Get Ahead in 2022 with These 11 Local SEO Tools

A thorough, effective SEO campaign isn’t just important for online brands and eCommerce sites. Traditional brick-and-mortar shops and other local businesses also need to master local SEO if they’re serious about staying ahead of the game. The right tools can take the guesswork out of the process.

Get Ahead with These 11 Local SEO Tools

If you run a small local business, you already know how challenging it can be to stay ahead of the game, especially when competing with big national chains and huge brands. 

However, success is about more than just piquing interest in your brand and products. You also need to successfully entice potential customers through your front doors.

Today’s consumers use search engines like Google to research, evaluate, and find local businesses just as they do anything else they might need. 

But without a well-maintained web presence and a comprehensive local SEO campaign to help your potential customers find it, you’ll always be several steps behind your competitors.

Adding the right local SEO tools to your repertoire can really help simplify the process of engaging your audience, choosing the right keywords, monitoring ongoing performance, and more. 

Here are a few every local business owner and marketer should try this year.

    1. GrowthBar

    Coming up with a great plan to boost search engine visibility for your site isn’t something you do just once. 

    Ongoing maintenance and tracking are crucial to staying relevant, and local SEO tools like GrowthBar make it easy to keep on top of things. 

    GrowthBar is available as either a standalone tool or a handy Chrome extension and can be used to keep track of any website’s top keywords.

    You can, of course, use GrowthBar to track keywords on your own site, but most marketers don’t stop there. 

    You can also use it to track the authority of your main competitors and any newcomers to the market.

    In addition, the built-in rank tracker can help you monitor which domains are frequently showing up in specific searches and tell you which are ranking well for certain keywords.

    2. SEMrush Listing Management Tool

    Getting your business’s website added to the best, most trusted online directories is an essential part of getting discovered and boosting your search engine rankings. 

    However, keeping all of your existing listings up to date on an ongoing basis can pose quite a challenge for busy marketers.

    SEMrush Listing Management Tool is a simple, user-friendly way to check, track, and update crucial information about your business across multiple local, national, and global directories. 

    It’s also a great way to keep track of your business ranking in your location or any target city, as well as stay on top of customer reviews.

    3. BiQ

    BiQ offers many of the same advantages other popular local SEO tools bring to the table but on a larger, more convenient scale. 

    For instance, BiQ helps you track rankings for up to 1000 keywords and key phrases in real-time. 

    Its interface also supports multiple languages and is available as a handy smartphone app, so it’s easy to manage your ongoing campaign however and wherever you’d like.

    The usefulness of BiQ doesn’t stop there, though. You can also use it to analyze keywords, develop great ideas for your ongoing content marketing campaigns, and identify any potential gaps between you and your fiercest competition.

    4. GeoRanker

    Whether you’re looking to optimize for several different locations yourself or simply want to keep a close eye on how you stack up against your competitors, GeoRanker simplifies the process of rank-assessing any website on a local or global scale. 

    User-friendly heatmaps make it easy to see at a glance how well the specified website ranks in specific locations as compared to others.

    GeoRanker also has detailed analytics and keyword ranking features, as well as a specialized tool that lets you track the sources of any citations your competitors may use. 

    Collectively, you can use this information to finetune your ongoing local SEO campaigns and stay ahead of the competition.

    5. LocalFalcon

    Although the most popular local SEO tools do great double duty as one-stop SEO resources, LocalFalcon is a lot more specific as far as its benefits.

    It needs to be set up one keyword at a time, so you’ll need to already know what key terms you’re targeting. 

    However, LocalFalcon also offers meticulously detailed data you wouldn’t be able to get from most other options.

    To begin with, LocalFalcon lets you perform a thorough analysis of your local search efforts

    It can also help you make smarter, better-informed optimization decisions and help you predict their potential effect. 

    And pricing is incredibly flexible, so it’s easy for businesses of any size to factor this tool into their budget and keep growing this year.


    As a web tool, is so versatile, you may already be using it in other aspects of your SEO campaign. 

