New features: Twitter Sidebar Filters, Comment + Tweet and Moderation Shortcuts

    Liveblogging is all about thinking on your feet and building on your previous achievements. With that in mind, we’re incredibly proud to announce the release of some new features that are bound to make your adventures in real time more successful than ever.

    Twitter Sidebar Filters

    You can now filter your Twitter searches from the sidebar of any event page. In addition to the standard search operators, you can search for tweets by verified accounts and/or only those that contain an image. We also strip out retweets by default from the search results now, so there’s a checkbox to add them back in if you want them.
    Twitter Features pic- 2

    Comment + Tweet

    Readers can send any comment they make on your liveblog out as a tweet at the same time if they’ve logged in to comment via their Twitter account. The tweet will contain up to 140 characters of the message, including a link back to your liveblog. This was built in conjunction with Twitter to tighten the loop between the social network and your website: you drive traffic to your site with your riveting content, users  promote the site on Twitter by engaging and commenting on your liveblog and this in turn drives more traffic back to your site.

    Moderation Keyboard Shortcuts

    If you’re moderating an event with a lot of comments coming in, you might find yourself doing a lot of clicking to keep up with the barrage of interaction. Give your mouse a break with our new keyboard shortcuts! In the Standard writer mode, you can now use your F7 and F8 keys to approve and delete the comment at the top of the moderation queue.

    Have any questions about our newest features? Email us!


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