7 Types of Interactive Calculators Every SaaS Company Should Start Using

7 Types of Interactive Calculators Every SaaS Company Should Start Using

Need more conversions and sales? Create interactive experiences with Ion!

Can Interactive Content help your company achieve more? 

Over the years, interactive marketing has gained traction as a strategy to present information to customers in the most straightforward and fun way possible. 

Tools like an interactive calculator can help you build rapport with customers with ease and present the most important aspects of your offer in a heartbeat.

But are they the right solution for your Digital Marketing needs? Today we will look into the benefits of interactive calculators and how they can be used in a SaaS company.

In this content, you will find out:

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    Why your SaaS strategy needs an interactive calculator?

    If you keep up with Digital Marketing trends, we are certain that you have heard about Interactive Content. 

    This trend has become especially useful for B2B Marketers to promote their deals with customized data that influence decision-making for buyers.

    In our Future of SaaS webinar, we’ve discussed how 91% of B2B buyers choose to interact with visual content over text and other static formats and how those pages convert 2x more than text and other types of fixed content.

    SaaS, in particular, is an industry where Interactive Content excels, becoming a major part of your business’s sales pitch. It will be instrumental in helping your customer find out more about your software, how it compares to others, and what it can do.

    Calculators also offer an added benefit: they present the offer’s price straight away, answering most doubts a consumer might have before getting in touch with your company and making the sales journey easier.

    What are the benefits of using interactive calculators in a SaaS strategy?

    Interactive content can be used in many ways in your SaaS strategy. In the following topics, you will understand the benefits of using an interactive calculator for SaaS.

    Close more deals using interactive content

    An interactive calculator for SaaS will be instrumental in helping your company close more deals. 

    With a clear-cut view of the offer, the pricing and customization alternatives, clients can shorten their decision-making process by finding all the useful information on one page.

    Calculators can be added to any part of the sales process, providing the customized responses your customer is looking for when they visit your website.

    Engage more with interactive calculators for SaaS

    How many visitors reach out to your page only to bounce back? 

    With an interactive calculator for SaaS, you will be able to guarantee longer navigation times on your website and more opportunities for your business to reach out to customers.

    Engaging content is what builds rapport with consumers, showing them a brand they can follow and trust. 

    Use this type of material to your advantage, presenting the tools your customer needs to close a deal embedded in your webpage.

    Capture more data and learn from customers

    Data is the most relevant asset for SaaS businesses, and interactive calculators are a great way to capture it. 

    Learn more from your customers’ needs by providing them with tools such as ROI calculators or discount calculators and use that knowledge to better your product with the inputs of its prospective users.

    Personalize your delivery to convert more

    Personalized content is the ideal way to show your customer your company cares about their needs above all. Interactive calculators allow for potential buyers to get more than just a sales pitch.

    An interactive calculator for SaaS educates your consumer and gives them all the information they need to do their research and purchase online — reaching out to your company only if they need support with any issue.

    According to Brafton, that’s how over 30% of users would rather buy software online, and your company should leverage that information when designing its buyer journey.

    Use your interactive calculator for remarketing

    Remarketing is an effective way to reach out for a second or third time to those customers that did not convert but interacted with your website’s content features. 

    Most companies use remarketing as a way to better their offers and increase the chances of customers converting.

    Collecting the right amount of relevant data will put your business in a position where it can deliver high quality remarketing content in its email marketing campaigns, using what is known about the customers to increase the chances of conversion.

    7 interactive calculators for your SaaS strategy

    Are you convinced interactive calculators can help you achieve your Digital Marketing goals? 

    Check out these 7 different types of calculators your business can build using interactive tools and how each of them benefits your customer’s journey.

    1. ROI Calculator

    ROI, or Return on Investment, is an important metric for SaaS. 

    It helps determine that a given software is more cost-effective as a service than buying a legacy tool with the same characteristics. 

    That is why most customers will find it handy to have this interactive calculator on your website.

    State of Marketing Report 2024

    When wondering what tools to choose from, customers will often perform these calculations by themselves. Your brand will be able to get ahead if this information can be found plain and simple on an interactive calculator on your official channels.

