9 Digital Marketing jobs: find the perfect role for you!

Digital Marketing jobs: find the perfect role for you!

See what 1400+ marketers had to say about the top marketing trends for 2024.

If you have been thinking about a professional transition or even if you are searching for your first job, you should consider one of the many Digital Marketing jobs. 

The construction of a career in marketing is gratifying and may be very profitable if you dedicate yourself.

Rapidly increasingly, Digital Marketing is already part of people’s lives, and it’s changing the way they are buying and consuming.

This growth is opening a lot of opportunities for those who want to enter this market.

In this post, you’ll see some of the most important Digital Marketing jobs


    1. Content Producer

    Content is the Digital Marketing foundation. Therefore, we need somebody to create it. 

    Between professionals that do that, we’ve got writers, reviewers, graphic designers, photographers, video editors, etc. 

    A single blog post may involve all these professionals we call Content Producers. 

    To be one of them, you must have solid writing skills and a deep and constant study about language grammar. Besides, it is good to always keep yourself updated about as many subjects as possible. 

    2. Content Manager

    To be short, the Content Manager needs to know how to structure the strategy that the Content Producers will follow.

    They are responsible for doing the planning and the managing of the content creation.  

    This professional is also in charge of creating and following a content calendar that is built based on an audience behavior analysis.

    To do that, the Content Manager needs to know the differences between each Digital Marketing channel and how to feed them. Besides, the professional has to be a leader in managing the producer’s team. 

    3. Social Media Manager

    Each social media platform has its characteristics and specific audience. That’s why it demands a specialist to know how to work with each one.

    This professional has to know how to build an editorial calendar — an important tool to manage content and engage the audience. 

    By doing that, the social media manager seeks to accomplish the consistency of the brand’s voice. 

    These professionals also create and monitor social campaign results.

    They must have project management skills, capacity to collaborate with content creation, and interpersonal relationship abilities to involve the public and the social media team. 

    4. Community Manager

    When we talk about social media, we can’t forget the power of building a community. 

    Almost all the brand’s audience can become big community defenders, and they seek for somebody to manage it.

    The Community Manager’s task is to build an online community around the brand and keep that in order by interacting and creating lasting ties with it.

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    Such as the Social Media Manager, this professional has to keep a good interpersonal relationship with anybody, being organized, assertive, and agile to answer the audience. 

    5. SEO/SEM Specialist

    The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist is the professional in charge of applying the set of techniques to position a site or blog at the firsts results in search engine pages.

    They use a set of complex strategies that involve high-quality content, web page source code, and the user experience on the blog.

    This professional has to get a good programming notion, and they must always keep themselves updated about the changes made by the search engines. 

    6. Email Marketing Specialist

    The Email Marketing Specialist takes care of all customer relationships by email flow.

    This professional define the best strategies to keep continuous communication with clients through the use of segmentation, nurturing flows, metric analysis, and specific tools.

    To do that, the Email Marketing Specialist has to understand each kind of email, such as transactional and promotional

    Besides, this professional needs to get an analytical vision of the metrics such as click, open, and bounce rate to make sure the email marketing campaign is effective.  

    7. UI/UX Designer

    Beyond the graphic pieces to share on social media, Digital Marketing demands a good navigation experience in blogs and sites. 

    To get it, you’ll need a User Interface and User Experience Designer.

    They are in charge of mapping all user actions on the website, predict possible difficulties, and ensure a quick page’s loading. 

    8. Digital Influencer

    Do you remember when we talked about Content Producers? Digital Influencers are a different type of Content Producers

    Their image and content impact many people inside a specific audience, opening a big opportunity for brands.

    The influencer talks about their opinions, lifestyle, and other everyday subjects. The brand may insert their products according to the influencer’s niche.

    To be a Digital Influencer, you have to create original and personal content, involving current and specific themes. 

    9. Digital Marketing Strategist

    To use all the resources offered by the professionals we saw until now, you’ll need a good strategy, and that’s the Digital Marketing Strategist task.

    This professional has to know all digital marketing areas in deep, and the right moment to use each one to get the best results with a smaller investment.

    Generally, they are senior professionals that already passed by other Digital Marketing areas.

    As you saw, there are a few different functions and tasks inside a Digital Marketing Strategy. To do a good job, we need a complete professional team with multidisciplinary specialists.

    You already know the essentials of Digital Marketing jobs. Now it’s time to understand better what is Digital Marketing and, this way, plan your career in this area. 

    Just remember there are a lot of opportunities for who is always studying and keeping updated.

    And to keep learning, take a look at some Digital Marketing examples to inspire your own campaign!


    2024 State of Marketing Report

    Your golden ticket to crush your goals with data-driven insights!

    2024 State of Marketing Report

    Your golden ticket to crush your goals with data-driven insights!

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