Google And Meta Have Announced New Features And Updates To Improve Your Ad Performance

Updated: April 6, 2023
google meta new ad features

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Recently, the online advertising giants, Google and Meta (owner of Facebook and Instagram) released new updates related to their ad platforms.

These updates promise to optimize advertisers’ work and improve their performance and data analysis in several ways.

In this article, I’ll talk about each update and how you can take advantage of these updates to improve your marketing results.

Let’s start now with the news that Google has prepared for us.

Google Ads Editor Version 2.3 launch

Launched in 2006 by the search giant, Google Ads Editor is a free and downloadable program that allows you to make few to many edits to your ads in a practical and offline way.

A few days ago, Google released version 2.3 of Ads Editor with 12 new features and updates that promise to help its advertisers save time, improve the performance of their campaigns, and make more informed decisions.

Let’s see what’s new:

  • Card view for image assets: You will now be able to view image assets as cards or in a table.
  • Feature compatibility: Full support is available for thefollowing image, auto, location, and business information features.
  • File support for image assets: You can now easily import and export image assets as files, and you can use URLs.
  • Text asset automation for Performance Max campaigns: Text asset automation can now be turned on or off for this campaign type.
  • Add Google Video Partner Recommendation: Recommendations for adding Google Video Partners are now shown. If the feature is activated, it is possible to perform the same segmentations as video partners within their campaigns.
  • Bid Explorer: Available for Target CPA and Target ROAS bid strategies, the editor now shows recommended bids with possible improvements for each option.
  • Notifications: New types of notifications are now available within the Editor, allowing users to receive more information about the status and important events regarding the accounts.
  • Main Display Status Buttons: Certain Main Display Status Motifs (PDS) are now clickable buttons. Allowing the advertiser, for example, to click to understand the reasons that are hindering the running of their campaigns and access a page to correct the problem.
  • Other PDS motifs are available. They are: “Limited by bid target” and “Will be limited by budget soon”.
  • Location targeting: Location targets are available for “radius around all locations in linked feed” and “radius around groups by locations”. With this, you can show your ads to users who are a certain distance from your business.
  • Correct pluralization in messages: The pluralization forms of messages are now updated correctly and it is compatible with other languages.
  • Support for Discovery ads and campaigns with product feeds: In addition to being able to create Discovery ads through the Editor, you can now insert product groups into your campaigns.

Discontinued features:

  • Create Dynamic Search Ads Recommendation: Recommendations for creating Dynamic Search Ads are no longer shown.
  • Top content bid adjustment: This setting is no longer supported in Editor 2.3

New features for Google Discovery Ads

According to Google, more than half of them use platforms such as YouTube, Gmail and Discovery, among others, in their daily routines to research and try out new products.

With the aim of helping advertisers to be found in this moment of user search, 2 weeks ago Google presented its most recent improvements to Discovery campaigns to make its ads more attractive and engaging.

Let’s see this news.

More attractive layouts

Now, in addition to carousel, square and portrait formats, Discovery ads now have new product feeds. In practice, advertisers can now use images of their products and short texts with their Merchant Center catalog.

According to Google, advertisers will be able to generate 45% more conversions at the same CPA when using product feeds in their Discovery ads.

We don’t know if, in practice, the results will be as promised, but it’s worth testing!

Source: Google Ads

Better reporting and measurement

Scheduled for the end of this month, Google will launch product-level reports, allowing advertisers to track the performance of their catalog products in order to improve their results from their Discovery campaigns and video actions with more accurate data.

Source: Google Ads

Additionally, data-driven attribution (DDA) is available for Discovery campaigns. This type of attribution gives credit for a conversion based on how users interact with your ads, and tracks that data to understand which campaigns convert the most.

According to the company, changing its attribution has increased, on average, 6% of platform advertiser conversions.

About Google updates

There is no doubt that these updates come to add to and improve the work of advertisers on the ad platform.

I, who work with Google Ads every day, am already testing some of the new features and I can say that the new features in Google Ads Editor are incredible and have saved me a lot of time.

I’m also very curious to test and see, in practice, the result that the new product feed for Discovery can generate.

In addition to the new reports, I believe we have an opportunity to grow our conversions through more personalized ad experiences and clearer data on how each ad is performing.

Let’s now go to the news that Meta has prepared for its advertisers.

Meta Ads: get to know the new types of ads being tested by the platform

Meta is testing two new ad types that promise to help retailers get better results and convert new customers.

Managed Partner Ads Lite

The new functionality offers a new way of ad personalization for retailers, allowing them to leverage their own CRM data in partnership with retail media networks to improve ad targeting.

This can be a great way for retailers to reach a more relevant audience and potentially increase their conversions.

Although it is more aimed at big retail brands, the novelty can be an excellent tool to improve ad targeting in a post iOS 14 world.

Local Inventory Ads

Local inventory ads allow advertisers to dynamically target only users who are close to their stores with relevant product prices and availability.

A good choice for local businesses that want to dynamically showcase the best products to their local audience.

About Meta updates

In their tests, the Managed Partner Ads Lite functionality drove up to a 3.9% increase in drug sales and a 2.5% increase in skincare sales from Walgreens Advertising Group, a retail media network that partnered with Meta and a large national CPG brand to activate an optimized campaign for online sales of dozens of products.

This is an excellent test for retailers who have a huge range of products and want to increase the performance of their campaigns.

We see that the company has been constantly working to reduce the impacts of iOS, data loss and offer new segmentations in order to improve the performance of its clients’ campaigns.

The new features could be a key turning point for retailers, being able to carry out better local campaigns and also improve their ad targeting by providing rich data so that the platform can better optimize their campaigns and increase their conversions.


The updates and new features introduced by Google and Meta (Facebook and Instagram) can bring great benefits to marketers.

With the new Google Ads Editor, advertisers can save time and improve the performance of their campaigns, and make more informed decisions with the new tools.

Discovery Ads’ new layouts and product feeds offer new possibilities for advertisers to improve their conversion rates. Additionally, Google’s new product-level reporting promises to help advertisers better understand how their ads are performing and make smarter decisions.

Meta’s novelties also help a lot retailers who want to increase the performance of their campaigns by providing valuable data for the ad tool.

The new ads functionality for local inventory helps companies reach their local audience more effectively and assertively. A great testing option for your campaigns.

Overall, these updates and resources have great power to help marketers improve their work and get better results from their advertising campaigns.

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