    Why it’s important?

    ROI calculators will tell, among other useful information:

    • how much a SaaS tool will cost your customer;
    • what financial results a business can expect from a SaaS business tool;
    • how much a company will be able to convert using a SaaS tool.

    Showing this data to your customers will help make them more informed, which will help with the decision-making process and will guarantee more sales for your SaaS tool.

    Here is an example of an ROI calculator:

    2. Pricing Calculator or Cost Calculator

    While an ROI calculator is a great way to find out more about the type of results you can get with a SaaS tool, a cost calculator is a straightforward way to present your pricing plans and an opportunity for upselling.

    With an interactive cost calculator, your business will be able to consider how many users will be using the SaaS tool, how much it costs to customize the offer and implement it.

    Why it’s important?

    When making a sale, there’s no information more important than cost, and this type of interactive calculator will be helpful in the decision-making process, helping customers compare your SaaS offering with SaaS offers from other companies.

    Here is an example of a cost calculator:

    Interactive Calculators for saas: venture pact cost calculator

    3. Implementation timeline calculator

    Another important aspect of successfully implementing a SaaS tool is time. 

    Software products need to be customized and integrated so they can benefit a business. 

    This calculator helps you determine how much time a company should set aside before it starts expecting the benefits shown in ROI and cost calculators.

    Why it’s important?

    Your company can offer estimated timelines for customers and help them find out what steps will be needed along the way to enjoy a SaaS tool fully. 

    This is a chance to both educate and convert, which you will find is the key benefit of choosing interactive content tools.

    4. Savings calculator

    Savings are also important criteria for customers when picking a new tool. 

    That is why you’ll want to present this information clearly to your potential customers and as soon as possible. 

    An interactive calculator focused on savings will compare how much the customer spends today on a given tool, and how much your company can save them.

    Why it’s important?

    Sales calculators work like price comparison websites, highlighting not only the price difference between offers but also what they can expect from the tool. 

    When done right, it will get your business a lot of qualified leads.

    Here is an example of a savings calculator:

    Interactive Calculators for saas: savings calculator

    5. Price comparison calculator

    You should always assume that, before making a choice, your customer has visited at least 3 websites with similar offers. According to AdWeek, that’s the average research a buyer does before buying a SaaS product online, and it should be considered in your SaaS strategy to maximize profits.

    That is why many businesses invest in interactive price comparison calculators that display exactly what your customer is trying to find out visiting all those websites.

    Why it’s important?

    Price comparison calculators are easy to build tools that can help you convince your prospects of a good deal. 

    These interactive calculators compare the difference between the most prominent offers online and deliver that information in a few clicks.

    6. Industry metrics calculator

    These calculators can be a good resource to bring in good traffic and position yourself as a valuable voice inside your industry. If you can provide a knowledge place for customers to check the main metrics they need for their industry, it’s likely that they will start trusting your expertise in providing SaaS services.

    Why it’s important?

    You can stand out from the competition with calculators like these. SEO agencies can benefit from a PPC ROI calculator or a retail company can benefit from a project management platform, for example. Providing great industry metrics is a good way to show value on your SaaS products and services among many different industries.

    7. Fun calculators

    Well, everyone likes to have fun and having those kinds of resources inside your page is a great way to create buzz around your business and get closer to your customers.

    Every industry has its own inside jokes, so if you manage to build an interactive calculator using well-shared jokes and common knowledge you can educate your prospects while having some laughs.

    Why it’s important?

    Fun stuff is easier to get shared. So it’s a good resource for brand awareness, traffic building and increasing your number of followers on social media.

    Wrap Up

    Interactive calculators for SaaS are a great way to deliver customized information to your visitors, increasing the chances they will engage with your offers or buy your tool. 

    Imagine a straightforward path to captivating your audience and skyrocketing conversions. ION Interactive makes this vision a reality, eliminating the need for complex programming or design skills.

    Ready to boost customer interactions and drive conversions?

    Unlock the potential of ION now – your key to revolutionizing SaaS success!


    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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