Discover 6 interactive content metrics you should be tracking today

Discover 6 interactive content metrics you should be tracking today

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Interactive content is a marketing trend that has grown considerably in recent years. Providing numerous benefits, this type of content brings strong results to companies that employ it within their content strategies.

Interactive content metrics are part of the process of evaluating the results from implementing this strategy

They can help to improve indexing, based on feedback from users and data collected.

Interactive content requires speed in calculating these metrics since interactivity is an indicator of the content’s success. If people aren’t engaging with a piece of content, it’s not reaching its goal.

In this post, you’ll learn why interactivity is important for business marketing and how to improve interactive content metrics. We will cover:

    Why use an interactive content strategy?

    Interactive content in marketing is one of the biggest sector trends, as well as for sales.

    In addition to helping increase interactions between a company and its target audience, which leads to increased loyalty and lifetime value (LTV), interactive content also helps the company to understand its audience, improving the buyer persona and optimizing the consumer’s purchase journey.

    Interactive content also increases the shares and interactions on social networks, leading to organic search gains and improving the overall site SEO.

    For sales, interactive content brings positive results, increasing the number and quality of leads generated, and educating SQLs on the company’s products and services.

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    Many companies have already seized on these advantages, seeing their interactive content metrics beat their static content results as part of their marketing plans.

    According to a survey conducted by Demand Metric in partnership with Ion, 96% of marketers interviewed say that interactive content positively impacts the purchase journey. 

    What are the main interactive content metrics?

    As a relatively new content format in marketing, some professionals have difficulty identifying interactive content metrics or how to measure them.

    In the same survey, two-thirds of marketers admitted to measuring only the minimum or not analyzing any interactive content metrics.

    Some tools dedicated exclusively to interactive content creation, such as Ion Interactive, already provide some metrics through their creation platforms.

    Offering easy integration with other applications, such as CRMs and Digital Marketing platforms, these tools are also able to deliver more accurate interactive content metrics.

    Although only 1 in 3 professionals analyze the interactive content metrics, they are simple to identify and evaluate.

    1. Page Views

    The number of visits a page receives is one of the main metrics of interactive content, as it allows you to analyze whether people found the content interesting. 

    This can be tracked using Google Analytics.

    2. Conversion rate

    Conversion rate is a metric that analyzes whether people who access a page and interact with its content become leads or customers of the company. This metric analyzes the effectiveness of interactive content.

    It can also be viewed through Google Analytics or another Digital Marketing tool, such as Hubspot.

    3. Number of references

    This metric analyzes the number of mentions that your brand or interactive content receives. 

    This is important to determine whether people are spontaneously spreading your content and its potential for going viral.

    BuzzSumo or Google Alerts can identify it, and you can receive an alert whenever the company name or the content is mentioned.

    4. Bounce Rate

    Bounce rate measures whether people find what they expect when they visit your interactive content and whether it’s effective in directing those people to remain on the site or take action. 

    It can show the success of interactive content and can also be found in Google Analytics.

    5. Time on page

    How long a user spends on a page can reveal, in addition to the bounce rate, how successful the content is. 

    The longer people stay on the page, the better they find the content or the more closely it meets their expectations. This metric is also available within Analytics.

    6. CTR

    Click-Through Rate is the number of clicks your content received.

    It also reveals how persuasive your CTA is, by indicating whether your visitors respond to it and access another part of the site, such as a sales page or other information relevant to your strategy.

    If this rate is not very high, but the length of stay is long, it is useful to test the CTA on the page. 

    It can be analyzed with Hotjar or other Digital Marketing software. 

    How to improve content performance?

    Improving performance requires an ongoing analysis of the interactive content metrics.

    First of all, while interactive content may bring some quick initial results, it must be analyzed in the long run.

    Another tip is to choose the most important metrics according to the content format and which stage of a sales funnel it’s at.

    Finally, try to analyze the big picture. Don’t stick to a bad metric to change your entire strategy. 

    Consider the metrics that are important to avoid making wrong decisions based on irrelevant metrics.

    Wrap Up

    Interactive content metrics are responsible for determining how successful your content is and where it can be improved but don’t guarantee success by themselves.

    Helpful allies provide important support along the way. Interactive content creation tools play a key role in this. Check out here the best tools available on the market!


    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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