Exploring the Potential of Employee-Generated Content: A Comprehensive Guide to EGC

Embark on a journey through the EGC galaxy! Uncover the secrets of trust-building, cost-cutting, and talent-magnetism. Get ready to transform your employees into brand storytellers and watch your company's charisma skyrocket!

Updated: February 21, 2024
employee generated content egc

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Welcome to the world of Employee-Generated Content (EGC), where the voice of your employees becomes the driving force behind building robust employer brands. If you’re wondering what on earth EGC is, relax – you’re not alone. Let’s solve this mystery and explore how this groundbreaking strategy can transform your employer brand.

    What the Heck is Employee-Generated Content (EGC)?

    In simple terms, EGC is like a virtual bear hug between authenticity and the power of your employees. So this is the content – be it in the form of videos, images, social media posts, or blogs – that is created and shared by your own team members. Picture it as a peek behind the curtain of your company, where your employees become the storytellers, sharing their experiences organically.

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    Why EGC Matters: Trust, Trust, Trust

    Now, you might be asking, “Why bother with EGC?” Well, my friend, it all boils down to trust – that golden currency in the world of branding. Most importantly, studies show that a whopping 92% of consumers trust online content from friends, colleagues, and family more than any other form of brand message. When your employees speak, people listen. Edelman’s trust barometer research even found that company experts are trusted 66% of the time. That’s the kind of credibility money can’t buy.

    But, hey, we get it. The idea of letting your employees run wild with content creation might sound a tad nerve-wracking. Will everyone be a stellar writer, social media guru, or content creation pro? Probably not. And that’s okay.

    Addressing Concerns: EGC is Not a Wild West

    Sure, there are some common concerns when it comes to EGC:

    • Not Everyone’s a Wordsmith: Not every employee is a Shakespeare with a keyboard. Some might not be comfortable with the intricacies of social media posting or creating top-notch content. And that’s alright – diversity is the spice of life.
    • Investing Time and Resources: Training employees to become content creators doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, effort, and resources. Crafting content that truly reflects your brand’s essence is a journey, not a sprint.

    But fear not! The benefits of embracing EGC far outweigh the concerns.

    The Good Stuff: Benefits of Employee-Generated Content

    • Credibility Boost: Your employees are the insiders, the trusted voices. Audiences believe them more than C-Suite messages or generic marketing content. EGC turns your workforce into a battalion of brand ambassadors.
    • Fresh Perspectives and Ideas: Marketing is fantastic, but other departments bring unique perspectives and ideas to the table. EGC showcases a culture of innovation and openness to diverse viewpoints.
    • Supercharged Employee Engagement: EGC gives your workforce a voice, making them feel valued and engaged. When employees see their peers actively involved in creating and sharing content, it fosters a sense of belonging.
    • Cost-Effective Marketing: Who doesn’t love saving a few bucks? Instead of shelling out for paid ads, let your employees do some heavy lifting. Organic reach through your own people builds trust and slashes ad spend.
    • Talent Magnet: Job seekers notice when employees share their love for the company. It’s a beacon for top talent, showcasing a unique work culture that attracts the best in the business.

    EGC and Storytelling: It’s a Love Story

    Storytelling for your employer brand takes a magical turn with EGC. It’s about shifting the spotlight from the brand to the employees, turning them into storytellers. Here’s how:

    • A Day in the Life: Let employees shoot quick videos on their smartphones, documenting a typical workday. It’s authentic, raw, and gives outsiders a genuine peek into your company culture.
    • Behind-the-Scenes Tales: Unveil the magic behind key organizational events and milestones. What goes into orchestrating those unforgettable moments? Let your employees spill the beans.
    • Leadership Chronicles: CXO stories add a touch of glamour. Leaders sharing snippets of their workdays, decision-making processes, and challenges faced create a connective thread with the audience.
    • Theme-Based Narratives: Employees sharing stories on product innovation, awards, policy changes, personal achievements – it’s a buffet of diverse content that reflects the vibrant tapestry of your organization.

    One shining example of EGC in action is Hootsuite. The social media management giant uses #HootsuiteLife to showcase EGC worldwide, giving potential hires a taste of their unique work culture.


