How the quarantine impacted videos — and why you need a video marketing strategy

Updated: July 26, 2021
How the quarantine impacted videos — and why you need a video marketing strategy

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As we know, the Covid-19 pandemic imposed sudden changes in millions of people’s lives, which impacted the consumption of web content. 

Thus, comprehend how quarantine impacted videos is indispensable when planning your next marketing strategy.

Content is essential to drive traffic, engage, and generate the conversions you need. Recently, this type of media has been even more important, whether in learning or entertainment.

Companies that have known how to place video content in their strategies have achieved great results. However, there is still time to explore opportunities in video marketing.

This article will show how video consumption had a great increase in quarantine and how this can be important to your Digital Marketing strategy.

This post will cover these topics:

Read on and check it out!

Why have videos been a great strategy for a long time?

If you’ve been following web user behavior statistics for a while, you know that videos are the favorite type of content. It communicates better and engages more.

That doesn’t mean your strategy needs to be video-based only. However, it’s critical to think about this type of content to attract more prospects.

Statistics clearly show how videos have a big impact on users. Some main ones offer insights like:

To be seen and to engage, your brand needs to invest in video content. The audience is open to tutorials, reviews, unboxing by influencers, among other formats.

How did quarantine raise the need to consume content?

It is not hard to understand how quarantine impact videos: without leaving home, people looked for ways to fill their free time, respecting the isolation restrictions.

There were several possibilities to consume content — among books, games, and TV — but the main one, chosen by many people, was video content.

Videos are a democratic media format that filled people’s routines with various needs and intentions. Maybe this is the differential that generated so much demand for this kind of content.

In quarantine, videos could help different people with diverse needs. From education content to leisure, everything could be met with video content.

How did the audience consume videos in quarantine?

It is crucial to learn the preferences of the audience to understand how quarantine impacted videos. This consumption profile will shape strategies for the future.

Although it was a specific sample, influenced by a pandemic, quarantine was useful to show people’s relationship with videos. Check out some important insights below!

Content types

Videos in social media are a great way to capture the public’s attention and engage. During quarantine, this format was widely viewed.

By early March, a critical moment of the pandemic, the average number of videos consumed on all platforms was 6.4 trillion views daily.

Live streams were a success in the time, with social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube achieving a 40% increase in this content compared to 2019.

Streaming platforms have been a reality in consumers’ lives for years. As expected, quarantine has increased the consumption of this type of content.

In the US, streaming has grown 43% across the country, and consumption increased by 50% in half of the states.

live streaming during quarantine

Corporate Content

For companies, quarantine was the time to establish a closer relationship with the audience. It was time to focus more on engaging rather than trying to sell.

That’s why many companies created free content for their public, and the results were positive, especially concerning videos.

Overall, considering all devices, there was a 93% increase in corporate content views during the quarantine.

This number was even higher in smartphones: there was a 216% increase in corporate video views using this device.

In short, the public was much more likely to engage with corporate video content. However, consumption happening primarily on mobile devices should not come as a surprise.

What are the reasons why video marketing is essential today?

Once you understand how the quarantine impacted videos, the next step is to learn why you should use this content format in your Content Marketing strategies.

Videos are an essential part of content strategies

You can use various content formats in your strategy: blog posts, ebooksinfographics; you name it. However, videos should be among the main choices.

Simple statistics can explain the reason:

Inserting videos into your content strategy brings just what you need in any strategy: engagement and conversions.

Videos are great for SEO

Videos can provide more traffic to your website. Pages that use this format are 53 times more likely to appear in the top positions of SERP.

The high consumption of videos by web users is not ignored. Google’s algorithms have been working to rank better sites that have this sort of content.

This closer attention from Google about videos has generated more organic traffic to sites that have this content. In short, videos are great for SEO!

Several video content formats can be used

With videos, you can generate different types of content, serving your audience the way they prefer. Some main formats that have good engagement are:

Different formats capture the attention of your audience according to their preferences. The more options offered, the higher the chance to engage.

Through numbers, it’s easy to see how quarantine impacted videos. Consumers are increasingly looking for this type of content. Adding video marketing in your strategy is essential.

One of the formats that you can explore in video marketing is interactive videos. Learn more about this format here


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