The 15 Best Sales Prospecting Tools that you need to try

Do you work in sales? Then, you are certainly aware of the huge importance of having a solid pipeline of sales prospects. In this article, we’ll guide you through awesome sales prospecting tools that can help you seal more deals than ever before.

Updated: June 12, 2023
The Best Sales Prospecting Tools that you need to try

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More leads, more prospects, and more buyers: the goal (and dream) of every salesperson, right? 

Yes, but the process of guiding your lead and prospect through your digital marketing funnel and transforming them into buyers can be lengthy and complex.

Do you know what can help you? A great sales prospecting tool. 

These are handy little tools that (almost always) integrate with your CRM solution and help you identify potential prospects in a fast, easy, and reliable way.

In this article, we’re going to reveal a whopping 15 of our favorite platforms to support you in finding more (and better) prospects in a smarter, more efficient way.

    1. FindThatLead

    The way FindThatLead works is as easy as its very name. 

    Simply type in the domain name that you are interested in, and you will instantly receive a list of email addresses that are associated with that domain.

    Alternatively, you can install the extension for Google Chrome and use that to search for an email address without even leaving your browser. How easy is that?

    2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can use your standard LinkedIn account to pore over the platform’s ever-expanding user base. 

    We are talking about more than 600 million professionals: a pretty huge range of opportunities.

    You can use the network’s advanced search options to find new leads, as well as let the Sales Navigator tool find them for you. 

    With Sales Navigator, you can also get important updates about the accounts that you are targeting, including press releases or job and career changes.

    Another exciting plus? LinkedIn Sales Navigator seamlessly integrates with a wide selection of CRM platforms. This means that you can save all your lead and account searches literally at the touch of a button.

    3. Skrapp

    There are lots of email lookup tools out there, but Skrapp is a bit different. 

    This platform, in fact, helps you search specifically for the email addresses of people with a corresponding LinkedIn account.

    And if you use the extension for Google Chrome, you can even visit someone’s LinkedIn profile and find out which email address they used to create their account. 

    Lastly, Skrapp also saves you quite a lot of time by letting you save your leads in lists, so you never lose track of them.

    4. Mention

    With Mention, you can take your sales prospecting game a lot further than simply looking up email addresses and LinkedIn accounts. 

    Mention, in fact, is first of all a media monitoring tool that keeps tracking all the — you’ve guessed it — mentions of a brand or keyword.

    By using Mention, you can discover what your prospects — as well as other people — have been saying about you, your products, and your services online. 

    Another great feature of Mention is that it can be used profitably by both sales and marketing teams.

    As a salesperson, you can communicate with your marketing counterparts who are using Mention and harness that information to qualify leads and prospects — and you won’t even need to purchase the paid version of the tool.

    5. HubSpot Sales

    Who, in the sales and marketing universe, doesn’t know about HubSpot? Well, it might also be interesting to know that the platform also offers a sales prospecting tool, called HubSpot Sales.

    This is an incredibly popular tool to manage and track emails, and is used by ever-growing numbers of salespeople around the globe.

    HubSpot Sales is part of HubSpot’s CRM platform, and it lets you set up and arrange custom email templates and email sequences, as well as track your email open and click-through rates, and automate some of your daily sales tasks.

    6. Overloop

    Overloop gives you a pretty clever way to find leads (and their contact details), create drip campaigns, and automate follow-ups.

    With the extension for Google Chrome, you can search for lead emails through LinkedIn or specific website domains. 

    Got your list all built? Right, now you can keep using the tool to build your campaigns and follow up with your leads.

    One last bonus: Overloop can easily integrate with a range of CRM platforms, which in turn helps you save time and effort when collecting and collating data and information.

    7. ZoomInfo

    Fancy a sales prospecting tool that not only helps you hunt down profitable leads but also suggests other similar contacts that you should connect with? 

    Then, ZoomInfo is right up your street.

    Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, this platform features an incredibly extensive — and super-reliable — database of emails and mobile numbers, and is fully CCPA compliant

    The platform also has a Google Chrome extension, and natively integrates with a lot of sales and CRM tools.

    8. Leadfeeder

    Hungry for leads? Leadfeeder can sort that out for you. 