    The Evolution of Employee-Generated Content: A Must-Have, Not a Nice-to-Have

    EGC has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the landscape of user-generated content. Defined as content – spanning photos, videos, social media posts, or reviews – crafted by current, former, or prospective employees about a brand or its company culture, EGC has become indispensable.

    Why the shift from a nice-to-have to a must-have? Because EGC outshines brand-created content, receiving 10 times more followers than brand accounts and an astonishing 8 times more engagement. Consumers inherently trust content created by people over brand-crafted content. This is not merely a trend; it’s a fundamental change in the way audiences perceive and interact with brands.

    The Power Trio: Brand Advocacy, Employee Engagement, and Recruitment

    Let’s delve into the tangible benefits of embracing Employee-Generated Content:

    1. Brand Advocacy:

    • Employees become brand ambassadors, sharing authentic experiences with your company.
    • EGC provides a high level of authenticity and trust, reducing costs, increasing sales, and fostering motivated and engaged employees.

    2. Employee Engagement and Retention:

    • EGC fosters a sense of camaraderie, making employees feel like they are part of a team with a shared mission.
    • In the age of The Great Resignation, EGC serves as a powerful tool to combat disconnection and enhance team engagement and retention.

    3. Recruitment:

    • Authentic testimonials from employees speak louder than recruitment promotions.
    • Employees transform into recruiters, connecting your company with a talent pool aligned with your values.

    Types of Employee-Generated Content: Beyond Tweets and Instagram Stories

    Employee-generated content comes in various shapes and sizes, reflecting the diversity of your workforce. Some common types include:

    • Social media posts: Quick snippets capturing daily moments at work.
    • Reviews: Honest appraisals of the workplace shared on platforms like Glassdoor.
    • Articles and blog posts: In-depth narratives about personal experiences and insights.
    • Photos: Visual storytelling, from behind-the-scenes shots to team celebrations.
    • Internal training videos: Educational content created by employees for employees.
    • Knowledge share programs: Collaborative initiatives sharing expertise across departments.
    • Internal newsletters: Employee-driven updates and highlights.
    • Bulletin boards: Virtual or physical boards featuring employee contributions.
    • Case studies: In-depth explorations of employee roles and career journeys.
    • Recruitment videos: Personalized videos encouraging prospective hires to join the team.

    Employee-Generated Content in Action: Real Examples That Inspire

    Companies are leveraging EGC in innovative ways. Take Dell Blue, a creative agency for Dell, which shares a team video on their About page, offering a glimpse into the agency’s work culture and introducing their vibrant Dell Blue Crew. This approach isn’t just about recruitment; it’s about showcasing the essence of the workplace.

    Via DellBlue

    Michael Alexis, CEO of TeamBuilding, champions EGC through employee case studies. These testimonials provide potential candidates with a window into real experiences, building trust and authenticity. Here’s what he suggests:

     “Work with employees to create case studies about their roles and careers, or testimonials about their experience with the organization. The reason materials like these are so effective is that it shows readers ‘someone like you trusted us and had an experience like this.’ These materials can help you attract more candidates that are better qualified, as well as successfully hire and retain talent.”

    Here at Rock Content, our Rockers are constantly motivated to share their experiences and knowledge. So much great content has been created with this initiative! Like this blog post about the Barbie movie marketing, well written by Vanessa, one of our content specialists. Guilherme, our marketing analyst, wrote about his tests to improve conversion with A/B test, and also our VP of Marketing, Giu Caltabiano, wrote about SEO in the age of AI, and many other contributions they made to our content creation process!

    Some Rockers also like videos! Erick shared 5 tips about interactive content. And sometimes we just need to laugh about our marketing routines! You got the idea… 😀

    Encouraging the EGC Ecosystem: How to Get the Ball Rolling

    Now, you might be wondering, “How do I get my employees on board with EGC?” Here are four strategies:

    • Create a brand-specific hashtag: Organize and categorize EGC by creating unique hashtags. This not only inspires employees but also helps in content discovery and organization.
    • Set clear expectations: Showcase the type of content you’re looking for by publishing and re-sharing user-generated content (UGC) and EGC that aligns with your brand narrative.
    • Show leadership buy-in: Leadership involvement is key. When employees see leaders actively participating in EGC, it sets the tone and encourages wider participation.
    • Host a contest: Create a contest where employees can submit photos, videos, and testimonials. This not only generates EGC but also turns it into a fun and engaging activity.

