Managed Hosting: What Is It?

Managed hosting ensures the smooth running of your website with no major worries. In this article, you will find how this hosting format allows focusing on strategies to make your business grow.

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Does your company’s website or blog work the way you want, or is there room for improvement? Paying attention to this is very important for your branding.

Your website hosting is one of the factors that directly influence the brand image. After all, it has a strong impact on the smooth running of your “home” on the Internet.

As you know, there are several types of hosting. But how do you know which is the right one for your company? It depends on your type of business and what goals you set when hiring this service.

To help you make this important decision, we will cover the following topics:

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    What is Managed Hosting?

    First of all, you need to understand what hosting is. This term refers to an online system that allows people or companies to “save” information such as videos, images, or anything else you can access on the internet.

    It is what ensures your current or prospective customers are able to access your website.

    Hosting providers are companies that offer you a slot on their servers and allow customers to access their content online.

    Managed hosting means that the company in which your site will be hosted will be responsible for managing and maintaining the server.

    In this service, there are two types of management:

    • active – When the service provider solves any problem before your request, that is, their action is proactive;
    • passive – When you need to request adjustments to the service provider.

    Why Is Managed Hosting Important?

    Your website is essential to your business. You can use it either as a simple informational tool for your business or as a mission-critical service like your eCommerce store.

    In addition to ensuring that your site runs quickly, efficiently, and with the least amount of downtime possible, hosting takes care of the heavy lifting.

    Approximately $2.5 million is lost every year by eCommerce websites as a result of slow-loading pages. 

    If your hosting isn’t powerful enough to handle the complexity of your website, then your visitors will experience the same problems as a slow computer.

    You will find that as your site gets more visitors, it becomes increasingly sluggish if your hosting isn’t efficient.

    You can generally handle more visitors with less powerful technology when you have an efficient server rather than a powerful one.

    Downtime is another important consideration.

    Your website’s server needs to be updated or repaired periodically, just like any computer. Malware, for instance, can cause it to crash randomly or cause other damage. 

    In order to succeed, you cannot have a website that is constantly down due to a server problem.

    The whole point is to give you the confidence you need to focus on selling or providing the services and products you set out to provide.

    Poor hosting makes it harder for you to focus on other tasks, so the less worry you have about your website, the better.

    What Are the Benefits of Managed Hosting for Ecommerce?

    Monitoring and support are essential for an eCommerce website.

    A good hosting service is crucial to your eCommerce website’s security, speed, and performance.

    This is because eCommerce websites require constant monitoring of their servers, networks, and databases, and any issues can be resolved instantly.

    The following are some advantages of managed hosting that make it possible for eCommerce sites to thrive in today’s highly digital world:

    • Speed of eCommerce websites
    • Protecting and securing data
    • Accessibility and availability
    • A cost-effective solution
    • 24/7 support on-demand
    • Expertise in technical matters and server expertise
    • Hosting environment customized to your needs

    Managed hosting and unmanaged hosting: which one is best?

    In an unmanaged hosting service it is the provider’s responsibility to set up hardware, install an operating system, and keep the system and network working.

    What will be your responsibility? To install what you need and set up the whole site so that it starts working properly. To do this, you will need to install applications, additional software, firewalls, and run backups. 

    How do you know which is the best option for your company? To answer this question, we will analyze, the characteristics of each hosting service.

    Unmanaged hosting

    In this type of service, you will have to:

    • count on a specialized team experienced in server management because your company will do all the software and hardware administration;
    • be aware of security issues;
    • update software so that everything works well;
    • access everything on the server, including hardware.

    Because of this, unmanaged hosting is recommended for those who know how a system works and need to have different settings than those offered by servers.

    Managed Hosting

    With managed hosting:

    • you won’t have to do the software and hardware maintenance since this is a service provider’s responsibility;
    • security issues are handled by the service provider. Most of them even offer a free SSL certificate included in some packages;
    • your efforts can be focused on your business strategy, such as your Digital Marketing campaigns and increasing traffic to your website.

    Thus, managed hosting is suitable for those who are not experts in the subject and wants to have time to focus on business growth.

    How does managed hosting impact your business?

    So far, you have seen what managed hosting is and how it is different from unmanaged hosting. Now it’s time to understand the benefits this service can offer your business.

    Cost reduction

    Hiring an unmanaged server is a bit cheaper. This is because your company will only be working to offer the service without the commitment of putting a team to keep an eye on everything happening.

    However, your cost with specialized staff for maintaining your web pages will be much higher. Therefore, hiring a managed server results in cost reduction for your company.

    Support at any time

    Managed hosting companies keep monitoring every aspect of your site. They also offer 24-hour support.

    They have a well-trained and reliable team to solve problems that may arise and eliminate failures before they happen. Access to the support is usually through the company’s online chat, email, or even by phone.


    Your hosting provider is responsible for backing up your information. This prevents you from losing important data overnight. If there is any system failure on your page and important information disappears, contact support.

    A qualified team is prepared to recover information and get everything back to normal quickly.


