The 12 best Interactive Content tools to work with

The best Interactive Content tools to work with

Need more conversions and sales? Create interactive experiences with Ion!

If you work with Digital Marketing, you know that it is not always that we can get the audience’s attention in the way we wanted. 

Catching their attention has become a greater challenge every day.

And the interactive content tools can be a plus in this dispute.

Even those who have good results from their marketing strategy know that the tendency is to look for new ways to engage prospects — after all, everything is dynamic on the internet.

And interactivity is one of the bets that companies are making to get into this fight. Therefore, seeking new ways of creating quality interactive content has become a must in the industry.

Interactive content tools help produce these materials without the need to worry about aspects that are not a part of marketing, like programming.

In this post, we will talk about:

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    What’s the importance of interactive content to a Content Marketing strategy?

    Interactive content is playing a special role in the Content Marketing of companies that have already realized that interactivity is a way to get the audience’s attention.

    Besides that, interactive content has become a way to understand the audience, since data provided by them allows companies to perceive their behavior and way of thinking.

    The company’s buyer persona can be better worked out and become more real. With this, communication gets more effective, reaching the public’s pains, desires, and generating more leads and sales.

    Besides that, people’s perception of the company improves, increasing the authority and the brand’s value in the long term.

    Interactive content has a huge potential for virality, generating more shares, comments, and social media actions. It also drives organic traffic, improving SEO.

    All of that is the result of providing an innovative experience to your public, not showing the content in a static way, in which there is no interaction from people. In interactive content, they are part of building the response.

    What are the most used interactive content tools?

    There are already some tools to create interactive content. Some are designed exclusively for this purpose, while others are more versatile and need some adjustments to create the ideal interactive content.

    We’ll list some of the most used on the market and explain a little about each one, so you can decide which better suits your business!

    1. Ion Interactive

    Ion is one of the best tools for creating interactive content. After all, it has an impressive template library that is fully customizable and easy to use.

    There are also different formats for producing interactive content, such as infographics, ebooks, calculators, landing pages, and quizzes, as well as white papers, assessments, and lookbooks.

    Check below an example of an interactive calculator created by Lansinoh with the tool.

    Create interactive content with Ion! Request a free demo now ➜

    2. Contentools

    Contentools is a well-known tool in the market, as it provides materials aimed at generating leads. With it, it is possible to create static and dynamic content.

    In the interactive content section, it is possible to create several materials in different formats, such as maps, quizzes, calculators, infographics, and landing pages.

    contentools interactive content tool

    3. SurveyMonkey

    SurveyMonkey is an excellent tool for creating interactive surveys, tests, and quizzes, storing data that can be used to improve marketing communication.


    4. Thinglink

    Thinglink is one of the best-known tools on the market, for its versatility and ease in creating varied interactive content.

    It is possible to use the tool to make 360 degrees videos and media, using additional information, audios, attachments, and internet links.

    thinglink interactive content

    5. MapMe

    MapMe is specifically aimed at building interactive maps. One advantage is that companies can create maps based on their marketing strategy and allow users to input important data.

    6. Apester

    Apester is a tool that seeks to maintain user engagement. 

    After interacting with a piece of interactive content, the tool offers new articles, that might be the reader’s interest, and also allows quickly social media sharing.

    This facilitates virality and organic traffic generation.

    It is possible to create interactive materials, such as surveys, tests, polls, and questionnaires.

    Using the tool, Lay’s french fries increased the reach of their social media publications by creating a contest where people voted for their favorite fries flavors and accessed content related to their responses.

    apester interactive quiz

    7. Qzzr

    Qzzr is one of the best-known tools for creating interactive quizzes. It has a free section that allows you to test your quiz idea — even with some restricted functions.

    It is a great tool for those who are starting and want to test using interactive content in their strategies.

    Besides that, it works with three types of quiz creation, which allows the applications to different ideas. 

    With it, it is possible to create quizzes for personality, lists, or score tests.

    8. Playbuzz

    Playbuzz is also a free platform, with several options for interactive content creation. Besides that, it provides the user’s data and metrics.

    Another advantage is the community where people show their ideas and produced materials, generating a virtuous circle of creativity.

    9. Calculoid

    Calculoid is another popular tool on the market, as it is specifically aimed at interactive calculator creation. 

    Thus, it allows this type of content can be used in several niches, as it is very simple to use.

    calculoid interactive calculator

    10. is a platform that provides the creation of interactive content to generate public engagement. 

    The content creation in this platform is quite simple, as it has a library full of easily customizable templates.

    11. Outgrow

    Outgrow has a series of templates for different interactive content formats. It is not necessary to know how to program to use the platform.

    This tool is focused on the design and aesthetics of the materials.

    12. SurveyAnyplace

    SurveyAnyplace tool is focused on interactive content creation that also suggests new content according to the user’s answers.

    How to apply those tools to a Content Marketing strategy?

    The interactive content tools can generate several business opportunities for those who apply them in a well-planned and well-structured Content Marketing strategy.

    They can generate very positive results, as long as some factors are aligned:

    It is important to test interactions and avoid errors such as broken links or CTAs that don’t take the user anywhere.

    Interactive content tools will help the construction of interactive content that engages the user and help them become customers

    The best way to understand how this concept can be applied in real life is by checking out these interactive content examples!

    Create interactive content with Ion! Request a free demo now ➜

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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