3 Examples of Interactive Content to Support Creative Seasonal Campaigns

Boost your seasonal campaigns with Interactive Content: Discover 3 inspiring examples for engaging audiences creatively. Dive in!

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Creating engaging campaigns is one of the main challenges for marketing professionals. With so many goals to achieve with some limitations such as time, workforce, and budget, being creative may seem to be the smaller challenge. 

Seasonal campaigns give us a bigger incentive to go creative and explore different narratives in many different engaging ways. Rock Content’s marketing team explores this as well, but with extra features to go beyond cool images and fun copies: we count on Interactive Content Experiences.

In this article, I will bring 3 examples of how we used interactivity in seasonal campaigns. 

Before we dive into Seasonal Campaigns, an important thing about interactive content

Before we dive into the examples, let’s go quickly through the interactive content aspects.

To create interactive pages we need to count on a developer or an interactive content platform. 

At Rock Content, we use our own product to do so: Ion Interactive

The best part about it is that it does not require any coding to create content and comes with a good variety of ready-to-use templates. The work gets a lot easier with our team of marketers and designers. 

Another interesting point is that by doing these pages inside Ion, they can be optimized for SEO and designed in a way that engages and collects first-party data from visitors. With that in mind, while the user interacts with an ebook, calculator, or infographic, we provide a personalized experience capturing the data we need.

Now that you know more about interactive content, we are ready to check out the examples:

Black Friday 

This is a global campaign that we ran in 2022 that basically consists of a hub where we added 3 sessions with rich materials. 

After filling out a form on the landing page, the visitor gets free access to help marketers lead tactics toward a stronger Black Friday season.

One of the assets inside the Hub is a Black Friday Strategy Guide, which looks like a simple quiz. 

After filling out some basic information about the business, the visitor is able to get personalized suggestions to drive a successful Black Friday campaign.

In both experiences, visitors are exposed to some offers that connect to our products and services. 

In case they want to move forward with a product demo, for example, they are halfway through the form submission process, since they have provided their information through the experience they just had.

An interesting point about it is that we created the pages with our brand identity. So it will not only look beautiful because it has animated elements, but also connected to your brand identity. You can also add seasonal elements to make the experience more attractive. 

In the end, we are able to see how the page performed in the creative dashboard, which gives us insights on the results and if needed, we can dive deeper into the page to discover where people interacted the most or the least, so we can adapt the next wave accordingly. 

Click here to see the updated version of the Hub!

Marketing Planning Bundle – Summer

The Marketing Planning Bundle is one of our most successful materials with over eight thousand downloads from our English Speaking base alone since we first launched it in 2020. 

We update it and launch it every year and it aims to help marketers plan, organize, and act on their tactics in the year or quarter that is about to start. 

It is full of spreadsheets, guides, templates, and other resources that provide professionals with free tools that they can use to make their jobs easier. 

In 2022 we launched it in the interactive format, so the person fills out a form and gets access to a hub, similar to the one for Black Friday, where they can find all the assets they need. 

To help professionals move forward with H2 2023 tasks, especially during the summertime, when people go on vacation and things may get a little bit complicated, we relaunched the Planning Bundle with a Summer narrative. 

As mentioned in the Black Friday example, working with interactive experiences allows us to collect relevant feedback from the audience. 

In the Marketing Planning Bundle, we were able to notice that people engaged much more in the first stage of the experience, especially with the interactive ebook How to Create a Marketing Plan, which was the most clicked resource of the hub.

It is worth noting that an interactive ebook, just like other interactive pieces created in Ion, provides a richer reading experience, driving the reader through the content in a captivating way while collecting relevant information about their preferences. 

For the How to Create a Marketing Plan one, we divided the chapters into blocks with other interactive elements inside. 

It also allows marketers to gate the content where they need the reader’s information to provide value at the right time.

The information collected helps us make more data-driven decisions when it comes to repurposing and relaunching the experience. 

At the same time, it gives us insights into what the audience really needs and shows us some new possibilities.

A good example of this is that for the next phase of the campaign, we can optimize the most wanted assets from the Marketing Planning Bundle Hub and create new pieces to generate even more results

At the same time, it gives us a glimpse of potential improvements, like the materials that did not catch so much attention throughout the experience.

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World Cup 2022

This was another global campaign where we took advantage of the World Cup wave. 

It is a worldwide event that catches the attention of marketers and consumers all over the world, so we decided to attract visibility to our solutions using this narrative. 

Our team of designers nailed it by creating illustrations that are really aligned with the soccer theme, working with colors that would remind people of the latest World Cup palette and all the interactive elements that were added to the experience. 

Click here to check out the full experience.

At this stage, just like all the stages inside the interactive, the copies, symbols, background, and all the narrative elements are not only aligned with our branding but also with the soccer side of the communication, which makes it more attractive and engaging. 

We created an Idea Generator to help marketing professionals get inspired when launching new content pieces and other offers according to their current strategy. 

The user just needs to select from the 11 “players” the ones that are applicable to their strategy.

After selecting the main channels they work in, similarly to soccer coaches, the visitor gets personalized advice and suggestions to create successful campaigns, based on the inputs provided by the previous page. 

This is a great chance to provide valuable recommendations and resources to the visitor while collecting first-party data. At the same time, we get people exposed to our brand, products, and services. 

An example of that, is the 14-day trial to WriterAccess, our freelance marketplace to help professionals scale their content marketing production. By the way, you should try it now to see how AI features combined with human creativity can take your content strategy to the next level!

These are just a few examples of how interactive content can help marketers develop creative campaigns that catch the attention of the audience with infinite narrative possibilities. 

We count on interactive content to create webinars, calculators, infographics, quizzes, and many other resources that get people really interested in consuming our content. 

Want to see how to add interactivity to your marketing? Click here to get a free demo with one of our specialists!


Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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