    Where to Showcase the EGC Brilliance: From Internal Emails to Job Fairs

    Once you’ve amassed a treasure trove of EGC, the next step is to ensure it gets the spotlight it deserves. Here are some avenues:

    • External and internal emails: Share EGC through company-wide emails and internal newsletters.
    • Digital signage: Display EGC on screens within the workplace for all to see.
    • Brand social media accounts: Repurpose EGC on official brand social media channels.
    • Brand blogs: Feature EGC in blog posts, narrating authentic stories.
    • Ads or job postings: Enhance recruitment efforts by infusing EGC in ads and job listings.
    • Events and job fairs: Showcase EGC during company events and job fairs to attract potential talent.
    • Career pages: Use EGC to breathe life into your career pages, offering a genuine look into your workplace culture.

    Making EGC a Seamless Part of Your Marketing Strategy

    So, how can you seamlessly integrate EGC into your marketing efforts? Here are a few actionable strategies:

    • Highlight Employee Knowledge: Dedicate a day or month to showcase content from employees sharing their expertise. This could be in the form of internal knowledge-sharing sessions, LinkedIn articles, or videos.
    • Replace the Internal Newsletter: Instead of compiling announcements, create a space for employees to share updates, videos, and requests. This fosters a sense of community and engagement.
    • Broadcast Your Culture Online: Repurpose EGC on your brand’s social media channels. Share photos, reviews, and testimonials to showcase your company culture and support your employees.
    • Leverage Employees for LinkedIn Amplification: If your company launches a new initiative, encourage employees to reshare posts on their social media accounts. This exponentially increases your reach and is a powerful tool for brand advocacy.

    The Future of Marketing: Riding the EGC Wave

    In conclusion, the rise of Employee-Generated Content (EGC) isn’t just a momentary blip in the marketing landscape; it’s a tidal wave reshaping how companies connect with their audience. As we ride this wave, let’s recap the key takeaways:

    EGC Is a Catalyst for Authenticity:

    • EGC brings an air of authenticity that resonates with audiences. In a world flooded with brand messages, people crave genuine, human experiences. EGC provides just that.

    Trust, the Currency of Tomorrow:

    • Trust is the new currency in marketing. EGC, being inherently more trustworthy than brand-created content, builds bridges of trust with your audience, fostering lasting connections.

    Employee Stories, the Heartbeat of Your Brand:

    • Your employees are the heartbeat of your brand. Through EGC, their stories become the driving force that shapes your company culture, engages your workforce, and attracts the right talent.

    EGC as a Recruitment Dynamo:

    • In the competitive landscape of talent acquisition, EGC emerges as a powerful recruitment tool. Prospective employees seek more than just job descriptions; they yearn for glimpses into the real employee experience.

    Seamless Integration for Lasting Impact:

    • To leverage EGC effectively, seamlessly integrate it into your marketing strategy. Whether through internal knowledge showcases, culture-rich newsletters, or amplifying your brand on LinkedIn, make EGC a core component.

    The Grand Finale: EGC’s Melody in Marketing:

    • In the grand symphony of marketing, EGC isn’t a fleeting note but the melody that resonates, creating harmony, and building enduring brands.

    So, as you embark on your EGC journey, remember – it’s not just about showcasing your brand; it’s about telling the stories that define it. Your employees are the authors, and EGC is the pen that brings their narratives to life.

    As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication, let Employee-Generated Content be the compass guiding you toward a future where authenticity triumphs, trust prevails, and your brand becomes a timeless symphony in the hearts of your audience.

    Here’s to the storytellers, the advocates, and the unsung heroes shaping the narrative of your brand – your employees. Happy storytelling!


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