    Your site must be reliable and free of security holes.

    As soon as you start monitoring your website, the company hired for managed hosting will be responsible for keeping everything updated.

    By hiring a managed hosting service, you will be granted, at least by most vendors, a digital security certificate that makes your website more reliable.

    What are the 10 best-managed hosting options on the market?

    After you decide to hire managed hosting you need to know which are the best options on the market. This way you will be able to establish a partnership with a company that meets your requirements.

    Here are the 10 best-managed hosting options.

    1. KingHost

    KingHost is a company that invests in current technologies that offer innovation. Therefore, it is pointed out as the best site hosting for those already advanced and more demanding with this type of service.

    A few of the advantages available on this platform are:

    • Varnish accelerator;
    • plans that give your page 2, 3, or 4 times more processing power;
    • security certificates like SSL Let’s Encrypt;
    • unlimited webmail.

    KingHost allows your site to count on the most innovative and modern technology in the market to achieve superior performance.

    2. Hostinger

    Hostinger offers fast and efficient hosting. The best of this is that you can hire plans and adapt them to the size of your project and budget.

    When hiring Hostinger services, you will:

    • get a domain, the address of your website, for free;
    • test the company’s services for 30 days with a guaranteed refund if you are not satisfied;
    • get an easy and intuitive website creator.

    Hostinger platform is perfect for those who do not know web design so that you can create a website yourself.

    3. Hostgator

    Hostgator is one of the best hosting services in the world. It offers:

    • great cost-benefit;
    • free domain;
    • free SSL certificate;
    • no fines or loyalty;
    • U.S. servers;
    • supports shared hosting;
    • WordPress structure;
    • unlimited bandwidth;
    • free email accounts.

    4. WP Engine

    WP Engine offers its clients a wide range of topics. They focus on delivering solutions that aim:

    • high performance;
    • agility;
    • intelligence;
    • integration.

    These features are important for you to have functional and quality sites in a short time.

    5. GoDaddy

    GoDaddy is the hosting company with the highest Uptime rate – activity time of a system – in the world. When hiring GoDaddy’s services, you will rarely face service downtime.

    That’s why hiring the company’s services is recommended for those with high-traffic sites.

    Other advantages of working with the company are:

    • free domain;
    • intuitive dashboard to access information;
    • easy to upgrade and add important features to your business;
    • monitoring and quality assurance;
    • unlimited bandwidth.

    GoDaddy’s most advanced plans offer you more space, high processing power, and memory and the possibility to have multiple sites.

    6. Rock Stage

    Stage is one of the best hosting sites for WordPress sites and blogs. This service features Rock Content label, one of the leaders in the Content Marketing industry.

    With Stage, users can achieve up to 35% improvement in website performance. This is essential to retain users and offer an outstanding navigation experience.

    Rock Stage offers:

    • HTML file compression for faster loading;
    • automatic CDN setup (your website is distributed to 45 servers worldwide);
    • professional cache for ultra-fast load times;
    • web application firewall;
    • attack protection;
    • SSL certificate;
    • automatic backups;
    • dedicated WordPress support;
    • friendly interface;
    • Rock Convert, a conversion optimization plugin for free.

    7. Bluehost

    According to WordPress, Bluehost is one of the best hosting platforms for WordPress. Your site can be hosted on shared hosting, managed hosting or dedicated hosting through them.

    Bluehost includes:

    • Free SSL encryption
    • Daily backups
    • Services for detecting and removing malware

    Are you already using WordPress? Site migrations to Bluehost are free.

    8. SiteGround

    Cloud hosting for small businesses is also offered by SiteGround. WordPress is currently hosted by SiteGround on about 2.8 million domains.

    Shared and managed WordPress hosting is available. SiteGround provides access to the technology to keep your site fast and secure. They also offer the following:

    • 1-click staging
    • Automatic updates
    • SSL certificates
    • Cloudflare CDN

    9. InMotion

    Among the largest managed hosting providers in the world, InMotion Hosting offers a wide range of services. In addition to shared, VPS and WordPress servers, they also offer dedicated and cloud servers. They also offer:

    • Migrations for free
    • Integration with Google Apps
    • Threat Defense System for SmartWalls

    A skilled team of customer service and technical support is also available at InMotion Hosting. Their platform can therefore be used by users who do not have much experience in web development.

    10. Kinsta

    Businesses of all sizes can host their WordPress websites with Kinsta. Sites are automatically scaled and loaded quickly with tools like NGINX and MariaDB. Kinsta offers:

    • 24/7 Support
    • DDoS detection
    • SSL Support

    Your development stack runs more smoothly with the latest framework, and site analytics are easily accessed with simplified site management.

    Investing in managed hosting brings many benefits to your business. Through this type of service, you will be able to count on quality support at any time and still be able to reduce your operational costs. Take advantage of the information in this post to make the right decision for your business!

    Would you like to start using managed hosting today to see the results for yourself? Test Stage right now and improve your website performance!


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