    But if you’re not applying it to your local SEO efforts yet, you totally should be.

    It’s inexpensive, quick to set up, and very easy to use. It also makes an appropriate tool to start with, as you don’t need any existing local listings to get started. leverages Google AutoComplete to help you develop numerous long-tail keywords on any topic you wish, so it’s a great way to expand or update your strategy. 

    In addition, it’s highly effective at generating focused search volume data, as well as filtering it by city. It even has keyword information specific to top platforms like YouTube, Amazon, eBay, and more.

    7. Yext

    As you no doubt already know, staying aware of customer reviews so you can respond to them promptly is an integral part of reputation management for any business, local or otherwise. 

    But spotting every single one that goes up in a timely enough manner is nothing if not challenging. 

    So if you’re looking for local SEO tools that help streamline that process, Yext is something to take a closer look at.

    Yext is a helpful tool on many fronts, but its review monitoring feature is especially helpful for those looking to boost local SEO. 

    It integrates with countless third-party sites to make you aware of new business reviews from numerous locations. 

    And you can even respond to them directly from your Yext dashboard, making it even easier to maintain good relations with your customers.

    8. Grid My Business

    If you’re already using Google My Business to ensure essential information about your business is readily available to existing and potential customers, Grid My Business makes a great companion tool to have around. 

    It’s specially designed to work with Google My Business to compare your ranking with the current top 20 on a specific SERP. Just set the parameters of your grid and go.

    You can easily keep track of your competitors’ rankings this way, as well as see at a glance how you stack up. 

    In addition, you can perform bulk queries to save you time and effort. You can also pre-schedule different types of scans to take the guesswork out of staying consistent on your own.

    9. Synup

    If you’re interested in local SEO tools that make reputation management easier, then Synup is another example you should take a closer look at. 

    It’s a fantastic way to track the performance of your company not only across search engines but review platforms and directories, as well.

    Synup actively monitors more than 200 different directories, search engines, and more to locate any citation inconsistencies so you can fix them promptly.

    In addition, it keeps track of your ongoing traffic and current web rankings for you. 

    Synup can even help you stay on top of new reviews and business comments so you can respond to them right away.

    10. BrightLocal

    If you’re looking for a user-friendly, budget-friendly tool designed with the unique needs of small local business owners in mind, then BrightLocal definitely belongs on your radar. 

    It’s a terrific tool for regularly auditing local listings, on-site SEO, customer reviews, and other important local SEO signals.

    If you’re like most small business owners, your time is at a genuine premium, so you’ll be happy to know BrightLocal lets you monitor or update citations across numerous directories via one easy process. 

    Search rankings across both Google and Bing are easy to keep track of, thanks to a unique grid-style view of your targeted area. 

    You can even use BrightLocal to create and manage new or existing review campaigns.

    11. Moz Local

    Moz Local is yet another terrific tool designed with the reputation management concerns of small, local, or growing businesses in mind. 

    Like other top local SEO tools, Moz Local lets you automatically distribute, monitor, and change your business data across many directories and platforms. 

    Plus, you can integrate Google and Facebook, making it easy to update those listings from your dashboard, as well.

    You’ll also gain access to local reporting tools that take the frustration out of monitoring local search visibility, listing scores, and ongoing customer feedback. 

    Plus, a low learning curve and affordable pricing mean quick, easy progress when it comes to your local SEO efforts.

    Wrap Up: Are You Ready to Get Ahead with SEO this year?

    Now that you’ve got the right local SEO tools in your arsenal, it’s time to start plotting a course toward your goals and ultimate success. 

    SEO isn’t something you learn about and master just once. It’s constantly changing, right along with technology, social norms, and evolving consumer preferences, so it’s essential to keep your knowledge up to date.

    Check out our comprehensive guide to the top SEO trends for an informative look at what’s on the horizon. 

    You’ll get valuable advice on how to refresh your content, create mind-blowing interactive audience experiences, streamline your data collection methods, and more!

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