    By looking at who visits your website and tracking their activity on your pages, the tool judges whether or not they might be a good prospect for your brand.

    Leadfeeder can also seamlessly integrate with some of the most popular CRM platforms, which helps you to create your lead profiles quickly and easily, and to keep them updated at the touch of a button.

    9. Crystal

    Crystal goes beyond identifying email and mobile numbers for potential prospects. 

    Its core function is answering questions about your leads’ favorite communication styles and outreach approaches. 

    Based on this essential insight, Crystal guides you to explore the personality of your lead, allowing you to capture that individuality through hyper-custom messages.

    Just like many other sales prospecting tools, Crystal also offers an extension for Google Chrome, and integrates with many CRMs.

    10. Cognism

    A UK-based company, Cognism has developed an advanced sales prospecting tool that enables you to dig out valuable leads across the world — and with a particular focus on B2B.

    Used by businesses of all sizes and industries, Cognism is one of the most accurate, reliable, and compliant tools when it comes to sales prospecting — and one that keeps a very serious stance towards data protection.

    11. LeadIQ

    With LeadIQ, salespeople can find prospects in a much smarter, more efficient way. 

    The tool features strong lead capturing capabilities, is fully CCPA and GDPR compliant, and has a useful extension for Google Chrome.

    12. AeroLeads

    Often praised as one of the best lead and sales prospecting tools currently in the market, AeroLeads enables you to find useful contact details of potential prospects in a super-smart way.

    Even better, it integrates with a vast array of popular CRM solutions, including HubSpot CRM, Salesforce, and Pipedrive.

    13. Leadjet

    If you like to work with LinkedIn, then you will love Leadjet

    This is a sales productivity platform that seamlessly connects most CRM solutions (HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Salesloft, Sales Navigator, and Copper, to name just a few) with LinkedIn.

    With this extension, you can keep your sales data (messages, contact details, and more) always in sync, which in turn basically removes any risk of input or manual data entry error. 

    Want to hear another great thing about Leadjet? This tool helps you enrich your contacts and create personalized messages and templates to boost your success on LinkedIn.

    14. Snitcher

    Google Analytics can be a great way to support your sales prospecting efforts, and if you like working with it, then Snitcher is another fantastic tool to throw in the mix. 

    This platform, in fact, fully integrates with Google Analytics and allows you to keep an eye on your website traffic as well as reveal how people found you and what they were looking for on your web pages.

    To make things even easier and smoother, Snitcher has a lead inbox that stores all the potential leads found and allows you to simply filter through them and find exactly the one you want.


    This sales prospecting tool does exactly what it says on the tin: it lets you find email addresses by simply searching for your prospect’s full name and company website.

    Prefer to use LinkedIn? No worries: enables you to get your prospect’s contact details straight from their LinkedIn profile.

    16. Beaconstac

    Beaconstac is a Digital Business Card solution that provides a convenient way to distribute your contact details using QR Codes via Apple and Google Wallet passes, ensuring that your network stays current. 

    This digital business card tool includes powerful analytics capabilities, enabling sales representatives to share and monitor vital data such as card views, contact saves, and leads who have exchanged information with you, facilitating effective follow-up. 

    Beaconstac allows for the effortless creation of multiple digital business cards (2000+ cards in a click) in bulk to enable networking at scale. The platform is SOC-2 Type II and GDPR compliant, guaranteeing that the user’s, as well as the prospects’, information is protected and handled with the utmost care.

    Additionally, it offers seamless integrations with various sales stacks and CRMs to capture leads and progress through the sales pipeline.

    Wrap Up: Get Started with Your Sales Prospecting Tool Today

    With so many sales prospecting tools available out there, choosing the right one for your needs can feel quite overwhelming. 

    This is why we have put together our guide, featuring 15 of the very best sales prospecting tools currently on the market.

    From simply finding email and mobile numbers to digging deeper into a prospect’s personality or getting custom recommendations based on artificial intelligence technologies, we are sure that you will find just the perfect tool for your brand!

    And if you are interested in learning even more about lead generation, then you won’t want to miss RockContent’s lead gen eBook.


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