New version of Rock Content’s BlackBerry App now available

    New top media barHere at Rock Content, we know that news happens outside of the newsroom. We want to equip reporters with the tools they need to report, in real time, directly from the field. That’s why, on the tails of our new iPhone app, we’re releasing a 1.87 version of our BlackBerry app.

    Here’s a look at what’s in the new release:

    1. Video upload. Reporters can now record video  from the app and post it to the liveblog directly. Rock Content can support video uploads of up to five megabytes – roughly 30 seconds of video.

    New video recording capabilities2. Support for special characters (i.e. tild ~)

    3. Removed ads and all non-writer features

    4. New top media bar for posts: a one-stop spot for uploading texts and media files

    Download the latest version:

    OS 4.5
    OS 5
    OS 6

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