What is Experiential Content and how your company can use it

Updated: May 24, 2021
What is Experiential Content and how your company can use it

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The days when companies only informed their customers about their products and services are over. It’s no wonder the concept of Content Experience has become so popular. 

To succeed in such a competitive market and with increasingly demanding consumers, you need to do more than just a text or an infographic.

If your e-commerce is planned to offer a better user experience and ensure that the user is satisfied with your brand, why not do it with the content you produce? 

This is the idea of Experiential Content: to bring companies even closer to their consumers through relevant materials that awaken feelings in those on the other side.

    With this growing need to stand out, we have prepared an article with relevant topics on this subject:

    Ready to understand what Experiential Content is and how to delight your consumers? Keep reading and find out!

    What is Experiential Content?

    Just selling is no longer enough for long-term success. It is increasingly necessary to get closer to your consumers in a natural way and thus create durable bonds. 

    That is the purpose of Experiential Content. From the production of relevant and attractive materials, you create an even stronger engagement with your buyer persona.

    The idea is to show your audience the reasons that make your brand unique. By catering to your customers’ emotions, you will be able to attract, engage, and make them loyal. 

    In practice, it only represents the improvement of what has been happening in recent years. Content Marketing is an example of this, a strategy that seeks to understand and approach users.

    The idea of Experiential Content, however, is to take it to another level. It represents telling a story and, at the same time, making the user feel part of that content. 

    The goal is to make the user more than just a spectator. For example, from interactivity, they start to personalize and have a unique experience when relating to their brand.

    According to a Microsoft study, the average time of the user’s attention is becoming shorter. In only 8 seconds, he can disperse from what he was reading and look for something else. 

    This means that delivering more of the same is no longer enough. Experiential Content seeks to explore this new behavior and thus generate even more engagement with your audience.

    What are the benefits of this strategy?

    But what are the main benefits of adopting Experiential Content in your strategy? Check it out!

    Increases audience interest

    No matter how good the content, the user is looking for different experiences. A blog post with only text, for example, may not be ideal for presenting metrics and deeper details on a given subject. Thus, to catch the reader’s attention, investing in calculators or infographics could be a differential.

    This way, besides the quality of the content, you offer one more attractive feature to the user. The idea is that they stay in contact with your brand even longer and have a positive experience

    In the long run, it’s the best way to turn that interest into a conversion.

    Enhances brand recognition

    The more enchanted the user is with the experience, the stronger your brand is. Little by little, your company is increasingly seen as a reference within its segment. 

    Users who previously did not know your products and services are attracted and can become customers.

    According to a Limelight surveywhen a user has a positive experience, he comments, on average, with 17 other people

    It works as a word-of-mouth marketing strategy, generating more traffic to your pages and allowing more potential consumers to know your brand.

    Boosts your sales

    Two other pieces of information from the same Limelight study prove the effectiveness of experiential content in generating more sales. 

    The first is that 98% of users are much more inclined to purchase a relevant experience. At the same time, 65% of marketers see an increase in conversions directly related to Experiential Content.

    In other words, investing in different content is a way to get even closer to your audience and achieve a significant increase in sales. In addition to more subjective advantages, this strategy contributes towards improving your results and sales metrics.

    Differentiates your company

    Experiential Content becomes a way to differentiate your brand. Imagine that your company works with Digital Marketing and is a specialist in SEO

    Instead of creating an article showing what benefits or points should be corrected, why not offer a calculator that allows the user to evaluate his own performance?

    Or even an infographic that allows you to find a personalized result, for example. 

    The idea behind experiential content is to make sure the user finds something different, that he will not find anywhere. This way, your brand becomes even more reliable and manages to create a competitive differential.

    What are the possible applications of Experiential Content?

    The benefits are great, right? How about figuring out how to apply the concept of Experiential Content to your business strategy? Check out some tips that we’ve curated for you!

    Interactive calculator

    Just saying that your product or service can generate savings for the consumer is simple.

    After all, any company can do that. But what if you could show, in a personalized way, the impact of your solution to the consumer’s pocket? An interactive calculator can optimize this process.

    While in a blog post, it would have no “proof”, the calculator can accurately show the benefits your company offers.

     In addition to increasing consumer confidence in your brand, it is also a way to encourage sharing this content.

    This positive experience may be enough for the last step in the buyer’s journey.

    Interactive video

    For a long time, the books that allowed the reader to choose some decisions to be made throughout history were quite successful. Imagine if you could do that with the audiovisual content of your pages? 

    The interactive video allows the user to do more than watch, increasing their interaction and ensuring that they are interested in the material.

    Even though YouTube is extremely popular, and more people watch videos throughout the day, not all companies allow this customization. 

    By creating this content, the consumer feels more valued with the personalized experience and tends to get even closer to their brand.

    Live Q&A

    Interactivity can also happen through real-time contact between the brand and its consumers. That’s why performing a live Q&A can be attractive for your brand. 

    Instead of merely advertising a new product on your pages, why not make a launch that allows interaction and live contact with the user?

    This way, he will be able to ask questions about the product and its benefits. It is a way to ensure that he participates even more in the universe of your brand. 

    Your ad becomes more appealing to the user, who feels valued for your attention.

    Interactive quiz

    Nothing is more efficient in making a unique and customized experience than an interactive quiz. Besides being excellent for generating engagement, it’s also a way to get to know the user even more. 

    After all, each answer in the quiz can indicate a preference, for example, that can be transformed into an improvement for a future experience.

    Simultaneously, it is a way to allow users to respond according to their needs and, consequently, have a personalized response. Suppose your company offers different Digital Marketing solutions.

    In that case, a quiz on the main problems that the user faces can, in the end, present the most appropriate solution for each user.

    Which companies use the strategy successfully?

    To understand a little more about how Experiential Content can be applied, we have listed two companies that can successfully execute this strategy. Check it out!


    To show how high the iPhone camera’s recording quality is, Apple has challenged consumers themselves to present their benefits. 

    In a very successful campaign, thousands of users recorded short videos of high quality. While proving their offer, it brought the brand closer to consumers with a unique experience.


    Based in the Bay Area, Google has decided to get even closer to its community with an experiential content action. 

    Instead of just asking what residents would like to improve in the area, the company installed interactive posters on the streets to count votes.

    By investing in experiential content production, your Digital Marketing plan becomes much more efficient. 

    A natural approach to your audience can benefit your brand awareness, and authority is strengthened. In the long-term, it is ideal for those who want to create more durable connections with their consumers.

    To enhance your Experiential Content strategy, you need to understand the whole concept of Content Experience. Register now to our webinar on “The Power of Content Marketing Experiences” on September 1st

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