Social Media Marketing for Contractors: 8 Simple Tips to Attract Clients

Social media marketing is an essential part of attracting clients in any industry, including contracting. Here’s what you need to know about social media marketing for contractors to get started in the right direction.

Updated: October 18, 2023
social media for contractors

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Whether you’re a total social media addict or someone who could really do without it, it’s clear that social media is here to stay. As of 2023, social media is much more than just a way for people to keep up with friends or kill a little time when they’re standing in line for coffee.

It’s also part of how consumers research important purchasing decisions and decide which service providers are ultimately right for them, so a robust social media presence is a must for any company looking to succeed in the digital age. This includes contracting businesses.

Here, we’ll go over everything you need to know about social media marketing for contractors to drive traffic, attract clients, and boost your bottom line.

Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms

According to research, around 79 percent of American consumers had one or more active social media profiles as of 2019. Plus, most social media users follow at least one brand in addition to their friends and family.

In other words, your future customers are on social media, and they use it to keep up with brands just like yours. They’re also likely to leverage it as a resource the next time they’re in the market for a contractor. However, it’s important to choose the right platform for connecting with them.

1. Meet your audience where they live

Considering who your clients are and how they like to use social media is a critical part of employing social media as a contractor.

For example, is your contracting business a B2B operation? Then, LinkedIn could be a solid place to meet new clients. Are you looking to connect with a younger clientele? If so, take a closer look at TikTok.

It’s also beneficial to at least consider using large, established platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram as a way to expand your reach and build brand awareness. Start with two or three different choices to maximize your efforts.

2. Consider each platform’s function

You’ll also want to familiarize yourself with the way each of your choices functions as a platform to ensure it aligns with your long-term social media goals.

For example, Twitter and Facebook are terrific for communicating and engaging with clients in real time. Meanwhile, Instagram is all about visuals, YouTube is the place to be for videos, and so on.

Building a Strong Social Media Profile

Think of your social media profile as your company’s calling card. It’s the first thing many of your future clients will see when they decide to check out your services, so it should make as solid an impression as your website does. Here’s how to make sure it’s on point.

3. Choose the right visual assets

Brand consistency is crucial when it comes to savvy social media marketing for contractors, so choose visual assets like your profile picture and cover photo accordingly.

It’s also a good idea to use the same profile picture across all of your social media accounts so that clients can easily recognize you. If you use your company logo, ensure it’s centered properly and isn’t cut off at the edges.

4. Fill out all available fields

Today’s consumers frequently go right to social media when researching potential service providers. Make sure the information they’re looking for is available by filling out your entire profile.

Definitely include essentials like business hours, contact information, and a link to your website. But don’t sleep on details like your bio, interests, and so on. Remember to keep all information up to date on an ongoing basis.

Content Strategies for Contractors

Content is more than just an important part of digital marketing for contractors. It’s also the key to making a big splash on social media. Here are a few winning tips to keep in mind.

5. Post regularly

Optimal social media posting frequencies vary from one platform to the next, but regular posts are vital regardless of where you choose to set up shop.

The average social media user checks their feeds multiple times each day, and regular posts increase the chance that they’ll see content from you the next time they check in. For that reason, aim to add a few new posts per day and space them a few hours apart.

6. Post about a variety of topics

The key to succeeding at social media marketing for contractors is to embrace creative ways to share information that your clients will find useful or entertaining. In other words, you want to avoid making every post yet another sales pitch.

Yes, you should occasionally share information about specials or key services. But you should also make posts that address important questions and concerns people in the market for a contractor are likely to have.

You can take your followers behind the scenes, chime in on current contracting trends, or showcase your company’s best before-and-after projects. Think outside the box and get creative.

7. Hire freelancers to help

Keeping up with a company website, blog, and multiple social media platforms is really too big a job to handle on your own in your spare time. Consider scaling your content production across all platforms by assembling a team of freelance writers.

Experienced freelancers who are knowledgeable about your industry can help you affordably put together a content creation approach that really sets your contracting business apart.

8. Engage your followers

Social media provides brands across all industries with a unique chance to cultivate loyal, meaningful relationships with their customers. Take advantage of it by using your profiles to engage with those who show interest in your company.

Encourage discussion by asking questions and responding to each person who takes the time to answer. Invite followers to participate in contests or create user-generated content. Be sure to respond promptly to messages, questions, and customer reviews, as well.


Mastering social media marketing for contractors and making your profiles a genuine part of your distinct brand voice is key to attracting customers and driving business for your company. And the right content production team can help you nail just the right tone.

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