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If you’re familiar with Rock Content, you know that we’re global leaders in content creation. Over 10 years, we’ve developed blogs in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, attracting over 8 million monthly visitors.

What might surprise you is that very little of our content is produced in-house. We’ve recognized that creating content in-house at our scale isn’t efficient.

That’s why, as an SEO strategist for Rock Content’s blog, I dedicate nearly 100% of my time to organic growth analysis, conversion tactics, and other blog strategies. 

Content production is entrusted to our pool of over 15,000 freelancers on WriterAccess, Rock Content’s content marketplace.

Using a content platform goes beyond outsourcing. Alongside our talented freelancers, the tool itself streamlines our strategy from start to finish — from developing your persona to content publication.

Today, I invite you to join me behind the scenes of Rock Content’s end-to-end blog content production.

How do we plan and create our content on WriterAccess?

First and foremost, I want to emphasize that at Rock Content, we already have our personas defined, which guide our content strategy. If this is not the case for you, the AI Persona Builder can assist you.

Our process begins with creating the publication calendar.

At the end of each month, we map out trending topics and those essential for the blog’s current phase. For instance, we’re heavily investing in subjects related to artificial intelligence and its global impact on the marketing industry.

Here, we can rely on the assistance of the AI Content Wizard, another AI tool available on WriterAccess.

It’s one of the first aspects I look at when searching for new content to develop, as the tool highlights potential trends or covers topics that we might not have addressed on the blog before.

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After defining the editorial calendar for the blog’s monthly content, we proceed to create the briefings.

All briefings are meticulously tailored to align with Rock Content’s current strategy, including vital details.

Our freelance writers are allocated a specific number of days for this production. All content undergoes not only their review but also an internal review.

On the platform, by selecting “Make an Order: Writer,” we can opt for a saved template, given that our typical content ranges between 1,000 and 2,000 words. This streamlines a process that could otherwise be time-consuming, allowing us to define the content type, assign the producer, set content pricing (accounting for platform discounts), and provide other essential information.

When sending the briefing to the talent professional, depending predominantly on the topic, we assign it to writers who have specific expertise in their portfolios.

For example, if we need to delve deeper into SEO, we’ll specifically request that text from a professional experienced in the field. The same approach is applied to other niches and themes.

Moreover, we can manage these “templates,” the predefined order formats that streamline daily tasks.

There’s a “Tool Panel” in the top menu that not only compiles the templates but also encompasses briefing types, personas, and much more. The key is to customize and establish templates based on what’s crucial for your strategy.

Selecting the best talent for your strategy

It’s crucial for your company to choose professionals wisely to assist in your content marketing strategy.

State of Marketing Report 2024

This is when you might ask me, “Diana, how on earth am I going to pick a professional from the 15,000 available on the platform?”

Well, there’s another AI-powered tool within WriterAccess that’s quite useful for this: the AI-Powered Writer Search.

Here’s how it works: when selecting which talents to assign the task to, you click on “Smart Select.”

From there, WriterAccess’s AI algorithms will send your task to talents that match what the task requires — from specializations to the expected tone of voice.

To ensure the tool is as accurate as possible, the tip is to succinctly describe what you need and specify the talent’s country of origin.

Talent chosen, now it’s time to adjust the payment.

The price of the content is determined based on the type of freelancer request. You can pay per word or per order. For designers, payment is exclusively per order.

Now, think of the type of content you desire for your website or blog.

The style of writing, the language, and the way everything is communicated make a significant difference when delivering content online.

In this regard, WriterAccess has a tool that can greatly assist us in determining which talents will accompany us in this strategy.

Integrations to optimize your content

Finally, integration with key platforms in our SEO strategy greatly streamlines the optimization and finalization process.

For instance, in terms of SEO, you can integrate SEMRush data, uncover trends with BuzzSumo, and create keyword lists.

To illustrate, I’ve taken an example from SEMRush showing organic results for the keyword “what is SEO,” displaying the websites on the SERP for this term:

You can also access up to 250 million images at discounted rates, starting from $0 on Storyblocks, $6 on Getty Images, and $7 on Shutterstock.

To gain access to these integrations, everything will depend on the type of plan you choose for your business. Explore all the integrations that WriterAccess offers.

All integrations can be viewed from within your Tool Panel; you can find them in the sidebar menu. Remember to configure them to enhance your experience when requesting content from WriterAccess talents.

Another fascinating aspect for you to explore within the platform is the intelligence data that will help your content perform even better.

You can identify if the language of the produced text aligns with the Flesch Reading Ease sentiment score, which analyzes the tone of any text on a positive-to-negative spectrum.

Lastly, you can also evaluate the keywords you wish to include in the articles, checking all their data across search engines.

These are just a few intricacies you can leverage on WriterAccess to successfully build your content strategy — just as we do here at Rock Content.

If you’d like to see it for yourself, you can try out the WriterAccess platform for 14 days, completely free. This way, you can explore all that the platform offers and ensure it becomes a valuable asset for your business.


2024 State of Marketing Report

Your golden ticket to crush your goals with data-driven insights!

2024 State of Marketing Report

Your golden ticket to crush your goals with data-driven insights!

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