How to repurpose content and keep your editorial calendar full

How to repurpose content and keep your editorial calendar full

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If you follow our blog, you already understand the many ways that a Content Marketing strategy can impact your results.

In addition to increasing your brand’s reach on the internet, this approach facilitates the generation and qualification of leads, resulting in increased sales and greater authority in the market. All this, of course, does not happen overnight.

The success of such a strategy depends on the constant production of qualified, authentic, and persona-adequate content. 

The editorial calendar should always be full to maintain the relevance of your channels. 

It sounds like a challenging task, doesn’t it? Indeed, it is. 

However, using a repurposing content strategy, you will be able to make the process faster and more productive. Keep reading to find out:


What does repurposing content mean?

The term is very self-explanatory, isn’t it? 

When you repurpose the content, you turn it into something new. In other words, you use parts of an existing content and create a different material, even if it has similar elements.

In this way, you breathe life into old content and continue to use it as an effective part of your strategy. So, forget the idea that to keep your editorial calendar full, needing to create new material from scratch all the time.

Here, it is important to note that we are not talking — in any way — about using duplicate content. That would simply be republishing something which has little or no effect on the audience. 

To understand it better, look at the definition of the word “repurpose” according to the Cambridge dictionary:

To use something for a different purpose to the one for which it was originally intended.

Can you think of anything that fits that description? How about that video you produced for YouTube and published parts of it on your Instagram page? 

This is an excellent example of repurposing content, even involving more than one marketing channel.

The same concept can be used for a webinar, which, when finished, is divided into different parts and made available to your followers on YouTube. 

The important thing is that the content is modified to suit the new channel on which it will be displayed or the new purpose it will serve.

Another classic example is the ebook. Remember that ebook about a relevant subject that presented a great download rate? How about, after a while, selecting its most relevant passages and producing blogposts based on it? It’s a guarantee to approach a relevant subject with proven success.

However, not only the channel and format used fall into this scenario. With the evolution of Digital Marketing, new trends have emerged. 

One of the strongest relates to Interactive Marketing, which proposes the production of highly engaging content.

As most of the internet content is static, there enters another possibility to repurpose your material. 

Yes, it is possible to transform your regular content into interactive contentThink, for example, about your landing pages. Are they bringing as many results as before?

If the answer is no — and it probably is — it’s time to optimize this strategy. By adding interactive elements such as quizzes and Q&As, you’ll make the experience much more enjoyable for users, resulting in a much greater opportunity.

how to repurpose content

You’ve got the idea behind repurposing your content, right? 

Now, before discussing how you can manage this process, let’s talk about its main benefits.

What are the benefits of doing that?

In the marketing universe, time management is one of the main challenges, both for managers and employees.

In such a dynamic and accelerated scenario, it is difficult to remain competitive, even more so with the huge number of companies fighting for the same space.

That said, the first benefit we can observe in the practice of repurposing your content is the saving of time. This doesn’t mean that the process doesn’t require work, but it is certainly something simpler to be done than producing something new from nothing. Let’s look at the other advantages!

SEO boost

The application of SEO techniques is essential for any Digital Marketing strategy that aims for success. 

Of course, this involves a variety of practices, both on and off-page. Google’s algorithm, to define the ranking in the SERPs, takes into account several aspects.

Among the most important things is how you target your keywords. Certain terms have higher competition than others. To have a batter ranking, you need to have high-quality pieces. 

Therefore, by repurposing your content, you can increase your strategy’s domain on a specific keyword, boosting your SEO results.

Bigger reach

Do the posts you publish on your blog achieve great success among readers? 

That’s great, but although blogs are still extremely popular channels, not all internet users have the habit of consuming them. So let’s say you repurpose your content to publish it on social media, like Instagram.

Because it is a network more focused on the use of images, you will have a lot of job to do. However, pieces of your blog posts can be used as subtitles or even as messages posted in your stories — but don’t limit yourself to Instagram.

Twitter, for example, is a network that has recently become popular due to the publication of threads, which are nothing more than sequences of tweets that, together, form a more elaborate text. With the proper edits, your blog post can become one of these threads.

By making these extensions to other channels, you reach an audience that, perhaps, would never access your blog.

Higher authority

Imagine an internet user who wants to know more about sales techniques, which, by coincidence, is the focus of your content production. 

The user then performs a Google search and comes across one of your blog posts on the subject, but is not satisfied.

So, the same person goes to YouTube and performs the same search. There, they also find a video of your brand, discussing, in a different way, the same subject of the blog post. 

Can you see how this kind of situation increases the authority of your brand for the user?

Other than that, this practice helps to strengthen your message, which will be seen by more people on different platforms.

Better experience for the user

Users are more exigent regarding the contents they consume. Besides giving preference to the brands they trust, they also prefer omnichannel experiences, that is, those involving more than one channel.

So when you take content from your blog, for example, and make it available in audio, you give the user more possibilities for consumption, making their experience much more satisfactory.

Not to mention, of course, the practice of turning static content into interactive. The possibility of interacting with their own experience motivates the reader to continue down the page and engage with the content

In return, you have the opportunity to capture data and optimize your strategy.

How to repurpose content?

Well, the first step to repurpose your content is to define which material you think deserves to go through this process. 

This decision involves a series of factors, but it is interesting to give more attention to the contents that present better results and are more popular among the public.

That said, let’s list some ways that you can repurpose your content!

Turn your static content into interactive content

We have already talked about it, but this is such a valuable tip that it is worth highlighting again. 

Earlier, we mentioned how a landing page could become interactive when counting on certain elements, but that’s not all. Several material formats can be turned into interactive.

Think, for example, about infographics. This kind of content is highly engaging, as it mixes information with vivid visual resources. Now, do you want to know how to make them even better? Make them interactive.

Interactive infographics bring several features. You can set it up so that information is only revealed as the user goes down the page. Another idea is to insert quizzes throughout the content to test if the user absorbed what they just read.

Ebooks can go the same way. Instead of making them available for download, you can make them available on interactive pages. An excellent example is Salesforce’s ebook, which uses storytelling and gamification elements to make the experience more valuable and enjoyable.

Turn internal data into case studies

If your Digital Marketing strategy is efficient, you’re sure to do data collection

Only then can you analyze it and determine if the company is going in the right direction or if the approach needs adjustments. Well, that is not the only use of such data.

You can gather relevant data about your business (or a specific area of it) and produce a case study

Showing the reader the evolution of your brand’s reach over a given period is undoubtedly a way to reinforce your authority and create a valuable user experience.

Share testimonials on your social media

You know those testimonials you proudly display on your website? They are very important elements to enhance the credibility of your company. So, why leave them on only one channel?

Produce periodic posts to your social networks exposing these testimonials to a much larger public. 

As these contents are usually short, it shouldn’t be difficult to make the necessary editions to make them suitable for a post on Facebook or Instagram, for example.

Repurposing content is a great way of exploring new audiences and creating even better experiences for your customers. Also, the benefits related to time management cannot be discarded. 

Make changes to your existing content and keep your editorial calendar full!

On October 15th, we will hold a webinar to talk about how to turn your static content into interactive content experiences. Sign up and participate!

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Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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