Why Marketers Need Data for Effective Content Marketing

Updated: February 12, 2021

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alternate text Vincent Mifsud, the Chief Executive Officer at Rock Content, was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series to share his insight on the intersection of sales, marketing, and technology. The series, which is hosted by TechnologyAdvice’s Clark Buckner, explores a variety of business and technology landscapes through conversations with industry leaders.

Vince joined Buckner to discuss content marketing trends and challenges, as well as how technology helps drive business to your company.

Below are a few highlights from our conversation:

TechnologyAdvice: What primary trends do you see in regards to marketing becoming more analytical with the ability to measure everything?

Vincent Mifsud: It’s becoming very hard to connect with your audience through traditional ad kind of models. People are connecting with your brand in many, many areas, and in many different ways. The marketer now has to try to get a result, the most effective result with the best use of funds. So, you need to be very analytical, at the same time creative. And so it’s all about things like ease of use marketing automation tools that you can use to be creative and create great experiences, great content experiences, and the mathematical analytics behind it, so that you do that as precisely as possible.

TA: When you have a content marketing team, you need to be creative, you need to be relevant, you need to answer questions people want. With the growing responsibilities and growing skills required to do that, how does Rock Content help alleviate the challenges content marketers face?

Vincent: There are several parts to that answer. The first part, is you must have tools that are very easy to use. They can’t be overly complex because the marketer then will not be nimble and efficient in what they’re doing.

Another aspect is you’ve got to be able to connect that content marketing platform to all the channels of marketing communication. So, you have to be able to push content out to Facebook if that’s where the content needs to reside. You have to be able to enable it to go to Twitter, enable it to go to your web properties. You’ve got to be able to have a system that’s very open and can be connected out to the world of where you want to market. So, that’s another really important piece, this openness.

Then the third element is the data, the data algorithmic analytics piece. So that you’re constantly measuring, and determining the impact of what you’re doing: do the things that are working more and do what’s not working less.

So, you’ve got to have this very iterative — measure, rinse, repeat — approach. And the tools have to enable that iteration to happen quickly and measure how things are working algorithmically.

TA: Right. So that’s where a B2B SaaS content marketing platform comes in. You need the ability to measure what works, what doesn’t, so that every time the content life cycle reboots and you’re creating new content for your audience, it comes out shinier and more dynamic. It’s evolving, it’s pivoting by incorporating data science.

Vincent: That’s right. Instead of just doing content and not knowing — Is it working? Is it not working? — and just hoping it’s working, you’ve got a loop approach for starting down the right channel. Writing about the right things and delivering the right kinds of content, and then truly measuring how it impacts your share of influence in the market compared to your competition.

So if you want to get into a market, what’s your share of influence and how is that actually progressing as you’re delivering your strategy? It’s all about driving business at the end. Driving business to your company, with the most efficient use of your funds.

Listen to the entire show above in order to hear our full conversation, or (download the show) to listen later. You can subscribe to the TA Expert Interview Series via Soundcloud, in order to get alerts about new episodes.

This podcast was created and published by TechnologyAdvice. Interview conducted by Clark Buckner.


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