What is an interactive assessment and why you should use it in your Digital Marketing strategy

What is an interactive assessment and why you should use it in your Digital Marketing strategy

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The offering of interactive content is currently the main route towards engagement in Content Marketing.

In this scenario, the interactive assessment has achieved a relevant position, thanks to its power of engaging the audience. 

In the relationship with users who consume such materials, there is a fair, transparent, and beneficial exchange for both sides.

There are different possibilities to fit the interactive assessment into a content strategy, further increasing its possibilities.

From questionnaires to tools, such as calculators, it’s always possible to trigger the users’ desire for interaction, establishing the necessary connection to access important information and generate more leads.

In this post, you’ll learn:

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    What is an interactive assessment?

    The interactive assessment is a test, questionnaire, or interactive tool displayed within a content to create more user engagement and boost lead generation.

    The use of this type of material is a growing trend in Content Marketing. It enables a closer relationship with the user at all levels of the funnel, capturing relevant information.

    One of the most outstanding points in the use of interactive assessment is the high generation of engagement. 

    The activities offered are always contextualized with the content. That is, they deliver significant value to those who consume the material.

    As a result, it’s possible to notice an increase in the rate of user interactions, allowing the brand to provide clear and direct responses. 

    How to use this resource in Digital Marketing?

    Any interactive assessment must instantly deliver feedback to the user. 

    In practice, this response is what he seeks when interacting with the content. So, it’s the value they expect when engaging with your tools or questionnaires.

    As far as your brand is concerned, the idea is to generate engagement and proximity to access information authorized by the user.

    When offering the interaction content, there is also the request for some essential data, as it happens on a traditional landing page.

    Different segments can use interactive assessments

    The most interesting thing is that an interactive assessment is useful in several segments, for audiences of different types and with very specific expectations.

    There are several options on the web, ranging from ROI calculators to tools designed for marketing professionals, such as assessments measuring the quality level of a company’s Content Marketing strategy.

    Revionics’s assessment

    What are the benefits of creating an interactive assessment?

    The rise of interactive assessment is because Content Marketing must always be interesting to the user. 

    Good content engages with greater ease, but it needs to deliver value to those on the other side of the computer — or smartphone.

    Below are a few points that will help you understand why interactive assessment has gradually become an indispensable tool. 

    Check out the main benefits!

    They are highly attractive to the user

    The first and perhaps the main point is that these interactive contents are eye-catching and quickly deliver an answer to some of the reader’s questions.

    It is not new that the web user wants to have more participation in the content they consume. An interactive assessment is a clear model of how it’s possible to educate the leads in a ludic way, including them in the process.

    They deliver value

    Every interactive assessment aims at delivering some value to those who consume it. Therefore, you can use different strategies and approaches. 

    Questionnaires and calculators are the two most popular types of content.

    The users know that, by interacting with the content and providing data, they will receive in return some information that will be relevant to their situation. 

    This understanding motivates their engagement.

    They’re capable of capturing information

    For businesses, the central idea is to have data from leads. This way, it’s possible to use relevant information to optimize your Digital Marketing strategies, such as email marketing.

    With qualified information, it’s possible to categorize each of these contacts, identifying them as prospects or even potential customers already deep in the funnel.

    In some materials, the answers also help the company to understand the user’s level of interest in the solution. 

    It all depends on what kind of interaction tool you use and how it conveys that kind of insight.

    What are the main types of interactive assessments in the market?

    The broad range of interactive assessment models helps to understand how this type of content has been a prominent strategy for companies of various natures. 

    Always positioned in interesting ways in materials, the assessments raise the chances of engagement considerably.

    Below, check out some examples from different segments and see how each one can bring interesting results!


    Hub’s assessment

    This interactive HUB assessment shows readers how to evaluate the possible risks of using independent contractors in the transportation industry.


    Symantec’s assessment

    Symantec’s assessment allows the reader to determine what their information protection score is, delivering the solution for corporate data protection.

    Wrap Up

    In different perspectives, but always with high potential to bring the user close together, the interactive assessment is a prominent strategy on the rise in Content Marketing.

    It’s worth taking this level of strategy to the public, as people are increasingly open to movements that escape from mainstream methods.

    If you’re thinking about adopting interactive assessments in your strategy, you’ll also need to know what tools can create this format. 

    We gathered the 5 best tools in the market and evaluated each one of them in this article!


    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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