What is a Quiz Funnel & How Does it Help your Content Marketing Strategy?

A quiz funnel can provide a personalized experience for consumers while also generating high-quality leads and sales for you.

What is a Quiz Funnel & How Does it Help your Content Marketing Strategy?

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Finding more ways to win customers over is often at the heart of marketing strategies today.

You may be watching the trends, listening to your followers on social media, or tracking what your closest competitors are doing to find new ideas.

You may also be noticing that personalization strategies are increasing in number, and if so, you are on to something big.

As a matter of fact, quiz funnels are part of those personalization strategies and may be what you need to reach more consumers and turn them into customers.

With such interactive content on the rise, you now have new opportunities to reach your target audience and win them over.

Keep reading to learn more about it!

    What Exactly is a Quiz Funnel?

    A quiz funnel is an interactive marketing technique that focuses on moving your target audience along a pathway and closer to becoming an actual customer.

    Participants voluntarily answer specific questions, which then takes them ultimately to a final results page based on their particular responses. 

    On this results page will be tailored content such as personalized product or service recommendations.

    While the quiz taker learns something about themselves and your offerings in the process, you collect not just contact data but also valuable information about your customers’ interests and preferences which can aid your future campaigns.

    Why Should You Use a Quiz Funnel?

    Besides the fact that interactive content captures the attention of consumers today, there are other distinct reasons you need to be using a quiz funnel. These include the following.

    Boost Brand Engagement

    Online quizzes attract the attention of your target audience and create a strong pull to engage with your brand. 

    Promote them on social media, blogs, and your website, providing viewers with a chance to quickly climb on board and interact with you.

    In addition, you will see click-through rates (CTRs) improve.

    Increase Brand Exposure and Generate Interest

    A quiz funnel can increase brand exposure and generate more interest in you, your product, or your service. 

    Those unfamiliar with what you offer will first be intrigued with the quiz. You then follow that up with exciting personalized recommendations for them to narrow choices and take action.

    You’ll also receive further brand exposure when quiz takers share their results with others, generating even more curiosity and interest in your brand and what you offer.

    Segment Customers More Easily

    With quiz funnels, customer segmentation is easier and practically automatic. 

    Consumers will be grouped into categories based on their preferences and answers to the quiz questions. 

    This segmentation helps you design retargeting campaigns in the future, letting you create highly relevant messaging.

    Increase Sales

    Online quizzes are an effective way to drive sales and build loyal customers. 

    By providing personalized recommendations and capturing interests and preferences, you can continue to follow up with them providing information on additional products or services to meet their specific wants or needs.

    As for customer loyalty, by providing tailored recommendations based on individual answers to the questions, customers will feel less like a number and more like you get where they’re coming from and that you actually care.

    Improve Your Content

    Take what you learn from your quiz takers and find a way to turn it into valuable content. 

    Address concerns, pain points, preferences, interests, or anything else you discover along the quiz funnel, and make this a new part of your content marketing strategy. Look for developing trends as well.

    How to Create a Quiz Funnel

    Your quiz funnel creation needs to be strategic, with the goal of leading consumers along a pathway that makes sense and can speak to their interests. 

    Software today can help you create the funnel pathway itself, so find one to help you easily set it up and get it out faster.

    More specifically, follow these guidelines.

    1. Design the Best Quiz You Can

    To create a successful quiz, ensure that it first and foremost represents your brand and is relevant to your products or services.

    It’s also essential to understand your target audience and buyer personas so you can include questions that speak to them directly.

    Here are more tips to help you design the best quiz you can.

    • Keep all questions as straightforward and easy to follow as possible, so you don’t lose participants along the way.
    • Mix up the question types to keep engagement high.
    • Avoid complicated words or phrases, and stick with clear, simple language.
    • Only include questions that relate to your products and services.
    • Make quiz responses easy, such as true or false or multiple choice.
    • Keep the quiz as short as possible, with anywhere between 10 and 20 questions.
    • Make it highly entertaining by including visual features, such as videos, gifs, or images in the questions or answers themselves.

    Ion, available in the Content Cloud, offers the perfect platform to create captivating quiz funnels that drive brand engagement, increase sales, and segment customers effortlessly. Unleash the potential of interactive content with Ion!

    2. Incorporate Lead Generation Forms

    Incorporating lead generation forms into your quiz funnel provides you with a way to compile contact information of users, aiding your next email or promotional campaign.

