Quick Guide: Learn How to Embed Calculators in a Website

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These calculators are an excellent marketing tool, everyone knows.

They provide personalized solutions for your audience, engaging them by getting focus on their real needs and expectations. But how do you embed a calculator on your website?

This may be difficult at first, especially because of the coding required in the process.

However, there is a way to make this easier, without code: you just need to use the right platform.

If you want to know what platform it is and how it works, be sure to read this article. You also will see the main benefits of using embedded calculators and understand why they have become such a smart strategy for your business.

Check it out and get inspired!

    What are the benefits of using embedded calculators as marketing tools?

    Interactive content, such as calculators, are effective marketing tools, as they connect the target audience to the brand on multiple levels, offering a unique experience to each user.

    The personalized results provided by a calculator, for example, make consumers more likely to continue their journey through the company’s sales funnel.

    After all, this tool gave them huge value-added information, which they were looking for.

    In other words, this means that any kind of interactive content can keep the audience’s attention for longer, engaging them to interact with the website, blog, social media, etc.

    This occurs mainly because, through these tools, users can have some control over their own experience, instead of being just passive viewers and consumers.

    These reasons are enough to understand why many brands are investing in interactive content to improve their campaigns, consequently engaging the audience, generating qualified leads, and increasing consumer retention. Below, we will explain better these benefits.

    Engaging the audience

    With technology expansion, consumers’ expectations got higher. So, it is increasingly difficult for companies to stand out from the competition.

    This gap can be reduced by investing in interactive content, as it induces an action, encouraging people to become actively involved with the brand rather than passively consuming the content.

    To work well, it just needs to be fascinating.

    Generating qualified leads

    Interactive content generates more leads than static content because it’s more engaging.

    Think about your own experience on the web: an interactive video, for example, is much more immersive than a video that does not induce action and does not deliver results to the audience — which is what would move them through the sales funnel.

    Improving the conversion rate

    Believe it or not, even a poorly executed interactive content piece is more effective than good static content, stimulating the audience to act and, consequently, engaging and improving conversion rates.

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    This occurs because even the most basic form of interactive content induces user action, which by its nature demands some kind of interaction, however small.

    With this kind of content, companies will be working in an informative, educational and dynamic way, which reinforces their authority and credibility with the clients.

    But do not forget that interactive content should not be regarded as a specific and unique communication effort. This should be an ongoing part of a set of marketing strategy, right?

    How to embed calculators in a website?

    Now, let’s talk about the steps you should take to embed calculators in a website:

    • first: generate the embed code of the content you want to put in your website
    • second: highlight the embed code and then copy it to your clipboard
    • third: open up your HTML viewer in your content management system
    • fourth: paste the HTML snippet you have just copied into your HTML viewer window
    • fifth: click “ok” or “save.” Now, you’ve embedded content into your website

    Talking this way, it seems simple to do. However, you must be wondering what these codes actually are and if they are really required.

    So, let’s start by explaining what an embed code is: this is a block of HTML that is embedded in the page-source and creates an object when doing so.

    The HTML codes, in turn, are one of the most basic languages used on the web. They work on the design and layout of websites. You often see this code when you are in the “back end” of your site, for example.

    But what does it mean to embed content on a website, after all? This is simple: it is just the process of putting something into a site, blog post, social media, etc.

    And how does this relate to the codes? These content are often referenced with HTML to designate interactive content that has been taken from other networks.

    So, we can say that this is a smart way to get good interactive content on your own site or blog without starting from scratch.

    But that does not sound much interesting to do if you have difficulty to deal with codes, right? Thinking about it, we will explain how to do this without tech-savvy resources or developer code.

    How to embed the calculator even easier?

    It is not always easy to create an interactive calculator built with a free tool to work unless you use the right tool.

    In this sense, you must know about Ion Interactive. With this platform, it is possible to create interactive content from Ion’s built-in collection of prefabricated interactive experience templates.

    They can be branded, customized, and launched without technical development — many in under an hour.

    Ion Interactive has over 1,500 combinations of data-driven logic available that can be explored to create attractive and memorable content without worrying about code.

    Another benefit of Ion is that you can utilize your existing team — and existing content — to create interactive experiences that will truly drive results.

    So, if you want to embed calculators in a website quickly and effectively, be sure to visit Ion Interactive and discover all that this platform can do for your marketing strategy.

    Interested? Check out these Ion calculator examples and understand why this is the right tool to improve your content and drive profit.


    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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