforms about a specific hashtag.

It can be, for instance, a corporate event, a basketball tournament, or a show. Everything spoken by users is displayed, allowing a real-time follow up on the audience’s opinion.

This way, everything published on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, for example, is displayed on a single screen.

It’s a way to find out how the audience is evaluating the subject under discussion. 

The company can follow this up, and other users are also aware of what is being discussed.

Besides being used in events, the social wall can be handy to strengthen your brand’s reputation.

For example, in e-commerce, displaying a social wall with customers’ opinions about your product is a way to convince other users of its quality.

With a search parameter base, the most relevant results are displayed, which aims at increasing the buzz on a particular subject.

Furthermore, interactivity stimulates the participation of other users, who want their opinions to be posted as well.


What are the benefits of this technique?

But why should you invest in this strategy? 

The first reason is obvious: the size of your audience.

According to the Digital 2020: Global Digital Overview report, there are 3.8 billion people worldwide using social media platforms.

Also, the same study indicates that each user spends, on average, more than two hours a day on this channel.

Thus, if you’re looking for greater engagement, encouraging user participation with a social wall will strengthen your brand.

Another benefit is the delivery of relevant content to your audience. After all, with so much information available on the Internet, you need to differentiate your brand.

The social wall helps accomplish this, as it is an essential technique of user-generated contentcontributing to interactivity.

This strategy is also useful to find out what users are talking about. For example, if it is an event of your company, you can follow different opinions and feedback.

It is great because to reap the Digital Marketing benefits, monitoring and improving must always be a priority.

The social wall can also contribute to lead generation. After all, it shows users who are interested in a subject.

Besides, posts displayed on a social wall may indicate potential customers.


How are brands using the social wall?

Knowing how brands use this feature can help you adopt it in your business. That’s why we’ve selected some companies that are taking advantage of the social wall. 

Check it out!

iHeart Radio

iHeart Radio social wall

The iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards event is one of the most popular in Canada when it comes to awarding musicians.

Aimed at the younger audience, the amount of content produced is immense, and it is not always possible to show everything to the audience.

The social wall is a way to show what was happening before, during, and after the event, as well as behind the scenes. Thus, the posts of all people involved in the awards were displayed on a single landing page.

What artists talked about using the hashtag and the opinion of some users about what was happening were shown.

In such big events, when a lot happens at the same time, iHeartRadio found a solution so the audience wouldn’t lose any content.

Jamie’s Bike Britain

Jamie's Bike Britain social wall

A well-known presenter in the UK, Jamie Theakston, has taken on an unusual bicycle challenge. The goal was to travel from Edinburgh to London in just eight days. In all, it was 650 miles.

But this sporting challenge had a good cause: getting the public’s attention to donate to Global’s Make Some Noisewhich supports small charities worldwide

As that journey was long, and each stage was full of challenges and issues to be addressed, the audience could follow Jamie from a social wall.

Actions with the donors, interviews along the way, posts by the cyclist himself were all displayed on a single panel.

FIBA Basketball

FIBA Basketball social wall

Although not so popular in the United States when it comes to professional basketball, the FIBA World Cup is a great event.

After all, it brings together the interest of several countries participating in the qualifying stages and, of course, in the main competition.

The bet was to create a social wall to allow the audience from different locations to follow the main news about the competition.

The display brings together the backstage of matches, player posts, and announcements about results and ranking.

For over a year, anyone who wanted to follow the news about the FIBA World Cup could view the social wall.


How to use a social wall in your strategy?

Like any Digital Marketing strategy, the social wall requires a lot of planning to generate the expected results. 

Therefore, it is important to follow some actions when thinking about implementing it.

To help you, we will talk about the most important factors to be considered. 

Check them out!

Understand what your audience is looking for

Your first mission is to understand what your audience is looking for. In other words, how to create content that arouses the interest of your audience?

As much as the social wall is an efficient strategy, engagement will only happen if the content on display is relevant.

Define a goal for the social wall

Next, you must define a goal for your strategy. 

What do you want the user to see when opening your social wall? What actions are expected after viewing the content?

Thinking about what page should display the publications should be another of your priorities.

Choose the platforms to display

There are many social media platforms, but this doesn’t mean you should use them all. 

By answering the questions above, you can define which social networks are the most suitable to compose your social wall.

A strategy to promote a restaurant, for example, should consider that images have a strong power on users, so Instagram is an excellent option.

When the hashtag involves a more in-depth subject, such as sports or politics, Twitter can be a good choice.

Moderate the social wall

Many marketers are afraid to use the social wall because of the lack of control about what will be published on display

When planning is well-executed, however, it is possible to restrict offensive publications.

By deleting specific hashtags and keywords, you create a filter for your social wall. All of this can be done automatically. Just choose the right tools to build your interactive content.

Encourage audience engagement

As exciting as your event or hashtag topic may be, it is important to encourage public engagement.

In addition to the content generated by the audience, your official social media accounts can publish posts to encourage more people to participate in the social wall.

Another option is to create competitions and challenges among your audience. The idea is that more people interact organically, but that doesn’t mean that your company cannot help.

Therefore, the content published in your accounts should also be aligned with the purpose of the social wall.

Look for the right tool

All of the above topics are important, but it is essential to have the right technology. But the good news is that numerous tools facilitate the creation of a social wall.

If it is not so simple to apply or moderate, for example, the strategy loses its value. 

Live is an easy to use tool, that can help you leverage your results. With it, you can create an attractive content hub that will allow visitors to visit different user-generated content.

live banner

To succeed in such a competitive market, companies need to bet on engagement and interactivity. This way, the social wall becomes an extremely valid option to increase the public interest in your brand. And the best: organically.

And social walls can bring more results to your strategy. See here how they can help increase the event ROI!


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