    3. Focus on the Results Page

    Design your results page layout and the different scenarios that can play out. Make it enticing and exciting for participants, personalizing it as much as possible.

    In addition, provide reasons why each participant receives the results they do and what that can mean for them personally. 

    You might also want to provide a breakdown of their responses to remind them how they answered and to provide specific feedback.

    In an engaging way, offer them support, advice, and guidance, all while showing them how your products or services can help.

    4. Include a Call to Action

    Once quiz takers reach the results page, provide them with options to take action. 

    Pitch specific products are services based on their answers and ask them to act, either by making a purchase or learning more.

    You may also choose to include a call to action to interest them in downloading content such as white papers or checklists or signing up for a webinar, further engaging with your brand.

    5. Integrate with an Email Platform

    If you choose, integrate the quiz with your email platform. 

    By doing so, you can more easily send out follow-up emails and notifications pertaining to interests and preferences, as evidenced by their answers to the quiz questions.

    6. Increase Awareness

    To be successful, you need to make sure you increase awareness of your quiz. 

    You can accomplish this through your various channels, including your website, blog posts, landing pages, newsletters, and social media accounts. 

    Share a link to the quiz funnel wherever possible.

    7. Nurture Your New Customers

    Stay in contact with new customers by engaging with them regularly and providing answers and solutions to any further questions involving the quiz funnel or beyond. 

    Nurture them and make them feel a part of your brand.

    Quiz Funnel Examples

    Brands are successfully using quiz funnels today to reach new customers and increase sales. The following are five such examples making the most of these exciting interactive marketing techniques.

    1. Sephora

    The focus of Sephora’s quiz funnel campaign is on helping each visitor discover available solutions for all their hair issues.

    With so many hair products to select from in their stores alone, it’s no wonder that shoppers often get overwhelmed, confused about what product is best for their particular hair.

    By making their way step-by-step through the quiz funnel, a narrower list is created to help them make a personalized decision and choose the product that is right for them.

    Sephora quiz

    2. Stitch Fix

    Stitch Fix is a master at the personal style quiz funnel.

    In an attempt to gain insight, the quiz allows customers to choose more than one option when it comes to why they are excited or interested in trying Stitch Fix.

    Visitors love to answer, and Stich Fix learns what the visitors expect from their interaction with the brand, thus providing guidance on how to better tailor its messaging.

    Stitch Fix quiz

    3. Topshop

    Topshop wants to help its visitors make better decisions when it comes to their wardrobes. 

    In essence, Topshop comes close to providing customers with their own personal style advisor by way of a personal style quiz.

    The visual quiz itself includes questions relating to age, budget, size, and favorite colors. The customer also gets to see specific products and respond with a yah or nay, providing Topshop with clues to their preferred style. 

    This allows it to tailor product recommendations based on the individual tastes of the customer.

    At the completion of the quiz, the participant can create an account and start putting together a personalized wardrobe and also sign up for the newsletter.

    Topshop then customizes the wardrobe under the new account holder’s name and separates out recommendations into recognizable categories to aid decision-making.

    Topshop quiz
    Source: Email Mastery

    4. Cup and Leaf

    Cup and Leaf chose to use what’s referred to as an incentivized quiz funnel.

    Starting with the belief that not everyone visiting their site already knows how to make informed buying decisions, it offers a short quiz with a delayed pop-up asking, “Looking for the perfect tea?” 

    Along with this, it lets you know that the short quiz is available to anyone who wants it. Questions ask about preferences and preferred flavors, then request an email address.

    As a result, Cup and Leaf locates the perfect teas for you, provides links to category pages, and provides you with a discount on any first order as an incentive to take immediate action.

    Cup and Leaf quiz
    Source: Drip

    5. ThirdLove

    ThirdLove wants to know why visitors visit their website, so they decided to ask them directly. Upon arrival, the question “What brings you here today?” appears.

    The visitor is immediately drawn in to participating and can then expect a more informal and personal shopping experience. 

    ThirdLove, in turn, gathers data that can help it better target its messaging.

    ThirdLove quiz

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    Wrap Up

    Quiz funnels can be a highly effective way to reach your target audience and grow your brand. 

    As a personalized, interactive tool, you will need to understand your customers first and then take the time to create the right questions, design enticing visual elements, and create an irresistible results page to hold their interest and inspire action. 

    In turn, you gain valuable insights into customer needs and preferences and also build your list of high-quality leads.

    Another effective tool to help build your leads and customer base is an email funnel

    Find out more by reading our informative blog post!


    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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