What Is Snackable Content and 5 Examples to Inspire Your Brand

More and more short form content is becoming popular among audiences. In order to meet expectations, snackable content allows messages to be shared in quick bites that customers can enjoy.

Discover What Snackable Content is and How to Create It

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As people spend more time online, the attention span they have towards content continues to shrink. Rather than reading long paragraphs of text, people want to have content shared with them in ways that are easier to digest and that can quickly be understood as someone is scrolling through social media.

Snackable content allows brands to make memorable moments with audiences through content without needing to create long blog posts or other forms of long-form content that can be overwhelming to find and read.

In this article, we’ll discuss what snackable content is and how you can approach it in your own marketing strategies. We’ll also give you some examples of snackable content that you can use to fuel your content initiatives and delight your audiences.

    What is Snackable Content?

    Snackable content is short form, straightforward, easy to digest content that can be consumed quickly on platforms like social media. Rather than being long, dense paragraphs of text like long form content tends to be, snackable content can be easily viewed during the social media scroll without distracting audiences.

    Snackable content also tends to be very visual. Audiences prefer visual content over plain text, so by being visually engaging, snackable content can get the attention of more people. It can play into bigger campaigns, hop onto virtual trends, or help support other initiatives within your brand.

    5 Reasons Snackable Content is (Still) Awesome

    Why Does Snackable Content Matter?

    As mentioned earlier, snackable content works well on social media where audiences want to continually scroll without stopping to engage with long-form content.

    There are a few other benefits that snackable content can bring to your brand and your marketing content to prove why it matters.

    Preferences for Content are Changing

    Long-form content, while still important to have, does not bring about the same impact that it did in the past. Audiences prefer to engage with content formats that are visually engaging and can quickly be consumed.

    Rather than read long paragraphs of text, audiences prefer to quickly get to the point of the content, especially on social media.

    Snackable Content Increases Engagement

    Your customers are more likely to engage with short-form content like snackable content. When content has a visual component on social media, it has a much longer lifespan and further reaches than content that doesn’t include any images or videos.

    Short-form content is also easier to share, so it has more appeal to your audiences.

    It Works with an Inbound Strategy

    Inbound marketing centers around the principle of attracting customers to you with valuable content and experiences that are meaningful. In order to attract these audiences, you want to deliver them the type of content they enjoy consuming.

    Snackable content can fit into all the stages of an inbound marketing strategy and can help you create more customized experiences for customers by quickly getting content in front of them.

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    Improve Your Brand Reputation

    Snackable content can help you become more relevant and viral on social media. It helps you highlight the personality of your brand while sending messages to your customers and followers in an easy, approachable way.

    The visual elements of the snackable content can align with your brand’s tone and look, which helps to create more cohesion between your content and your brand.

    All of this together can help to improve your brand reputation and the reach you have on social media.

    The Approach to Snackable Content

    Creating snackable content that works requires you to have a strong strategy.

    You don’t want to waste your time creating content that doesn’t work, so having a clear approach to your snackable content creation will help you make sure that the content you create resonates with audiences and has a purpose.

    Set Clear Expectations

    There’s no room for waffling when it comes to snackable content. Without paragraphs of fluff to buffer around the topic at hand, you need to be able to clearly set the expectation of what the content message is.

    Having a headline or description that helps a viewer identify what is going to happen or what they will experience will set an expectation for the content and let them know what they are about to engage with.

    “People want to have content shared with them in ways that are easier to digest.”

    Get to the Point

    You can think about snackable content as a bite-sized piece of content. In that single bite, you need to clearly communicate what the point of the content is.

    You can also think about it as getting to the “why” of the content at just a glance.

    Think about what the end purpose of your content piece is. What is it you want audiences to know after they engage with the content? Have you clearly established what that message is in the content?

    Make It Digestible

    While we understand the importance of white space and paragraph breaks in long-form content, sometimes that still isn’t enough to make a piece of content digestible to audiences.

    Breaking content up into smaller pieces of content and using different visual elements can make the content more interesting and more engaging to audiences.

    For example, you can take a blog post and turn the main points into several videos, infographics, or GIFs that can be shared on social media.

    Make Sure You Optimize for Mobile

    The large majority of people who are on social media use it on their mobile devices. That means that it is extremely important that your snackable content is optimized for mobile.

    You’ll want to make sure that it can be easily read, viewed, and formatted for mobile devices. This will increase the chances that your content is shared among your audiences and that people will enjoy engaging with your content.

    Monitor Results to Improve and Refine Your Approach

    As with all content, it’s important that you monitor the results of your snackable content. Because it is so short, many marketers might not spend too much time going over the metrics and the numbers on snackable content posts.

    However, it’s incredibly important that you know if it is working or if you need to improve and refine your approach to snackable content.

    This will help you develop your brand voice on social media and meet the expectations of your audiences.

    Snackable Content Examples

    Now that you know the best practices for creating snackable content and understand why it matters, let’s dive into some snackable content examples that you can use while creating your marketing content strategies.

    1. Infographics

    An infographic is a great way of relaying information to audiences. Even if the information is more dense and detailed, adding graphic elements and having it all in a single graphic can help to make it more digestible and interesting to audiences.

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    2. Quote Graphics

    Combining quotes on top of graphics is a great way to add a simple visual to a message. Just by having an image under your text, you can gain that important visual interest that audiences are looking for.

    Another bonus of this type of content is that it is easily shareable with your audiences.

    3. GIFs

    GIFs are quick video loops that are often used as reactions to other posts. Using GIFs in your snackable content helps to entertain your audiences and build a sense of fun in what you do on social media.

    Proud Of You Thumbs Up GIF by Rock Content - Find & Share on GIPHY

    4. Memes

    Rock Content Snackable Content

    Memes are a great way to engage with your audiences and create content that is specifically tailored to real-time events and trends.

    Just be cautious when using this format, as there is sometimes an assumption from audiences that a brand or corporation will use memes incorrectly, use them long after they are popular, or run them into the ground.

    5. TikTok and YouTube Shorts

    TikTok is quickly becoming a go-to platform. By creating short videos on TikTok using the in-app editing tools, then repurposing those videos on other social media platforms like YouTube Shorts, you can engage with audiences and create great short marketing videos.

    6. Q&A Videos on LinkedIn and Facebook

    Another type of snackable content video is Q&A videos. These work well on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook and give you a chance to speak directly to audiences and address the problems and concerns they might be having with your products or services.

    7. Text-Animation Videos

    Text-animation videos are a great way to take written content and turn it into a more visually-engaging content format for your audiences.

    These types of videos are quick to make and can help share important information with your customers.

    Wrap Up for Snackable Content

    Snackable content is a great way to address the attention span of audiences and deliver your messages and marketing content in a bite-sized format.

    Snackable content is also growing in popularity, making it a popular choice for social media, as it fits into the scroll that your audiences do on different platforms without requiring them to click a link or go to another page for a long article.

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