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Interaction Design for Data Visualizations

Interactive data visualizations are an exciting way to engage and inform large audiences. They enable users to focus on (...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Aug 7, 12 | 6 min read

The Rising of Olympic Mountains

The Olympic games are inspired partly by Mt. Olympus, the tallest mountain in Greece. The origins of the games lie in co(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Aug 3, 12 | 2 min read

Health Data Visualization Contest Winners

The Health Data Visualization Contest is over and the vote is in! If you missed it, rest easy — there wi(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Jul 31, 12 | 2 min read

45 Ways to Communicate Two Quantities

Back in 2010, I was giving a workshop on interactive data visualization in Lima, Perú, discussing whether a dataset has(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Jul 27, 12 | 5 min read

The Fine Line In a Gray Area: When to Use Line vs Area Charts

Line charts and area charts are very closely related. They are both good for time series data. They both show continuity(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Jul 26, 12 | 3 min read

Using Infographics to Educate the World About Human Rights

As individuals, we may disagree on many issues, from philosophy to politics, to what constitutes proper nutrition. But i(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Jul 24, 12 | 3 min read

Speedometer Design: Why It Works

Gregor Aisch’s post last week on speedometer design hit close to home for me. My dad has been an automotive engine(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Jul 20, 12 | 5 min read

HÜB: A Space for Visualization

Much of the time, visualization consumption is a solitary activity taking place on the private screens of laptops and sm(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Jul 16, 12 | 7 min read

Credit Where It’s Due: Challenges in Sourcing Infographics

Many infographics are sourced with data sets, databases or long lists of URLs. These kinds of sources are invaluable whe(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Jul 13, 12 | 3 min read

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